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May 10, 1797 Delivery of Carpentry Items James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver carpenter tools to Capt Elliott's company.
December 20, 1792 Pledge to issue linen shirts to George Carpenter John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg pledges to issue two linen shirts to soldier George Carpenter, who belongs to Captain John Armstrong's Company.
June 27, 1800 Settlement of Account Peter Hagner John G. Coffin Letter received, settlement of accounts for Nanning Vischer requested be paid on Coffin's bills. Discrepancy in charges and credits received by Coffin for the account of John Nugent, carpenter; expenses for tools purchased for the use of the garrison at Niagara.
July 25, 1786 Settlement of Samuel Dilworth accounts Joseph Howell Samuel Dilworth The recipient's accounts are the responsibility of Mr. Burrall's department. Therefore, it will be necessary to deal with him when convenient. If the matter of his accounts is important to the recipient, it should handled promptly.
December 16, 1793 Calculation of the cost of constructing ships of war Joshua Humphreys [not available] An influential shipbuilder calculates the cost of building and maintaining a frigate for the United States. Estimates 23 pounds per ton.
June 15, 1798 Correspondence from the western posts John Caldwell James McHenry Discusses the murder of an Indian named White Eyes by a boy named Carpenter with a knife and club.
March 24, 1794 Fortification of Norfolk Henry Knox Henry Lee Recommends Daniel Bedinger to build cannon carriages for Norfolk. If Bedinger is not a suitable choice, Knox allowed Lee to select carpenter. Implies there is uncertainty over whether the cannons are the property of Virginia or the United States. Supply of Norfolk addressed in detail.
April 4, 1794 Important Dispatches for Major General Wayne to be Delivered Without Delay John Stagg Isaac Craig Mr. Carpenter bears important dispatches for Major General Wayne. Secretary of War requests a boat immediately, with guard, to take bearer down Ohio River to Fort Washington.
October 24, 1795 Pay and Necessaries of Benjamin O'Brien and Sarah Waldrom William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $27.48 is due Benjamin O'Brien and Sarah Waldrom being their pay for nursing the sick soldiers at Spring Garden New Jersey, and for sundry necessaries purchased by them for the use of the sick, payable to George Carpenter.
September 12, 1800 Inadmissable Charges William Simmons Messrs. Carpentar and Findlay Charges by Messrs. Carpenter and Findley for printing the returns of recruits, monthly returns, and advertising on their paper were inadmissible. the vouchers necessary for settlement are the responsibility of an officer and the authorization of the Secretary of War for printing. None exist, therefore Simmons cannot reimburse them.
January 26, 1790 On the Wyandots, Major Doughty's peace mission, and attack by Indians within twelve miles of Danville, at Carpenter's Station Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Expresses confidence in friendly disposition of Wyandots; their influence over other tribes is considerable. Discusses Major Doughty's peace mission to the southern Indians, the establishment of a post at Mussel Shoals, the attitude of the Choctaws and Chickasaws to this event, the number of men required to man this post. Will soon be leaving for Kaskaskia. Reports on attack by Indians within...
December 6, 1791 Mr. Kirkland's estimate for civilizing the Oneida and Onondaga Indians Reverend Samuel Kirkland [not available] Fiscal, describes labor costs re Indian husbandry. Extracted from Kirkland's estimate to General Knox dated Philadelphia 6 Dec 1791. Costs outlined include schoolhouse with 2 schoolmasters; blacksmith; carpenter and wheelwright; Tuscarora and Onondaga farmers; yokes of oxen; draught chains; log dou; plows; hog plows ox carts; hoes; superintendent; harrows; grindstones. The blacksmith and...
April 21, 1787 Garrison and Hudson in Want of Payment, Captain Molly Needs Shifts William Price Henry Knox Mr. Garrison has repeatedly asked for payment for the cords of wood and carting which he furnished last winter. Mr. Hudson the carpenter has also asked for payment. Price does not have the funds to pay. Captain Molly is in need of shifts, which Price wants to know if he should order. Mr. Hog is not yet returned.
September 20, 1797 Receipts for Bounty Paid Recruits William Simmons Andrew Marschalk Simmons received duplicated receipts for bounty paid recruits that will be examined on settlement of recruiting accounts. Error in payment of John Dole, carpenter, noticed by Marschalk corrected by Simmons by adding $2.90 to muster and pay rolls. Marschalk will receive $300.00 for recruiting services, per his request.
September 5, 1797 Invoice of stores for Fort Massac Isaac Craig [not available] Invoice of stores from Issac Craig to be delivered to Ft Massac, Illinois via Ohio River by John Robinson, who notes that he will deliver the goods to the commanding officer at such place on the river as he shall direct in good order. Items include ammunition, clothing, carpenter tools, ordnance, brandy and medicine. Signed by John Robinson.
February 27, 1801 Construction of Gun Carriages and New Administration Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon White oak of good quality has been on hand for 2 years and is being used by the carpenter and smith to construct gun carriages for the cannons shipped to Pittsburgh. Mentioned Congressional approval of President of U.S. Requests payment for services performed for the Ordnance Depart. Craig fears he will not hold his post under the new administration, wishes to settle all accounts as soon as...
February 8, 1798 Price of Carpenter's wages employed on the frigate United States. Joshua Humphreys [not available] A listing of monies paid for carpenters from 1794 to 1797.
November 21, 1800 Request for Issue of Carpenter's Tools for Artificers at Schuylkill Laboratory Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of carpenter's tools for the use of artificers employed at Schuylkill laboratory. Two notes are appended -- one, presumably from Hodgdon, states that the purveyor has been directed to purchase the above supplies, and one presumably from Harris confirms that the items were delivered on November 25.
April 5, 1794 Lists of Requested Supplies James O'Hara Isaac Craig Reports Mr. Carpenter's departure with dispatches and money for Mr. Belli via Pittsburgh. Refers news from Mr. Simons with list of articles needed in Lancaster, forwarded to Fort Washington. Anxious to receive iron and stationary, and requests flour.
April 18, 1794 Returns; Whiskey Received; Captain Bissell's Whereabouts Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses return, report of whiskey received. Large quantity of barr iron, axes, nails, etc will be sent forward. Mr. Carpenter set off with dispatches for Major General Wayne at Fort Washington. Captain Bissell at Pittsburgh, on way to Philadelphia.
November 19, 1800 Request for Purchase of Carpenter's Tools for Artificers at Schuylkill Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Directs purchase of carpenter's tools for use of artificers employed at the Schuylkill laboratory.
August 6, 1792 Estimate for the supplies wanted for Major Henry Gaither's Command at the southward Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of supplies wanted for Major Henry Gaither's Command at the Southwards.
January 20, 1801 Certification of payment; Elias B. Dayton, Elizabeth Town, for rations, quartermaster, and hospital stores for United States troops marching through New Brunswick New Jersey William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $1102.25 to Elias B. Dayton, Elizabeth Town, for rations, quartermaster, hospital stores, lumber, transportation, carpenter, and mason work for United States troops marching through New Brunswick, New Jersey.
December 12, 1795 A statement of the progress in providing materials for the frigates and in building them. Timothy Pickering [not available] Update on progress of frigate construction, difficulties acquiring materials, etc.
April 21, 1798 Hiring Hands and Preparation for Ship James McHenry Captain Samuel Nicholson McHenry approved Canonades; advised Nicholson to hire boatswain, gunner, carpenter, sailmaker, and midshipmen to be approved by the President.