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December 14, 1796 Discussion of Cables, Rigging, Hemp & Sailmakers Relative to Frigate Construction Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, discusses estimate of cables & rigging for Frigate; mentions hemp used for cordage; discusses sailmakers.
May 12, 1794 Requests Estimates for Cables and Anchors Tench Coxe Henry Knox Requests estimates for cables and anchors for a frigate furnished by Captain Barry.
December 13, 1796 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury regarding cables and rigging for frigate constructed by James Hackett at Portsmouth New Hampshire [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry encloses to Secretary of Treasury Wolcott an estimate of the quantity and weight of the cables and rigging for the frigate constructed at Portsmouth by James Hackett. Discusses information from Captain Thompson of Portsmouth which may be of use to the purveyor, and proposals for providing materials. McHenry recommends that the contracts be issued at Portsmouth New Hampshire and...
May 27, 1797 On finishing the business of rigging the frigate at Portsmouth New Hampshire [not available] Captain Thomas Thompson Refers to an issue of omitting certain articles. Notes the exceptions, which are: getting on board the anchors; cables and binding them; making netting; blocking the yards; mastheads; deadeyes. Expects the business of rigging to be finished for an additional sum of $500.
November 10, 1797 State of Progress of Constructing & Equipping Frigate United States Captain John Barry James McHenry Describes state of progress on frigate United States, including carpentry and blacksmithing remaining to be completed, the state of ballast & water casks, masts, cables, anchors, rigging, yards, etc. Discusses finding a safe place to harbor the frigate for the winter. Comments on state of provisions, powder, and cannon (the least being apparently in a poor state). Stresses need to obtain...
July 2, 1796 Discussion of Hemp for Frigate Rigging Josiah Fox Henry Jackson Letter, discusses hemp for rigging for Frigates.
May 9, 1797 Rigging a Frigate [not available] Captain Thomas Thompson The writer responds to Thompson's proposal for rigging a frigate by offering terms of a contract and clearly specifying the work to be done.
December 12, 1795 Progress in Building a Frigate at Boston Timothy Pickering [not available] Statement of the progress made in building a frigate to carry forty four guns at Boson.
March 28, 1795 Use of Supplies Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Money received was only a small amount of total required. Addressed cordage production for limited uses. Noted the liberal use of public money by Gen. Morgan.
December 1798 Memorandium Regarding Ship Construction Josiah Fox [not available] Memorandum, discusses the construction and equipping Frigate Chesapeake at Portsmouth, Va.
January 12, 1797 Letter from the War Office to Josiah Parker, Chairman of the Committee on Naval Equipment on progress of frigate building at Philadelphia, Boston, [not available] Josiah Parker Report on the progress of frigate construction at Philadelphia. McHenry discusses the strategic importance of live oak for ship building; these resources may be of interest to other maritime nations; suggests that purchase of these lands, presumably in Georgia, might be considered. The hull is planked inside. Principal decks are laid.
December 1796 Articles Necessary to Complete Frigate for Mediterranean Service [not available] Unknown Recipient The following articles by the report of Captain Cathcart will be necessary to complete and equip the frigate building for the Mediterranean Service.
1795 Estimate of expenditures in Quartermaster's department, Pittsburg Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Ledger style list of expenditures from the Quartermaster's Department at Pittsburgh during the first quarter of 1796.
November 17, 1791 Pierce Butler estimate for a brigantine of 14 guns equal to about 200 tons Henry Knox Pierce Butler Estimate for Brigantine construction, supplies, and crew. He recommends using live oak; white oak, cedar, and locust for the trunnels.
December 1793 Committee Report, Expenses of Naval Force Congress of the United States [not available] List of costs for arming ships to sufficiently protect American merchants from Algerian corsairs.
January 13, 1796 Report on the State of Naval Equipment and Frigate Construction to House Committee Tench Francis Josiah Parker Estimate is signed by Humphreys, Francis, Truxton and Fox. Exclusive of men and provisions, estimate $453,272 to complete six frigates. Estimate $120 per ton. Quantities listed as most essential and already delivered and what is deficient, by locations of the six ship yards: Philadelphia; New York; Boston; Norfolk; Baltimore; Portsmouth New Hampshire;
October 30, 1790 Estimate of Expenditures for Construction of Frigates of Various Tonnage John Foster Williams Henry Knox Knox solicits an expert to provide one of many estimates for the cost of constructing frigates of various tonnage for Navy. Foster notes that Knox may be a better judge of the cost of the guns and the warlike stores. Recommends that timber be cut in the fall of the year of construction.
1792 Estimate of Supplies required in the Quartermaster's line for 1792 Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of supplies required in the quartermaster Lines for 1792. Lists equipment with required numbers.
June 19, 1794 Articles for a 44-Gun Frigate Joshua Humphreys Unknown Recipient Document reporting on the dimensions of materials for a 44-gun frigate, and fittings and stores for same. Joshua Humphreys is a reputed shipbuilder.