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February 26, 1790 Articles Needed to Complete the Troops William Price Henry Knox Price lists the articles needed to complete the troops. There are only enough buff cartouch box belts for two companies, as Captains Burbeck and Savage need to have a number on hand and none were turned into the stores when other companies were discharged. Price only has two wall and ten common tents which will stand up to use, although he does have five very large hospital tents if Knox thinks...
April 27, 1791 Uniform Accoutrements John Stagg Isaac Craig Sec. of War orders accountrements to be exchanged with Mr. Armstrong so all levies have matching uniforms.
June 2, 1791 Exchange and Disbursement of Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox Cartouch boxes and belts exchanged with Armstrong. Enclosed returns and distribution information.
August 30, 1800 Delivery of bayonets, swords, drums and fifes Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of bayonets, swords, drums and fifes for Captain James Bruff's company, First Regiment Artillerists and Engineers
June 26, 1788 Regarding the Forwarding of Stores, Equipment Alterations & Powder Cask Contract William Price Henry Knox Reports forwarding of stores for New Jersey recruits and for Fourth of July celebration. Discusses alteration of bayonet belts and powder cask contract.
March 23, 1797 Delivery of Swords and Belts [not available] John Harris Directs issue of sergeants swords and belts to Moses Porter.
August 1, 1798 Delivery of Clothing and Weapons James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver sergeants swords and belts.
July 13, 1798 Cross Belts for the Troops Samuel Hodgdon John Wilkins, Jr. Hodgdon seeks the approval of the Secretary of War for providing cross belts for the troops.
February 23, 1799 Description of Potential Cartouche Boxes, Prices Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Cartouche boxes similar in quality to those made in London can be found in Philadelphia. Lists prices with additional features such as different types of belts. While expensive, they create a stunning appearance for a soldier.
August 24, 1798 Sword Belts With or Without Buckles, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Among other concerns, Hodgdon has compared sword belts with buckles with those without buckles and has determined that the ones with buckles are worth the extra twelve cents it costs to make them.
May 11, 1799 Specifications for Uniforms James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry quotes Washington on the color of the cavalry's breeches (buff instead of white) and McHenry goes into some detail on the regulations related to the uniforms of artillery and infantry officers.
June 22, 1798 Request for Issue of Tents & Sword-Belts to Governor's Island James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of tents & sword-belts to Governor's Island.
August 25, 1797 Delivery of Supplies James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver arms, accoutrements, and tools.
September 20, 1800 Sundries to be Delivered for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Infantry Regiments Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Sundries to be delivered to John Wilikins, Quarter Master General for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Infantry Regiments.
October 11, 1800 Delivery of Swords, Belts for Fourth Regiment of Infantry Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of swords, belts, etc. for Fourth Regiment of Infantry.
April 24, 1798 Request for Issue of Accoutrements, Rations & Writing Materials to West Point James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of cartridge boxes, cartridge, bayonet and sword belts, rations & writing materials to West Point garrison.
February 22, 1799 Making Cartouche Boxes and Belts William Laws Samuel Hodgdon Laws agrees to make any quantity of cartouche boxes and belts agreeable to the listed specifications.
October 10, 1800 Injury to the Public of Arms Dispersal, Etc. Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon Dexter is concerned about the injury to which the public interest is exposed by arms being dispersed to places where no one is responsible for their safekeeping.
April 25, 1794 Equipage for Captain Kersey John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to deliver to Capt. William Kersey a list of articles to include muskets; bayonets; bayonet belts; bayonet scabbards; cartridge boxes; cartridge box belts; screwdrivers; ball screws; brushes and pickers; tents.
September 3, 1791 Cartouche Cases & Bayonet Belts John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War orders Knox to produce for the service of the troops 300 cartouch cases, with bells, and 300 bayonet belts.
July 6, 1798 Pattern for Belts for the Troops John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon The Commander in Chief has directred Wilkins to send the enclosed pattern for belts for the troops. If the Secretary of War approves, 3300 yards should be purchased and sent to Headquarters as soon as possible.
January 9, 1793 Requests Clothing, Swords, Belts for Captain Pratt John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Request to deliver to Captain Pratt complete suits for sergeants, corporals, and privates. Also requests sergeants' swords and belts, and to exchange one sword and one drum. Asks that they be properly packed in boxes and transported by water to Trenton, then by land to New Brunswick.
January 15, 1799 Instructions for Inspection of New Swords, Scabbards, & Belts James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Informs Wadsworth of arrangements to inspect an order of new swords, scabbards, and belts. Asks Wadsworth to act as middleman in communicating this to the contractors.
May 29, 1800 Regarding the cost of Cartouche Boxes and Cross Belts [not available] James McHenry Responds to McHenry request for estimate of cost of cartouche boxes and cross belts. Makes reference to the offices opening at Washington.
August 1, 1793 Estimate for Supplies and Services for the Military Stores Department Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimates for listed supplies and services in the Military Stores Department