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May 14, 1785 Regarding the veracity of certificates William Thompson Joseph Howell Discusses certificates and whether they are true and genuine. Cannot ascertain. Asks if the sum was accurate; if not asks who the author the alteration might be.
May 18, 1799 Expresses Opinion about Bad Certificates Samuel Hodgdon John Winslow Expresses private opinion about exchange of bad certificates for good ones. Promises to answer personally for any balance due. Requests the rapid shipment of certificates.
[not available] Request for certificates Mrs. Sarah Brown Samuel Hodgdon Asks that Hodgdon send certificates.
September 29, 1784 Additional certificates John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White a letter enclosed with additional certificates.
March 16, 1786 Certificates Due for Army Service William Feltman Joseph Howell The author feels confident that he is still due payment for his service as an Officer in the service of his country. He asks that the bearer of this letter be given any Certificates that the recipient feels are due him. The Auditors sent him the amount he deserved but the Certificates were kept from him.
July 19, 1795 Cover Letter for Certificates of Four Soldiers Griffith James McRee William Simmons McRea enclosed muster roll and certificates for four soldiers. Certificates state: "I certify that __ answers the description of an able bodied recruit and under __ years of age, give under my hand and seal at Brunswick this tenth day of July 1795." Signed by Samuel Bell. Also included certificates of death signed by Nathaniel Hill, attending physician.
April 30, 1787 On the trial for passing of altered certificates John Pierce Joseph Howell Asks for delivery of confidential letter to Mr. Osgood. Refers to postponement of trial for person accused of passing altered certificates. Bronson must appear as evidence in July. Asks that Howell let Bronson know this.
November 22, 1793 Request for delivery of pay and certificates Gideon Merkle Joseph Howell Requests the delivery of all pay and certificates on three powers of attorney filed in the War Office.
December 30, 1784 Certificates John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce sends to Joseph Howell this note enclosed with certificates.
March 4, 1785 Author informs recipient of certificates to be issued [not available] Joseph Howell Has issued certificates agreeable to accompanying General; have obtained a number of certificates, agreeable to list from Captain Heard.
September 1, 1786 Counterfeited certificates John Pierce Robert Treat Paine In Pierce's previous letter, he enclosed a sundry disposition of the individuals who sold the counterfeited certificates. Discusses the case further.
March 13, 1784 Courier sent with reams of certificates Elizabeth Holt John Pierce Informs the Paymaster General that she has sent a courier with four reams of certificates.
September 28, 1785 Forwarding certificates John Pierce John White John Pierce forwards signed blank certificates at John White's request.
January 24, 1786 Pay Certificates John Pierce John White Discusses the disposition of certificates of pay.
October 4, 1785 Confusion Surrounding Certificates at Comptroller General's Office Joseph Howell Joseph Ward Howell refers to a letter from Ward asking for either the cancellation or examination of certain certificates issued to Mr. Warner by the Comptroller General's office. No certificates of this description have been receive but four certificates were issued to Warner for the same sum so perhaps there has been some confusion.
October 4, 1787 Certificates of Captain Brakenridge John Pierce Abner M. Dunn Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding the certificates of Captain Brakenridge.
April 7, 1796 Concerning final settlement certificates William Marbury James McHenry On the subject of final settlement certificates and ascertaining the amount of damages.
July 26, 1786 Regarding counterfeit certificates John Pierce Unknown Recipient Discusses counterfeit certificates; mentions going to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Encloses a letter dated July 7.
January 24, 1786 Accounts and Certificates John Pierce John Habersham Discusses issues related to the settlement of the Army's accounts and the issuance of pay certificates
December 9, 1784 Certificates John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce sends to Joseph Howell a letter enclosed with certificates.
March 14, 1786 Forged Certificates John Pierce John Winslow Discusses action to be taken in regard to certain forged pay certificates
February 23, 1788 Enclosed Return of Certificates John Pierce William Ellery Encloses a return of certificates, issued by himself, and requested by Ellery.
June 28, 1786 Counterfeit certificates Joseph Howell Joseph Ward Mr. Hodgden brought in several Certificates which appeared to be counterfeit. The author at first believed that the bad Certificates should be held until the return of the Commissioner of Army Accounts who was touring the South. Hodgden assured him that the counterfeit certificates were obtained from a person known to him so they could be returned with no harm to the US.
January 18, 1785 Clerks to handle counterfeit certificates Joseph Howell John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Howell, 03/29/1785. Joseph Howell sends to John Pierce a letter informing him of the two clerks recently hired to handle business related to counterfeit certificates.
May 9, 1785 Money, final settlements and certificates of depreciation Joseph Howell John White Cannot divine what Mr. Dunscomb wants by the officers of Moylan's Regiment, who received the Certificates of Depreciation.