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December 26, 1794 Debts Unsettled Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Expressed disappointment that he did receive requested cash to discharge debts.
October 19, 1799 Coats Furnished, Cash Needed Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Writes that he has furnished Capt. Freeman's company with coats. Requests remittance as he is in need of cash.
September 7, 1793 Courier to carry cash to Pittsburgh Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Asks for a reliable courier to carry cash to Pittsburgh.
June 19, 1798 Enclosed Cash Invoices for Cherokee Amenities Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Expediency of transporting goods listed in cash invoices expressed by Hodgdon.
February 14, 1784 Cash and Receipts Major John Sumner John Pierce Notes delivery of money in cash after exchange (presumably of notes). Requests receipts for the sum delivered.
May 31, 1786 Old cash accounts settled John Pierce Reverend Wm. A. Boyd Old cash accounts are settled. The danger of establishing a precedent for payments or loan on the certificates will prevent any success that Boyd would otherwise meet with in application to Congress for that purpose.
October 1, 1799 Abstract for cash disbursements James Miller William Simmons Miller encloses abstract of cash disbursements in Quarter Master Department as agent to John Wilkins.
March 1, 1798 Cash Invoices on the Wagons with the Treaty Goods Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Letter, discusses cash invoices included in the wagons with the treaty goods.
August 1794 Cash Advance for Services Treasury Department Elijah Robertson Cash due Robertson for services related to transporting Chickasaws and Chacktaws to Head Quarters.
January 25, 1799 Reports Cash Advances, Iron, Steel, Water Transportation Samuel Hodgdon John Mackey Provides cash advances according to estimates provided. Includes statements. Refers to spring and different modes of doing business and transportation. Has purchased the iron and steel. Is preparing a report on supply of rations to posts.
March 7, 1790 Weekly Account of Cash and Payment of Invalids Sharp Delany Alexander Hamilton Encloses weekly account of cash and a list of persons sued. Has proceeded in payment of invalids.
January 5, 1794 Acknowledgment of Receipt of Form for Future Receipt Rolls Colonel Robert Hays David Henley Discusses muster rolls and pay procedures. Asks about his own pay. Discusses bills of exchange and scarcity of cash in Knoxville.
June 27, 1800 Scarcity of Cash in Circulation, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig notes the slow down in operations to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig mentions that stores have not been arriving lately and merchants are complaining of scarcity of cash in circulation.
April 2, 1798 Kirkpatrick's Cash Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Richard Harrison Hodgdon's accounts contain Kirkpatrick's cash accounts;
June 19, 1798 Cash Invoices of the Cherokee Annuities Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Hodgdon informs Henley of the cash invoices of the Cherokee annuities being transported to his address. They should be forwarded to the person responsible for the division of goods.
October 29, 1799 Vouchers for cash expended by Captain Vance on the expedition to Northampton James Miller William Simmons Sundry vouchers for cash expended in Quarter Masters Department by Captain Vance on the Expedition to Northampton. These are sent separately from the others by order of General Wilkins.
February 16, 1801 Voucher No. 173 Brig. Gen. J. Wilkinson Disbursement of Cash John Wilkins, Jr. James Wilkinson Receipt of $80 for money to pay for secret services paid to William Chubbs.
November 17, 1794 Whiskey in lieu of cash for tax payments Alexander Hamilton Brigadier General Henry Miller Secretary Hamilton discusses the paying of taxes or duties in whiskey rather than "cash" -- since the latter might be too oppressive to the frontier communities where money is more rare. The whiskey received in payment by the government will then be used to supply the army. "The price at which whiskey is to be received, is three Shillings & Six pence Pennsylvania currency per gallon." Miller is...
February 19, 1785 Return of Military Stores, Certificates, and Cash John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon John Bryant sends to Samuel Hodgdon a letter that encloses a return of military stores, certificates, and cash.
April 20, 1784 Request for payment Doctor George Draper John Pierce Request for payment of his commutation pay in cash.
January 12, 1801 List of Cash Vouchers for the Expenses of Brigadier Wilkinson, His Family, and Suite [not available] [not available] List of cash vouchers for the expenses of Brigadier General Wilkinson, his family, his suite, and a party of Dragoons traveling from Washington City to Pittsburgh in December 1800. As managed by Captain Campbell Smith.
February 11, 1798 Statement of Cash Expended in labor & wages at the Navy Yard in Boston Henry Jackson [not available] Statement of cash expended in labour wages on the frigate Constitution at Boston from the beginning to the 3rd of February.
January 4, 1799 Vouchers for the expenditure of cash John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Vouchers for the expenditure of cash in Quartermaster's Department.
October 4, 1791 Salary of Lynde Catlin, Etc. Edward Nixon Joseph Howell States: the salary of Lynde Catlin, clerk, for the third quarter of 1791; cash paid to John Fenno [Fenneau] for printing; and cash paid to Mr. Roberts for stationery.
September 5, 1794 No Cash on Hand, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon [Partly illegible] A number of boatmen and pack horsemen have arrived from Fort Washington to whom considerable sums are due. With no cash on hand, Craig will draw on Hodgdon an as yet undetermined amount.