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March 30, 1797 Regarding Bushel of Potatoes Edmund H. Quincy Josiah Fox Letter, discusses bushel of potatoes.
August 8, 1794 Paying McIntire for Forage, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig is drawing on Hodgdon $633 for John McIntire who furnished a quantity of forage sent to Fort Washington and sundry articles for the post at Wheeling.
September 19, 1794 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig reports money and damaged stores received.
August 8, 1794 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig informs Hodgdon that he has had to draw on Hodgdon's account in order to pay for needed forage. Craig also requests 500 bushel bags from Hodgdon.
May 1, 1792 Eggs, Fowl, Lamb John Smith Samuel Hodgdon The horses returned on the 19th of February. Smith has sent a bushel of potatoes, a few eggs, a small quantity of butter, a half dozen fowls, and a lamb but he fears he cannot get lime. He discovered upon butchering of lamb that the quality was not what he had hoped.
April 22, 1800 Delivery of Sea Coals at Hartford, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams has received the proposals for the delivery of sea coals at Hartford for the use of the armory at Springfield. Hodgdon is asked to close the contract at one third of a dollar per bushel of coals. The swords, scabbards, and belts fabricated by Mr. Starr are in his possession at Middletown. The returns and vouchers for the first quarter of 1800 should have arrived at Hodgdon's office.
May 22, 1800 Proposal to Procure Coals for the Armory Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon has admitted that he failed to close the contract for coals for the armory owing to the increase in cost. Williams declares that he has been contacted by a gentleman who will provide the necessary quantity of coal at two shillings eight pence per bushel which is one penny higher than Hodgdon's price but four pence less than the price Williams previously quoted.
June 9, 1798 Preservation of the Health of Persons Working in the Public Stores Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon lists the articles needed to protect the health of the people working in the public stores during the summer months.
February 1, 1800 Requested Delivery of Sundry Items for Indians David Henley Wolf's Friend Has received letter and is assisting Colbert. Lists sundry articles sent to Indians. White people are mourning the death of Washington
April 9, 1792 Bushels of Lime John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith informs Hodgdon that he has procured 8 bushels of lime and would have sent more but it is so bad in quality that he would rather have sent none. Miten [?] would not trouble himself to go and would not send a hand to the hill and said he must have $15 a bushel for it. Smith would have lost a guinea rather than take it had it not been to oblige Hodgdon and had he not given his word to Mr....
December 26, 1796 Purchases by Byers, Need for Regular Inventories James McHenry James Byers McHenry discusses the pricing of goods, profits, and the need for conducting regular inventories of the factories, stating their value and deducting therefrom all expenses of the year.
March 19, 1792 Bags & Other Articles Forwarded John Moylan Samuel Hodgdon Moylan expresses surprise at Hodgdon's inquiry regarding bags and other articles that he forwarded to Col.Boone. He has the account receipt for same which he had heard Boone had paid. He has written Boone who should communicate to Hodgdon necessary information to correct this mistake. If they are still at Limestone, Moylan has directed him to forward them to Hodgdon immediately.
July 24, 1784 Cost of Commodities, Transportation of Miller Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Informs Lincoln of the embarkation of the miller, Mr. Whitehead, contracted to supervise the operation of his mills and the prices of wheat and various other commodities. Hodgdon will furnish Lincoln with prices regularly when they are published.
October 7, 1792 Peace with the Creek Nation James Seagrove John Kinnard Seagrove ommends Kinnard for his allegiance and assistance with peace between U.S. and the Creek Nation. He mentions the confusion in the Indian Nation, stolen property, and Indian mischief. He requests that Kinnard forward the invitation to peace talks with U.S. representative to all lower Indian towns, especially those that were deceived by Bowles.
October 28, 1792 Indian Relations James Seagrove Henry Knox Expects arrival of Creek chiefs. Enclosed copy of letter from McGillivray, the letter does not please Seagrove. Seagrove discussed McGillivray's duplicitous nature and his underhanded actions. Hopes the U.S. will reprimand any Indian tribe for actions taken against the nation.
November 4, 1790 Report of engagement with Indians vicinity Miami village Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Harmar reports that he marched 320 Federal troops and 1453 militia. His forces made it to the Miami village. He found it abandoned. Upon engagement, his forces suffered heavy losses, about 180. But the headquarters of iniquity were broken up. Estimates 100-120 slain warriors, 300 log houses burned, 20,000 bushels of corn destroyed. Laments loss of Major Wyllys and Lieutenant Frothingham of the...
December 1793 Committee Report, Expenses of Naval Force Congress of the United States [not available] List of costs for arming ships to sufficiently protect American merchants from Algerian corsairs.
May 2, 1794 Whiskey Transported Isaac Craig Henry Knox Last post Craig sent by boat whiskey, corn, oats, and pack horses forward to fighting lines.
November 9, 1792 Logistics and Transport Complicated by Low Rivers Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses his many logistical needs including lumber, grain, rations, cattle, etc. There is also the problem of transporting supplies between forts which normally requires an escort of 200 men and the method of transportation is complicated by the low waters of the rivers.
July 20, 1794 Impending Revolution William Rickard David Henley Kind words from Henley appreciated. Noted mounting insurrection, and the possibility of a revolution. Request advice on muster rolls.
February 12, 1789 [Estimate of Expenses for the Treaty with the Cherokees agreed to February 12, 1789.] Unknown Author Unknown Recipient List of items and their estimated values for a treaty with the Cherokee Nation.
August 2, 1799 Outlines Trade Tips with Indians; List of Items in Need by Creeks Benjamin Hawkins Edward Wright Ben Hawkins (Indian Agent) provides detailed description to Edward Wright of how to successfully trade with the Creek Indians. Most Indians don't meet their obligations with regard to credit and debt so all trade must be accomplished by bartering one item for another. Also included is a list of items in demand by the Creeks.
July 1, 1791 Sending Forward Horses and Supplies John Acheson Samuel Hodgdon Sent twenty-four horses to be used by the cavalry. Discussed sending additional horses and purchasing and forwarding goods if they were available. Requested Hodgdon enclose several hundred bank notes in his next letter.
June 7, 1790 Regarding use of force in response to depredations of Indians Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Detailed account of Indian attacks and continental troops defense against raiding and murdering parties of banditti on the frontier along Ohio River. No other solution but to "extirpate those banditti utterly". By orders of the President and the governor of the Western Territory, Harmar is to solve Indian problem without violating any Indian treaties already in effect. Volunteers from Kentucky...
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.