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April 9, 1792 Bushels of Lime John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith informs Hodgdon that he has procured 8 bushels of lime and would have sent more but it is so bad in quality that he would rather have sent none. Miten [?] would not trouble himself to go and would not send a hand to the hill and said he must have $15 a bushel for it. Smith would have lost a guinea rather than take it had it not been to oblige Hodgdon and had he not given his word to Mr....
October 17, 1792 Dispatch about Food for Animals at Various Posts James O'Hara Major John Belli Refers to dispatches about horses and oxen. Reports that the Commander in Chief has ordered 50 bushels oats and corn in addition to previous orders. Lists requests of General Wilkinson and Brigadier General Rudolph. Encloses list of regulations.
May 21, 1792 Delivery of Corn to Kentucky from Fort Washington Major John Belli James O'Hara Discusses navigation and delivery of corn between Fort Washington and Kentucky.
June 16, 1794 Indian Corn Tench Francis Samuel Hodgdon Francis purchased 5000 bushels of Indian corn from John Wall which was supposed to have been shipped on board three vessels. He wants Hodgdon to furnish him with a bill of lading or receipt verifying that the corn was received.
January 10, 1797 Estimates for Yearly Expenditures for Quarter Masters Department John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry List of yearly expenses food, pay, transportation, stationary.
July 12, 1793 Report on Lots of Indian Corn Joseph Collins James O'Hara Joseph Collins submits a copy of a report on the state of lots of Indian corn.
November 23, 1791 Suggests Purchase of Corn for Horses in Winter John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Reports that Mr. Ritchie has delivered a few barrels of corn. Suggests they buy more corn from him for horses during the winter months going to and from Jefferson.
March 27, 1798 Request for Issue of Gun Carriage Materiel & Corn-Grinding Machine James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of gun carriage materials and a corn-grinding mill machine for various uses.
February 13, 1793 Proposed War with the Creeks Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation General Robertson The Chickasaw chiefs blame the Creeks for the violence in the southwest and ask for the guns, ammunition, supplies, and food to go to war with them.
November 22, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Peter Le Barbieuduplessis Joseph Howell Peter Le Barbieuduplessis Joseph Howell informs Peter Le Barbieuduplessis that the service claims of Hugh Bradley cannot be substantiated by his records.
November 14, 1787 A request for final settlement is sent to Joseph Howell Peter Le Barbieuduplessis Joseph Howell Peter Le Barbeuduplessis asks for a statement of account for Hugh Bradley of the 5th Pennsylvania Regiment.
September 24, 1792 Enclosed Invoice, Transport of Goods Henry Knox James Seagrove Enclosed invoice of articles transported by sloop Polly and the schooner Oak. Requests duplicate receipts upon arrival of articles.
November 12, 1791 Complaint about Public Horses Feeding in Private Corn Field Robert Bentham Samuel Hodgdon Complains that the public horses feed in his corn fields every night at a considerable loss to him. Requests assistance.
November 4, 1790 Report of engagement with Indians vicinity Miami village Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Harmar reports that he marched 320 Federal troops and 1453 militia. His forces made it to the Miami village. He found it abandoned. Upon engagement, his forces suffered heavy losses, about 180. But the headquarters of iniquity were broken up. Estimates 100-120 slain warriors, 300 log houses burned, 20,000 bushels of corn destroyed. Laments loss of Major Wyllys and Lieutenant Frothingham of the...
December 3, 1800 Receipt of Peter Corn [not available] [not available] Receipt for five shillings tenpence paid Peter Corn by Captain C Smith for expenses of Brigadier General Wilkinson's traveling party.
August 25, 1794 Payment Isaac Craig Major John Belli Heffernon traveling by Kentucky boat loaded with oats to settle debts owed. Inclosed invoice for oats. Orders to pay R. Graham, hand of board boat.
October 17, 1792 Indian Relations and Failed Treaty Between Creeks and Spain James Seagrove Henry Knox Unpleasant sentiment towards residing with Creek nation. Seagrove cannot recommend any man to fill deputy position. Seagrove happily reported that the Spaniards "utterly failed" at attempted treaty at Pensacola, not a single Creek chief attended council. Assumption that McGillivray has sided with Spaniards. Believed he would have a large number of chiefs arriving to request corn due to...
May 2, 1794 Whiskey Transported Isaac Craig Henry Knox Last post Craig sent by boat whiskey, corn, oats, and pack horses forward to fighting lines.
March 4, 1800 5000 Bushels of Coal for the Armory, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams wants to know how much it would cost to deliver five thousand bushels of coal from Virginia to Hartford, Connecticut. This is the quantity calculated for a year's stock at the armory and a saving may be gained by negotiating the contract in season.
March 14, 1794 Paying Employees & Buying Corn Major John Belli James O'Hara For the purpose of paying artificers and pack horsemen, and buying corn, Belli has drawn on Hodgdon $5000 in favor of O. Ormsbey, which amount will be charged to Belli's account.
1789 Accounts of money paid Commissioners for holding treaties. Unknown Author Unknown Recipient List of expenses accrued during negotiations with Indians south of the Ohio River.
September 7, 1796 [An Estimate of the Expenditures for the Months of July, Augt. & Septber. 1796.] John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry List of expenditures for Quartermaster, Indian, and Hospital Departments.
February 24, 1792 Stores on Hand at Fort Hamilton. John Armstrong Michael G. Houdin A return of the Quartermaster Stores on hand at Fort Hamilton, Capt. John Armstrong commanding, February 24, 1792.
April 27, 1793 Aid to Chickasaws Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Documents to be forwarded to Chickasaws. U.S. will support Chickasaws who are currently at war with Creeks. Governor Blount attests to Creeks being "troublesome" to settlers.
May 1, 1792 Eggs, Fowl, Lamb John Smith Samuel Hodgdon The horses returned on the 19th of February. Smith has sent a bushel of potatoes, a few eggs, a small quantity of butter, a half dozen fowls, and a lamb but he fears he cannot get lime. He discovered upon butchering of lamb that the quality was not what he had hoped.