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June 15, 1793 Charges for Apprehending Deserters, Etc. Abraham Kintzing Caleb Swan Enclosed is an abstract of warrants and charges against sundry officers in continuation. Also included are charges for apprehending deserters which have been transmitted by direction of Joseph Howell.
February 21, 1799 No Unnecessary Delay in Furnishing the Charges Samuel Vance James McHenry Since he is under arrest for his confrontation with William Simmons, Capt. Vance asks that there be no delay in furnishing the charges against him.
December 29, 1800 Simmons Writes the Comptroller Regarding Disallowed Charges on the Settlement of James O'Hara's Accounts William Simmons John Steele Simmons' letter (a response to Steele's of the 26th) contains an abstract of the charges disallowed on settlement of James O'Hara's accounts. Simmons informs Steele that O'Hara already acquiesced to the impropriety of the disallowed charges.
August 7, 1792 Charges to Accounts Alexander Hamilton Unknown Recipient Notification that an adjustment was made to contractors accounts for charges relative to boxes shoes were shipped in.
August 19, 1800 Charges of Piracy Jeremiah Condy Samuel Hodgdon Capt. Merchant is facing charges of piracy though Condy doubts his guilt. If the charges are upheld, it is doubtful that the vessel and its cargo will be released. If the charges are proven false, Merchant will regain possession of the vessel and its cargo. Samuel Hodgdon's son is involved.
May 11, 1795 Depositions of Charges. Andrew Wiesenthal [not available] This is Wisenthal's deposition regarding charges against Lt. Col. Philip Reid, Commander of the 33rd Regiment of Militia..
November 7, 1798 Abstract and Vouchers David Henley William Simmons Fuller forwarded abstract of charges, Henley to submit in a few days vouchers to support charges made.
April 18, 1797 On the introduction of charges improper for the accounting office to settle William Simmons David Henley Advises Henley of the charges that are by law to be settled at the War Office. . Asks that Henley confine himself to the items proper in settling abstracts.
January 28, 1797 Personal Explanation for Sundry Charges Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson explains the nature of charges which were denied payment by the War Department. He also requests $800 from his accounts so he can repay debts incurred for recruiting in 1795.
September 17, 1800 Charges for Clothing Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Abstract of Quartermaster's Stores purchased and manufactured received. Problems with charges of clothing delivered to S. Vance and his regiments. Advised Craig not to blend charges in his accounts.
January 2, 1787 Incorrect Charges Benjamin Walker Thomas Collins Walker informs Collins that many of the charges against his department from the States are incorrect. Therefore, it is imperative that Delaware submit wholly accurate returns as soon as it is feasible.
October 26, 1795 Court Martial Defence Lewis Tousard William Cox In response to Cox's charges against him, Captain Kalteisen has requested a Court Martial to investigate his conduct. A Court of Inquiry brought the charges against Cox that were read during parade and have no relation to the charges that Cox brought against Kalteisen. Bot officers will be accorded equal justice.
May 19, 1786 Charges on the Office's Books John Pierce Peter Dolliver Pierce forwards an accounting of the charges against Capt. Dolliver in the record books of the Office of Army Accounts
February 21, 1799 The Charges Give Me More Pleasure than Pain John Jacob Rivardi James McHenry Rivardi responds to the charges against him and asserts that a Court of Inquiry will most assuredly demonstrate the malice of any accuser;
August 8, 1786 State's charges against Becker Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Col. Henry Becker is unable to inform the author of the monies he received. Since the charges on the books don't seem accurate, the author requests that the recipient examine his books to ascertain his State's charges against Becker.
December 3, 1800 Simmons Requesting that Swan Observe the Charges Against Major Bradley William Simmons Caleb Swan Included with the letter are the charges against Major Bradley. Simmons asks that Swan receive his accounts and examine them properly, admitting what he is allowed and reporting what he feels he is not allowed.
June 2, 1800 Unauthorized Charges Made to Contractors William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons referred to a previous letter sent to Swan that the identified unauthorized charges made by officers to Contractors. Contractor's had not submitted receipts at the time of the current letter so Simmons could not state if any of the charges were to be reimbursed. Simmons suggested withholding pay from mentioned officers. Major [Dlum?] notified Simmons that officers at Scotch Plains...
February 9, 1797 Letter Signed, James McHenry to James Wilkinson James McHenry James Wilkinson Letter, encloses list of charges against Colonel Gaither; mentions Captain Eaton court martial; mentions troops on Georgia frontier.
September 7, 1792 Accrual of Charges Since Colonel O'Hara's Appointment Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses invoice of stores. Notes accrual of charges since Colonel O'Hara's appointment related to digging a well, building magazine and another barracks. Notes that the charges do not come under notice of present Quarter Master General. Applies for instruction on this matter.
September 3, 1794 Charges Against James Seagrove Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Enclosed are charges against James Seagrove amounting to $14,508.45, the exoneration of which will be deferred until his account is settled.
June 6, 1794 Account of Colonel Lewis Dubois Joseph Howell Richard Harrison It appears that all the charges against Colonel DuBois's account have been resolved so he is exonerated from these charges.
March 3, 1800 Charges related to Quartermaster Department James McHenry William Simmons Encloses letter from Major General Hamilton, which requests that accounts be settled. McHenry notes to Simmons that charges are peculiar to Quartermaster Department.
February 20, 1799 Consider Yourself Under Arrest James McHenry Samuel Vance McHenry advises Captain Vance that William Simmons will press charges against him for grossly insulting him while he was performing the duties of his office. Vance is to remain in Philadelphia and, pending the issuance of formal charges, will consider himself under arrest.
February 20, 1796 Request for Information William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Charges of monies against Elias Longhorn to be reported.
March 5, 1800 Will Send Copies of Monthly Charges with Next Post David Henley William Simmons Sends list of monthly charges in next post. Announces departure of wagons the following day.