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May 10, 1795 Gun Carriages and a Return for the Month of April John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Bryant sends Hodgdon the return for ordnance and stores for April. 23 carriage bodies for six-pound guns have been furnished, including four pairs of limbers. More wheels are still being fabricated, and Bryant promises to have the job finished as quickly as possible.
June 13, 1795 A Return on Ordnance and Supplies for May and an Update on the Gun Carriages John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Bryant encloses the return on ordnance and supplies for May. The carriage bodies for the 28 six-pounder guns are all finished except for the side boxes and painting. Bryant expects the work to be completed in three or four weeks, but wishes to know if the 8-inch howitzers are to be mounted in Springfield.
July 21, 1795 Guns and the Progress on the Gun Carriages John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed in the letter is a return for ordnance and stores for June 1795. Bryant found a significant amount of extra gun parts in perfect condition. The gun carriages are nearly all complete and Bryant wishes to know if the armorers are to clean the French arms on site or if he is to hire men.
August 5, 1794 Requests Pattern of Carriage Wheels Tench Coxe Henry Knox Requests pattern of carriage wheels.
October 14, 1797 Explanation on Contract and Cost of Carriage Joseph Hiller William Simmons Hiller explains the contract and costs for making a carriage under the direction of Colonel Rochefontaine at the post of Salem.
July 28, 1794 Sea Coast Gun Carriage John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon If the model for the Sea Coast Gun Carriage has not been sent to Col. Rochefontaine, the engineer in New England, the Secretary of War [Knox] will take it with him.
May 12, 1795 Chickasaw Goods from Pittsburgh to Nashville Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon The interim Secretary of War requests information from the Commissary of Military Stores regarding the carriage of Chickasaw goods from Pittsburgh to Nashville, specifically the weight.
December 11, 1800 Receipt for Mending Carriage [not available] [not available] Receipt for $5.50 for mending carriage, blacksmithing, and oats.
September 23, 1799 Receipt for carriage services by John Glendining [not available] [not available] Payment of $128.15 to John Glendining for carriage of sundry goods from Philadelphia to Pittsburg to Major Craig for Captain Samuel Vance and for carriage of fire engine to Harpers Ferry.
October 20, 1794 Reports Contract for Iron Carriage Wheels; Requests Pattern Tench Coxe Henry Knox Reports contract for iron carriage wheels for cannons. Outlines delivery based on exhibition of pattern. Requests that contractor be furnished with the proper patterns, as the one previously sent is incorrect.
June 25, 1795 Return for June and an Update on the Carriage Works John Bryant Samuel Hodgdon Bryant sent return for the month of June along with his vouchers and receipts to the War Office, and provides another report on the work being done by the carriage works. Discussed method and quality of painting.
December 1800 Receipt for Forage, Subsistence, and Carriage Repair [not available] [not available] Receipt for forage, subsistence, and mending the carriage of General Wilkinson and his suite.
May 11, 1798 Carriage of Green Stuff that is Unfit for Use, Etc. George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Among a number of matters related to cannon, Fleming complains that the carriage ordered by Colonel Rochefontaine for the elegant iron 12-pounder, and made of green stuff cut on public land, is not fit for use with the gun. Fleming will mount it on one of the clumsy ship nine-pounders used for salutes.
June 12, 1798 Request for Issue of a 24-Pounder Elevating Screw Timothy Pickering John Harris Directs issue of an elevating screw for a gun carriage being repaired.
May 15, 1798 Cannons & Carriage to be Shipped on the First Vessel George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a return of the cannons and carriage to be shipped on board the first vessel that is suitable to take them. Since they are not yet on board, it is not possible to forward the receipts signed by the master of the sloop. The wheels being sent are partly ironed.
May 11, 1797 On dimensions of gun carriage, directions to Mr Sheaffe and maple timbers for frigate Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Will forward dimensions of gun carriage. Has given directions to Mr Sheaffe on forwarding materials available at navy yard and to deliver maple timbers for frigate launching. If maple timbers damaged, Hackett will be held for value.
December 15, 1800 Receipt for Blacksmith's Work [not available] Campbell Smith Receipt for carriage repair and other blacksmith work done for Captain C. Smith.
October 14, 1790 Regarding Carriage Accident & Vessel from Halifax Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Mentions a recent carriage accident, which the occupants escaped from unharmed; postscript appears to tell about a vessel which sailed from Halifax which brought whalers who left fearing they would be impressed by the British.
November 1794 A Broken Down Carriage & Other Miseries James Jones Samuel Hodgdon Jones bemoans the need to leave the hired horses in Lancaster because of their unsuitablity for the journey which he must undertake. The horses detained him for six hours on the road from Philadelphia when they refused to pull the broken down carriage.Mr. Slough is providing a new apparatus for the journey but the Secretary of State should be notified of his new arrangements and the necessary...
October 10, 1794 Questions Possibility of Wooden Carriage Wheels; Reports Delivery of Articles Tench Coxe Henry Knox Refers to the question for iron carriage wheels for fortification cannons, and whether the wheels should be made of wood instead. The current state of foreign affairs may require prompt need of cannons. Requests approval for manufacture of such wheels. Makes suggestions about guns. Reports offer of naval agents in Boston to deliver kentledge free of charge.
September 7, 1798 Commencing the Suit, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Col. Alexander Anderson Along with the transporation of a six pounder brass cannon and carriage, Hodgdon discusses the necessity of instituting the lawsuit involving Phillps the wagoner as soon as possible.
April 18, 1794 Models for Carriages Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Jones sends along the model of the cannon and carriage that was requested by the Secretary of War. It is not intended that either the platform or breastwork should be included the model.
[not available] Estimate of Prices of Ordnance and Military Stores [not available] [not available] Estimate of the present prices of certain ordnance and military stores.
August 15, 1797 Delivery of Drum Supplies James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver drum, drum sticks, and drum carriage.
March 27, 1798 Request for Issue of Gun Carriage Materiel & Corn-Grinding Machine James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of gun carriage materials and a corn-grinding mill machine for various uses.