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March 26, 1798 Estimate of Military Stores for a 20 Gun Ship of War Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Estimate of military stores for a Ship of War with twenty 9 pound guns, based on the usual allowance.
May 31, 1800 Abstract from William Simmons of sundries purchased William Simmons [not available] Abstract from William Simmons of sundries purchased by Jeremiah Wadsworth and delivered to Lt. James Gordon, Quartermaster of 13th Regiment of Infantry
August 23, 1793 Money Forwarded; Dispatches for General Wayne; Forwarding of Stores Isaac Craig Henry Knox Forwarded packet for commander in chief with security detachment on small boat. Will inform Quarter Master General regarding receipt of sum and all other transactions. Will ensure no delay in forwarding of stores. Captain Pratt took charge of stores. Details the various shipments of on wagon and boat.
June 9, 1799 Detailed Discussion on the Fabrication of Various Kinds of Clothing, Etc. James Bruff Samuel Hodgdon Bruff complains that the articles forwarded to his company are less than those listed on the invoice and he goes into much detail on the articles he still needs. The tailor who makes the cloth is reported to be punctual and honest but he says there a deficiency of trimmings. He observes that soldiers are sent unseasonal clothing and remarks on other errors in distribution.
April 4, 1785 Return of Public Property under Donaldson Yeates Donaldson Yeates Samuel Hodgdon Return of all public property on hand under Donaldson Yeates in the states of Maryland and Delaware, including iron cannons, shot, and shells.
November 15, 1800 Bill of Lading for Military Stores Shipped from Richmond to Philadelphia Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Hodgdon certifies shipment of military stores sent from Richmond to Philadelphia.
July 1, 1799 Request for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies to Charleston, South Carolina James McHenry John Harris Directs shipping to Charleston, South Carolina of uniforms, accoutrements, camp items, and office supplies.
September 27, 1794 Articles Wanted Clement Biddle Samuel Hodgdon Biddle lists articles he will need which he did not have when he left town. Further concerns about supplies for troops.
November 16, 1788 William Knox writes to the Secretarty at War William Knox Henry Knox Letter, discusses clothing Pratt's troops; mentions West Point.
February 8, 1793 Detailed Accounting of Ammunition Used by Legion, & Request for More Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne provides a detailed accounting of his army's use of ammunition, powder, and lead for four months and warns that he will need more of each when the weather becomes warm enough to practice firing.
July 18, 1791 Estimate of money due in the Quartermaster's Department Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Estimate of Money due in the Quarter Masters Department.
June 13, 1799 Discussion of Clothing, Comfort, and Cost for Soldiers Samuel Hodgdon James Bruff Refers to responsibility as Intendent of Stores and desire to be more useful to the army and the U.S. Mentions deficiency of supplies, some of which were sent but were lost by the boatmen and for which they will be accountable. Refers to contract with Mr. Billington for coats for privates and sergeants and the trimmings and cloth for a musician's coat; if one has already arrived, please advise....
March 11, 1799 Request for Issue of Arms, Accoutrements & Equipment, as a Company Exchanges Previous Armament James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of arms, accoutrements & equipment; informs Harris that the officer of the company receiving these supplies will submit some other muskets, etc. to be put back into military stores.
July 2, 1799 Request for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies to 6th Regiment at Wilmington, NC James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of uniforms, accoutrements, arms, camp items, and office supplies for 6th Regiment at Wilmington, North Carolina. An attached note discusses the need for sending arms and gun worms to Wilmington & Charleston. This note is signed N. Jones, but is undated and unaddressed.
September 13, 1799 Return of Clothing to be forwarded and packed to the following Regiments John Harris [not available] Stores, informs on uniforms shipped to the 12 additional regiments.
October 27, 1796 Equipment for a Company of Dragoons Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Lewis Hodgdon provides Lewis with an accurate statement for the equipment of a Dragoon.
December 26, 1791 An Estimate of the Expenses of an Army Organized to the Following Arrangements Henry Knox [not available] Knox's detailed accounting of the expenses required to pay the officers and men for an army of five thousand one hundred and sixty-eight. Lists number of men per rank in each division and their pay per month and per annum.
[not available] Invoice of Stores Sent to the Militia [not available] [not available] Invoice of clothing, arms, accoutrements, camp equipment, ammunition, etc. sent from Philadelphia for the use of the militia in 1794.
July 17, 1793 Shipments of Clothing for Troops Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Secretary of War requests that Craig send 110 suits of infantry clothing complete to Pittsburg and issued to troops at Fort Franklin, Pittsburg, Wheeling, and men directed to man the boats. Sent the first part of clothing by Valentine Pancake. Lists the items sent.
March 29, 1798 Estimate of Building, Rigging and Equipping three Ships of War to carry 22, 20 and 16 guns together with the cost of Manning and victualling the same for 12 months. Josiah Fox [not available] Document, estimate for building, rigging and equipping three ships of war to carry 22, 20 and 16 guns, and of the cost of manning and victualling the same for 12 months.
December 2, 1796 Estimate of the Expenses of the War Department for the Year 1797 James McHenry [not available] Official list of expenses for War Department including salaries of officers and cost of maintenance of buildings
December 10, 1793 Estimate of Expenses of the War Department for 1794 Henry Knox [not available] This is Knox's estimate of the expenses of the War Department for 1794. The total of these expenses is $1,457,936.01. At the bottom is a certification by Joseph Nourse as well as a nofication that $80,289 has been deducted for invalid pensioners, leaving a balance of $1,377,697.01.
November 18, 1794 Estimate of Expenses of the War Department for 1795 Henry Knox [not available] This is an estimate of the expenses of the War Department for the year 1795, made by the Secretary of War, and dated in his office the 18th of November, 1794 including the probable expenses of the detachment of the militia now in service in the Western parts of Pennsylvania.
1794 Account of Articles returned by the Militia on the late Expedition against the Insurgents. Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Stores, list of articles returned by the Militia after the expedition against the Whiskey Rebellion Insurgents.
January 1, 1800 Military Stores On Hand & Delivered at Carlisle Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon Chart showing military stores on hand and delivered since 1st of June 1798 to January 1800 at Carlisle. Included are blunderbusses, tomahawks, and pikes.