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March 14, 1793 Furniture for Treaty Talks at Sandusky Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Request for estimated cost of camp furniture, advised consulting with Pickering on cost.
July 7, 1800 Mistake of One Thousand Dollars, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon $1000 in post notes on account of the Armory have been received direct from the southward. Williams admits that Hodgdon's identification of a $1000 mistake is accurate. An error of such magnitude admits of no apology. The camp furniture from Oxford has arrived though no invoices of the articles of the Quartermaster have appeared. The clothing exposed to rain has been unpacked and dried.
January 20, 1798 Rules on Providing Furniture to Commissioned Officers on Ships of War James McHenry Andrew Jackson Received letter requesting articles, supplies, and furniture for Capt. Nicholson's ship. Due to regulations, no other ship was allowed additional furniture or requested items, therefore Capt. Nicholson's request was denied and McHenry advised that Jackson only provide items approved by gov't.
January 20, 1798 Cabin Furniture for Captain Nicholson James McHenry Henry Jackson Jackson is directed to provide the listed articles of cabin furniture for Captain Nicholson. McHenry notes that no other furniture can be provided by the public to Commissioned Officers on board ships of war than what is absolutely necessary to their immediate accomodation. Any other articles must be provided at their own expense.
September 5, 1791 Transportation and Movement of Troops Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Transportation requested for St.Clair's furniture. Troops marching from Pittsburgh.
October 30, 1792 Horse Furniture Purchased John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War has received the estimate of horse furniture purchased by Hodgdon. He thinks it best that Hodgdon pay that amount out of the $35,000 that was transmitted by warrant the previous day for the use of the Quartermaster General's department.
August 20, 1799 Settlement of accounts for office furniture Caleb Swan George Ruddach List of payments to George Ruddach for work done in the War Offices.
February 9, 1787 Price of Furniture in Philadelphia Bushrod Washington Samuel Hodgdon Washington encourages Hodgdon to write him so as to renew their friendship, and asks him about the prices of second-hand furniture in Philadelphia.
May 27, 1800 Receipt of William Simmons a Warrant for Payment of Salaries, Rent, Furniture, Stationery Caleb Swan James McHenry Swan receives warrant issued by Secretary of War for $2570 on account of salaries of clerks employed in his office, and for furniture, stationary, house rent and contingent expenses for year 1800, and arrearages of contingent expenses, 1799.
June 24, 1797 Delivery of Camp Kettles for Recruits James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver camp kettles for recruiting service.
February 16, 1798 General's Looking Glasses, Transportation of Hamilton's Furniture, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter, discusses military stores; mentions Spanish posts.
March 15, 1799 Receipt to Hodgdon for transportation of War Department papers and furniture to Trenton as part of estate of David Park. John Park [not available] To Estate of David Park, from John Park for hire of sloop to carry papers and furniture of War and Auditor's Office from Philadelphia to Trenton.
January 1791 Estimate of Supplies Furnished by Elliot & Williams Unknown Author [not available] Estimate of supplies furnished by Elliot and Williams in 1790, controverted by the Secretary of War but ultimately allowed. Lists accoutrements and rations with estimated values.
January 20, 1798 Statement of articles purchased by Captain Nicholson as cabin furniture for his ship. [not available] Henry Jackson Statement of articles purchased by Captain Nicholson as cabin furniture for his ship. General Henry Jackson naval agent at Boston informed that no other articles can be allowed by public to the commissioned officers; any more must be provided at own expense.
May 24, 1799 Hats Delivered with Furniture Complete, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton will confer with Colonel Smith on the appointment of his major and discusses the nature of the hats to be delivered to officers.
May 11, 1798 Request for Issue of Camp Kettles James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of 2 camp kettles.
October 8, 1799 Delivery of Camp Kettles James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver camp kettles for 11th Regiment.
August 17, 1798 Mortification Due to the Conduct of the Wretch, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Along with a discussion of a number of supply and arms matters, Hodgdon expresses his mortification at the conduct of the individual who sought to move the furniture of the public offices to Trenton.
August 8, 1798 Request for Transportation Edward Miller Samuel Hodgdon Due to yellow fever, transportation is required for the baggage in order to move camp a safe distance from the city.
June 2, 1800 Moving from Philadelphia to Washington Benjamin Stoddert William Simmons President Adams has directed that the public offices attached to the seat of government should be removed from Philadelphia and relocated to the City of Washington. Simmons should arrange the affairs of his office so as to load his books and papers on wagons to be provided by the purveyor on Saturday or Monday next. Office furniture will be transported on Thursday.
January 15, 1790 Request for Camp Kettles and Straw William Price Henry Knox Informs the Secretary at War Henry Knox that Lt. Privee has requested camp kettles and straw for his men at the garrison. Tells Knox that there are only two camp kettles at the store and that straw can be purchased for 3 to 4 pence per bundle.
August 9, 1800 Instructions about Accounts P. Ferall Peter Hagner Letter, returns accounts of employees of Accountant's office for expenses related to the move of the Federal Government to Washington and gives instructions for rendering new accounts for payment of expenses.
April 2, 1799 Request for Issue of Horse & Camp Equipment, With Complaint James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of horse & camp equipment for the quartermaster general. A note from the QMG is appended, complaining of the slowness of fulfillment.
March 12, 1800 Wood for Union Camp Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Hamilton orders a delivery of wood to Union Camp.
May 25, 1797 Delivery of Clothing and Camping Equipment James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms and camp equipment for Artillerists and Engineers under command of Capt. Donald Mitchell.