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December 16, 1796 Payment to Charles Selleck for Charter of Sloop on Lake Ontario James Bruff James McHenry Informs McHenry that he has written a bill for payment to Charles Selleck for charter of Sloop employed to transport detachment of troops and baggage from Oswego to Niagara.
December 16, 1796 Bill of Exchange for Charles Selleck James Bruff James McHenry Bill of exchange for $280 to Charles Selleck for the charter of his sloop to transport troops, signed by John Bruff. Endorsed on back.
March 4, 1794 Discussing the Rhode Island general assembly and improving the plight of negro soldiers Archibald Crary Benjamin Brown The letter mentions the general assembly adjourned a Saturday to meet on a Monday at the end of the month. The assembly made provisions for a general election as well as grant the charter for a bridge. The comptroller has not written anything to Governor Bowen or Colonel Olney regarding negro soldiers, and Olney appears to be unwilling to do anything to help improve their situation.
December 15, 1784 Discussion of Current European Politics John Adams Henry Knox John Adams sends to Henry Knox a letter in which he discusses European politics.
May 13, 1798 Joseph Webb's Claims Jeremiah Wadsworth William Simmons Joseph Webb, now in prison, claims that several vessels on the Charles were taken for government use and he never received anything for them or their charter. Wadswworth asks Simmons to send him copies of Webb's accounts and vouchers so this matter can be resolved.
February 2, 1797 Land Claims Charles Lee James McHenry Cited original land charter of Virginia and the state is not obliged to assist John Nelson with his bounty claim who currently resides on Indian land.
August 10, 1797 Copied from Knoxville Waste Book [not available] [not available] Copy of the entries for August 10, 1797, in the waste book of accounts at Knoxville.
November 24, 1798 Outlines Transportation and Payment for Guns from Halifax to Charleston Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Encloses letter from Gibbs & Channing to charter transportation of guns at Halifax to Charleston. Outlines payment plan.
October 29, 1799 Military stores to be sent to New Orleans Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon States that he is ordered to charter a vessel and load it with military stores for New Orleans within four days.
October 19, 1798 Putting the Algerian Fleet to Sea Samuel Hodgdon Timothy Pickering Hodgdon asks Secretary of State Pickering about the state of readiness of the Algerian Fleet. He knows of one ship that is ready to sail but others are not. He is unsure as to who actually bears the responsibility for ordering the fleet into service.
August 8, 1797 Copied from Knoxville Waste Book [not available] [not available] Copy of the entries for August 8, 1797, in the waste book of accounts at Knoxville.
July 15, 1793 Indian Land Treaty of 1783 Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] Ownership of land near Great Lakes is erroneous. United States gained the right to claim land through the grant of the King of England, but the Indian Nations decided to revoke that right to claim.
May 29, 1797 Enclosed Estimate of Expenditures in Quartermasters Department for Posts Dependent on Fort Washington and Detroit John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon List of expenses in Quartermaster's department for posts dependent on Fort Washington and Detroit. Details on purchase of pack horses, pay for laborers and artificiers, payment and provisions for the sloop Detroit.
November 8, 1791 Report Concerning Indian Boundary Lines Thomas Jefferson [not available] Jefferson delineates the boundaries of the United States and Indian Nations.
January 22, 1791 Waters discusses appointment in the new militia with Knox Josiah Waters Henry Knox Letter, asks for militia appointment; mentions plan for establishing a militia.
December 19, 1787 Reports Activity at Fort Harmar; Expresses Concern for Supplies Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Refers to several recent congressional resolutions, one for Virginia to provide militia to support the troops against the Indians (savages). Expresses concern about people of Kentucky forming expeditions against federal efforts to work with Indians. Reports payment of provisions to Mr. Bradshaw for recent expedition to Post Vincennes. Expresses discouragement over lack of supplies and use of...
March 1, 1784 Virginia: Cession of Western Land Claims. General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia [not available] Virginia Cession of Western Land Claims in the Ohio Territory based on Act of Congress which recommended to the several states having claims to waste and unappropriated lands in the Western Country a liberal cession to the United States of a portion of respective claims for the common benefit of the Union.
August 7, 1787 Describes Activities at Post Vincennes, Plans to Work with Indians, French Settlers Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports arrival of Captain Zeigler with his men and goods. Sent Major Hamtramck with 100 men to assist from the landing to the post. Describes an arduous journey with the rapids, the heat, the thickets, with the need to lighten the load. French settlers welcomed them on their arrival. Describes houses at the post--both log and bark, and number of American and French settlers. Met Monsieur...