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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
May 25, 1791 Certified Balance of Pay Joseph Howell Michael Connolly Certifies the balance of pay for Frederick Perkhoff
July 12, 1799 Certified Money Due John Walback William Simmons James McHenry Certified that John Walback was due pay for his services as Lieut. of Cavalry.
February 10, 1796 Certification of Price of Rations Isaiah Doane [not available] Isaiah Doane, Contractor, certified price of rations and certified G. Ingersoll did not drawn rations.
July 15, 1799 Certified Payment of Gibson William Simmons James McHenry Certified the payment of Francis Gibson for his services in the corps of artillerists and engineers.
April 13, 1796 Estimate of Expenditures for the Quartermaster's Department at Fort Pitt Samuel Hodgdon [not available] This is a certified true copy of the estimate of expenditures in the Quartermaster Department at Pittsburgh for 1796. The document is certified by Samuel Hodgdon and the document was likely authored by Major Isaac Craig.
January 20, 1792 Account of Dr. Corkey [?] R.J. Vandenbrock Joseph Howell Enclosed is the account of Dr. Corkey [?] certified by the public storekeeper of Carlisle. Howell is asked to examine the account because the Secretary has ordered that no payment can be made on any account without a report from Howell.
September 8, 1798 Clothing Received John Henry Samuel Hodgdon Henry procured the clothing and other articles listed on the invoice Hodgdon sent to Henry. He now enclosed the return via certified mail.
September 9, 1784 Honoring of certified settlement note Richard Platt John Pierce Richard Platt sends to John Pierce a letter requesting assistance because New York has refused to honor his certified settlement note.
December 6, 1786 Request to Examine Rolls Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Requests that Howell examine the rolls of the German Regiment to see if a particular soldier is mustered as dead.
December 5, 1799 Age Requirement for Recruits Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Recruits who have been certified to be upwards of 18 years of age should be retained unless it seems politic to discharge them.
December 9, 1800 Regarding contracts and settlement Samuel Dexter Benjamin Branham Makes reference to substantiating charges; certified copies of contract; and settlement.
February 20, 1793 Payment to Sergeant Robert Crosson Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay of $157 for Sergeant Robert Crosson, late of the 5th and 1st US Regiments South Carolina.
January 1, 1789 Action depending between Colonel Mathias Ogden, First [New] Jersey Regiment and Polhemus Jonathan Polhemus Joseph Howell Action depending between Colonel Mathias Ogden, First [New] Jersey Regiment and Polhemus. Asks for certified copy of account.
January 29, 1793 Account of Samuel McWilliams Joseph Howell Samuel McWilliams Certification of service and settlement of pay of $50.44 for Samuel McWilliams, Delaware Regiment.
June 16, 1794 Indian Corn Tench Francis Samuel Hodgdon Francis purchased 5000 bushels of Indian corn from John Wall which was supposed to have been shipped on board three vessels. He wants Hodgdon to furnish him with a bill of lading or receipt verifying that the corn was received.
August 10, 1795 Questionable Names on the Payroll Ebenezer Sproat William Simmons There is some question regarding the authenticity of several names appearing on the payrolls. Sproat says he did not see all of the men sign but the names have been certified by the appropriate magistrates so they should be legimate.
March 22, 1793 Negotiations with Indians on Ohio River Boundary; Expectation of War Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses the meeting he had with the Corn Planter and other chiefs and warriors and expresses his belief that the Indians have established the Ohio River as a firm boundary between the U.S. and Indian territory. Apparently there will be war unless a satisfactory treaty is negotiated.
November 12, 1792 War Department expenditures for treaties with Indians Joseph Nourse [not available] Account of monies disbursed by Knox for Indian treaties. Certified true copy signed by Register of the Treasury, Joseph Nourse.
July 11, 1798 Last Return of the Quartermaster Stores John G. Coffin Samuel Hodgdon The return Mr. McClallen left at Fort Niagara is incomplete and has no signature. This being the case, Coffin is unable to compile an accurate return based on the documents in his possession. Therefore, Major Rivardi wants Hodgdon to forward a certified copy of the last return of the Quartermaster's stores which McClallen sent from Niagara.
January 16, 1784 Pay due to Heirs Samuel Hodgdon James Milligan Account of pay due to heirs of a general officer.
February 13, 1793 Account of David Hickey Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay of $10.17 for Private David Hickey, 11th Pennsylvania Regiment.
December 29, 1794 Mounting Artillery on Governors Island Joseph Howell Ebenezer Stevens The United States will only pay the expenses for mounting her own cannon so if any of the state business is blended in Stevens' account, it should be deducted and certified by the Commanding Officer of the fortification on Governor's Island.
December 22, 1794 Lt. Hale's Muster Roll Joseph Howell David Hale Lt. Hale's muster roll is being returned so that it can be made to conform with the instructions of the Secretary of War. Tthe muster must be certified on oath as being a true statement of the men under his command.
August 10, 1796 Certifying the Quality of Soldiers' Clothing James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Before the storekeeper can be given a receipt for the soldiers' clothing, Hodgdon or a qualifed person appointed by him must examine it. The clothing must be certified by the Inspector as meeting the terms of the contract before the receipt can be issued.
October 20, 1796 Certification of Joshua Ball's Power of Attorney James Booth [not available] Certified John Lea a justice of the peace.