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April 11, 1799 Regarding Manufacture & Inspection of New-Pattern Cartridge Boxes James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Discusses the manufacture and inspection of a large number of new-pattern cartouche boxes and belts.
May 29, 1799 Notification of Shipment of Cartridge Boxes James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Notifies Wadsworth of the shipment of 3000 cartouche block boxes
May 14, 1800 Instructions for Shipment of Shoes & Cartridge Boxes James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Directions for the shipment of cartouche boxes and shoes.
August 9, 1798 Receipt for Arms & Cartouche Boxes Samuel Hodgdon Elias Langham Confirmation that Elias Langham has received arms and cartouche boxes to replace those loaned by the State of Maryland to the United States and lost during the expedition against the insurgents in the Fall of 1794.
February 22, 1799 Making Cartouche Boxes and Belts William Laws Samuel Hodgdon Laws agrees to make any quantity of cartouche boxes and belts agreeable to the listed specifications.
June 27, 1799 Discusses Bayonet Scabbards, Cartouche Boxes Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Reports that the bayonet scabbards under Baren Steubens have not been used for a long time. Discusses the care for such scabbards. Wonders if appearance is important. Describes the latest cartouche boxes. Asks Stevens to consult with General Hamilton and try to correct his opinion.
February 23, 1799 Description of Potential Cartouche Boxes, Prices Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Cartouche boxes similar in quality to those made in London can be found in Philadelphia. Lists prices with additional features such as different types of belts. While expensive, they create a stunning appearance for a soldier.
May 29, 1800 Regarding the cost of Cartouche Boxes and Cross Belts [not available] James McHenry Responds to McHenry request for estimate of cost of cartouche boxes and cross belts. Makes reference to the offices opening at Washington.
May 17, 1799 Receipt for Cartouche Boxes John Willis John Harris Acknowledges receipt of 150 cartouche boxes agreeable to an order for the use of the Navy Department.
April 27, 1799 Arrangements Made for Manufacture & Shipping of Cartridge Boxes Jeremiah Wadsworth James McHenry Discusses arrangements he has made, per McHenry's instructions, for the manufacture and shipment of a large order of cartouche boxes and belts;
September 30, 1799 Instructions for Storage of Received Shoes & Cartridge Boxes, and for Contracting Shoe Manufacturer James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Directs that new cartouche boxes and shoes be stored. Authorizes Wadsworth to engage (contract) for the manufacture of additional pairs of shoes.
March 3, 1801 Certification of payment; Nathan Smith for purchasing cartouche boxes William Simmons [not available] Certification of payment; $154.70 to Nathaniel Smith for purchasing cartouche boxes as ordered by the Sec. of War
January 22, 1793 Request for cartouche boxes from Mr Comegy to Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Comegy Samuel Hodgdon Mr Comegy requests that Samuel Hodgdon order cartouche boxes.
February 1, 1799 Cartouche Boxes and Scabbard Belts for the Marine Corps James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver fifty cartouche boxes and scabbard belts to the order of Major William Burrows for the use of the Marine Corps. They are to be charged to the Purveyor.
September 18, 1794 Holsters & Cartouche Boxes for the Cavalry at Trenton James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Mentges discusses necessary articles for the dragoons and the cavalry.
May 30, 1800 Certification of payment; Jeremiah Wadsworth, for purchasing cartouche boxes and shoes William Simmons Benjamin Stoddert Certification of payment; $654.61 to Jeremiah Wadsworth, for purchasing cartouche boxes and shoes.
November 1797 Request for payment to Robert Bowne Nathaniel Smith James McHenry Request for payment of $1000 on account of money advanced towards cartouche boxes.
April 10, 1799 Requests Cartouche Boxes and Knapsacks for the Marine Corps Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Requests 150 cartouche boxes and 150 knapsacks for the Marine Corps.
May 23, 1799 Arrangements & Accounting for Delivery of Cartridge Boxes to 13th Regiment James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Discusses arrangements and accounting for the delivery of 680 cartouche boxes to the 13th Regiment.
August 1, 1799 Requests Storekeeper's Certificate for Cartouch Box Wood Planks Samuel Hodgdon Henry Fraley Assumes that planks purchased for cartouche boxes is now cut up as it has not been delivered. Seeks to close account. Requests that the storekeeper's certificate to check the number of blocks ordered and remove charges.
January 15, 1799 Reports Cartouche Boxes Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports that there are 15,000 cartouch boxes at various posts. 35,000 are needed to supply 50,000 men. Many returned may not be suitable. Suggests awarding a contract for 40,000 to create a full supply.
April 22, 1799 Requests Arms in Hands of Capt. Lloyd Samuel Hodgdon Henry Wynkoop Reports delivery of Charlottesville muskets and cartouche boxes for volunteer corps. Arms and equipment is now with a company of militia in Bristol. They must follow the law for disbursement of arms.
August 9, 1798 Arms Provided to the State of Maryland Samuel Hodgdon Elias Langham Hodgdon instructs Elias to provide the State of Maryland with one thousand muskets and cartouche boxes to replace those lost during the expedition against the insurgents in the Fall of 1794.
May 26, 1799 Regarding Cartridge Box Order Jeremiah Wadsworth James McHenry Discusses order of cartridge boxes for 13th Regiment.
August 23, 1798 Transportation of Supplies to Baltimore Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Transfer of muskets and cartouche boxes to Baltimore. Requested information on payment of Messr. Baker & [Connygs].