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July 6, 1798 The Governor's Wine & the General's Candles Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the handling of the Governor's wine and the General's candles with Hodgdon.
May 30, 1798 Candles & Shot for the Frigate "Constellation" James McHenry John Harris Harris asked to deliver the following to Samuel Hodgdon for the use of the Frigate "Constellation": boxes of candles, 24 pound cannister shot, 12 pound cannister shot, and cannister shot for small howtizers.
October 1, 1798 Statement of commissary stores at Fort Niagara David Thompson James O'Hara Statement of commissary stores at Fort Niagara, documenting the amount of beef, flour, soap, candles, whiskey, salt, and vinegar.
December 31, 1799 Estimation of the Springfield Armory Supplies David Ames Unknown Recipient Estimation of the value of all stock on hand at the Armory in Springfield, as recorded by Superintendent of the same armory. Articles include iron, steel, charcoal, socks, musket barrels, ramrods, wire, sandpaper, brass, glue, tar, oil, shoes, candles, lead, skins, salt petre, etc.
August 31, 1796 Abstract of Provisions Issued at the Post at Lormies to Sundry Detachment of the Army John Whistler [not available] Abstract of provisions issued at the post at Lormies to Sundry detachment of the army of the United States Major general Anthony Wayne Commanding agreeable to the acts of Congress passed March 3, 1795. Includes rations, whiskey, flour, beef, candles, soap, salt.
May 30, 1798 List of Supplies to be Transported from Springfield to Frigate Constitution at Boston James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon McHenry asks Hodgdon to order 160 barrels of cannon and 8 barrels of musket powder transported from Springfield to Boston for the frigate Constitution. Mr. Harris should deliver candles and other goods to be sent to the Constellation which is in the Chesapeake.
[not available] Statement Showing the Rations and Provisions Issued to the Troops Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Itemized list of supplies issued in the course of a year.
April 30, 1790 Schedule of Pay and Rations R.J. Vandenbrock [not available] A schedule of pay and rations, Approved April 30, 1790. Lists dollars for each position and quantity of goods allocated for soldiers.
March 1, 1796 Estimate of Expenditures for February 1796 David Ames James McHenry "Estimate of expenditures on account of the United States in aid and on account of the Armorer employed at Springfield in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in making public arms. from the first of February to the first of March. "
July 13, 1798 Quantity of Whiskey Forwarded to Fort Washington Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon discusses a number of supply matters related to Craig's post at Pittsburgh.
October 10, 1794 Articles of Agreement Tench Coxe Unknown Recipient Official agreement between the United States and contractors regarding the provision of rations at Fort Washington.
May 5, 1799 Dispute over stores payment, accounts, and rations Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon Dispute over payment for stores, accounts, and rations.
May 12, 1799 Allotment of Provisions for the Troops Alexander Hamilton James O'Hara Hamilton cites Article 19 of a recent Act of Congress in which the allotment of provisions is prescribed in some detail.
May 30, 1798 Ordnance for the Frigate "Constellation" James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver to Samuel Hodgdon the following items intended for the frigate "Constellation": boxes of candles, 24 pound canister shot, 12 pound canister shot, and canister shot for small howitzers.
January 6, 1801 Simmons Informs the Houses of a Sum Being Sent by Jedediah Huntingdon William Simmons Elijah House Simmons writes the Houses to inform them of the impending sum of $995.01 which will be sent by Jedediah Huntingdon and the breakdown of said sum.
December 8, 1798 Copy of Thomson Neale contract for supplying troops in Burlington and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement between Thomas Neale, Burlington New Jersey and Jonathan Rhea of Trenton New Jersey on behalf of Secretary of War for establishment of recruiting.
April 16, 1798 Contract Price for Rations at the Natchez Accountant's Office Mr. Jones Notification that the Accountant of the War Department (Simmons) would like to know the contractor price of rations at "the Natchez" between April and October 1797.
August 29, 1798 Articles of Agreement James McHenry [not available] Articles of agreement outlining agreed prices on rations and other articles, outlining expectations for both parties. Contractor to deliver articles to several posts,
August 29, 1798 Articles of agreement regarding supplies between James McHenry and James O'Hara [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement for the provision of supplies between Secretary of War James McHenry and James O'Hara.
August 11, 1792 Request to Publish in the "Maryland Journal & Baltimore Advertizer" Alexander Hamilton Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Enclosed advertisement to contractors seeking to supply rations to U.S. army with specified amounts of rations, payment method, and prices.
1798 Articles Wanted for the Frigate "Constellation" Unknown Author [not available] A list of materials needed for the Frigate "Constellation."
February 16, 1798 Regarding Articles for Naval Service & Equipping of Frigate James McHenry Tench Francis Letter, asks for information regarding sundry articles for the Naval service; alludes to equipping Frigate.
May 30, 1798 Ordnance & Supplies for the Frigates "Constitution" & "Constellation" James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to order barrels of cannon and barrels of musket powder to be transported from Springfield to the frigate "Constitution" anchored at Boston. Mr. Harris has been directed to deliver to Hodgdon for transportation to the frigate "Constellation," anchored in the Chesapeake, boxes of candles, 24 pound canister shot, 12 pound canister shot, and canister shot for small howitzers.
February 10, 1798 Contract price of rations for 1797 and 1798 R. J. Heath William Simmons Contract prices of rations Fort Fayette, Fort Massac, Fort Knox, Michilamackanac, Fort Wayne.
July 26, 1798 Quantity of Stores on Hand John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Details of quantity of powder and other supplies on hand and discussed shipments of military stores to different named locations.