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August 20, 1798 Maintaining the Public Business, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Secretary of War Among other matters, Hodgdon expresses his determination to maintain the public business in the face of many departures from the city due to the fear of contagion,
September 29, 1789 Hodgdon submits his application for postmaster to Knox Samuel Hodgdon Henry Knox Letter, asks for business of post office.
September 22, 1796 Continue Their Pay Until the Business is Finished Charles Scott James McHenry General Scott encloses a letter from six paymasters of the Kentucky mounted Volunteers in which they request compensation for the entire period of their service. Since the business has been expensive and troublesome, Scott recommends that McHenry continue their pay until the business is finished.
December 20, 1799 Applying for Another Line of Honest Business Charles de Kraffs Samuel Hodgdon de Kraffs asks for Hodgdon's recommendation for a position in a business in one or another honest branch. He has had extensive employment in surveying and drawing until the unhappy time when the fever infected Philadelphia and has had little success in the land business. He has a large family and has had promises from several gentleman but still would like Hodgdon's help.
[not available] Regarding John McClennon's Business Anthony Dey William Simmons Dey has followed instructions regarding John McClennon's business. Tracks McClennon's service, and is not sure that he ever received his pay.
August 4, 1796 Discussion of Specifications for 36-Gun Frigate Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, discusses terms to build 36 gun Frigate.
September 23, 1790 Stagg relays office matters to Knox John Stagg Henry Knox Letter, discusses business of War Office.
May 6, 1786 Pay Office Business John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Pierce discusses Pay Office business with Andrew Dunscomb, agent for the pay of the Virginia Continental Regiments
October 29, 1794 Horses Purchased for Public Business Matthias Slough Samuel Hodgdon Slough proclaims that he had purchased two horses for the purpose of carrying out the business mentioned in a previous letter from Hodgdon. The horses have been taken on the public account since they have been used for public business.
June 1, 1787 Business of Expenditures Continues John Pierce Board of Treasury Pierce explains why it will take him longer than expected to attend to the business assigned to him. He is trying to understand the various vouchers and expenditures related to the stores. He also recommends his assistant Howell for a position as a commissioner for collecting and arranging the accounts of the states.
May 23, 1797 Letter from the Secretary at War James McHenry Felix D. St. Hilaire This letter informs the recipient that no obstacles to transport are known and that payment will be made for all necessary business. What is being transported and the nature of the business is not stated.
April 1, 1799 Personal and Business Matters Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Stevens' sister-in-law has appealed to him to purchase her house and mortgage, and he asks Hodgdon to stand as executor of the business. Other business matters discussed.
October 6, 1786 Settlement with Broadhead, Advice on Recouping Business Jonathan Nicholson John Pierce Settled with L. Broadhead, noted he was no longer within Nicholson's immediate contact. Advised that if Pierce came into contact with Broadhead he should attempt to "recover a vast multiplicity of business" from him.
July 9, 1796 The Tea Business Should Be Settled, Etc. Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Writing mostly in code, Winthrop discusses sundry topics and hopes that the tea business will soon be settled.
November 10, 1796 Report on Frigate Construction at Portsmouth Captain Thomas Thompson James McHenry Letter, discusses Frigate building at Portsmouth; asks for position on Frigate.
November 14, 1785 Robert Morris requests Mr. Harrison's business from Pierce Robert Morris John Pierce Robert Morris requests that John Pierce forward to him all business pertaining to the settlement of Mr. Harrison's accounts.
December 24, 1799 For the sake of ease and retirement John Swan Samuel Hodgdon Swan relates business matters relating to his eventual retirement.
March 16, 1784 Resolutions of Congress and Pierce's business John Pierce Thomas Mifflin Discusses two resolutions of Congress and their bearing on Pierce's business.
September 14, 1794 Multiplicity of Business Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon should assume that Hunt has a multiplicity of business on hand which prevented him answering Mr. Parker.
June 11, 1793 Public Business Thomas Jefferson Major Jackson Jefferson discusses the public business which he takes the liberty of troubling Jackson with.
January 2, 1794 William Semple's Business Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Howell discusses the War Department's business with William Semple, complications from which make it impossible to resolve Semple's account to his perfect satisfaction.
April 1798 A Present of $500 if the Business Is Settled Favorably A. Powers Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the vouchers respecting Powers' claims. He knows that Hodgdon is best acquainted with his business and for his attention and introduction to friends and members of Congress at New York, Powers promises to give Hodgdon a present of five hundred dollars specie if his business is resolved favorably.
June 20, 1800 In Reference to Poor Salt Petre Samuel Hodgdon General William Irvine Discussed the ongoing business of poor salt petre.
December 5, 1799 Proposed Trip to Philadelphia Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton says that since he has private business to attend to in Philadelphia that would also be a good time for a meeting with McHenry to discuss military matters. (There is some evidence that the "private business" related to the "Reynolds affair.")
September 10, 1784 Business in Halifax John Pierce Ebenezer Jackson The Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General writes Ebenezer Jackson, telling Jackson that he will likely find Halifax to be a proper place for his business.