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June 30, 1790 Knox introduces his brother to Walter Stewart Henry Knox Walter Stewart Letter, recommends brother.
September 14, 1786 Brother's account John Pierce Mr. Houstoun Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts concerning Mr. Houstoun's brother's account.
December 1, 1786 Account of George Bush brother George Bush Joseph Howell All the information about the author's brother's account that his brother can recall is enclosed. It is hoped that this will be sufficient to close his account.
June 26, 1800 Brother and legal heir of Winchester Peter Hagner James Stille Requires evidence to show that brother of Ethan Winchester, deceased, is the brother and legal heir, and that he died without children.
July 18, 1786 Settling the accounts of a late brother Martin Eichelberger John Pierce Informs Pierce that the account of his late brother has never been settled, which he has the authority to complete.
July 28, 1797 Introductory Letter of Stephen Simmons William Simmons Solomon Van Rensselaer Letter, introduces brother.
December 13, 1786 Insufficient information on Bush's brother Joseph Howell George Bush Informs the recipient that the information he had sent regarding the recipient's brother's account is not sufficient to warrant a settlement. It is particularly important that his brother recall the sum he received while he was part of the Recruiting service. Based on information so far received, his brother is entitled to a sum of $126[&]60/90 but absent the necessary vouchers no more is...
October 15, 1800 Extract of Captain Valentine Brother's Letter Valentine Brother Samuel Dexter Extract of letter from Captain Brother to the Secretary of War, enclosing a return of public property.
April 22, 1791 Recommendation of Major's Brother Reverend David McClure Henry Knox Letter of introduction for Major's brother who was to visit Philadelphia shortly. Discusses politics of recent expedition of troops to Indian territory, treatment of Indians, and reconciliation with French of Canada discussed.
August 8, 1798 Quarantine of William Wilson's brother at Fort Mifflin William Wilson William Simmons Writing from New York to William Simmon, Wilson enclosed a letter for his brother who has arrived with his family at Fort Mifflin and is to perform a quarantine. His situation cannot be a pleasant one, so Simmons is asked to render him any service in his power.
August 25, 1786 Claim on behalf of deceased brother John Pierce Martin Eichelberger Responds to a claim by Martin Eichelberger on behalf of his late brother, Burnet. Pierce writes that an act of Congress limiting claims on the Office of Army Accounts excludes his particular claim from being admitted.
February 15, 1792 Claim of Captain Barnet Eichelberger Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Howell has examined records; found letter from brother of Captain Eichelberger who says he was authorized to settle accounts of his brother. Says the claim will require Congressional interposition previous to settlement.
July 27, 1791 Smith appeals to Knox to authorize military leave for a brother William Smith Henry Knox Letter, due to family hardship Smith asks for leave for his brother, Captain Smith.
May 31, 1799 Reports Draft for Captain Turner's Brother Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reports draft for Captain Turner's brother, to be placed in Craig's debit. Requests that his account be charged accordingly/
November 27, 1786 Regarding Major Fishbourne John Pierce Major Isaac B. Dunn Discusses how Major Fishourne's brother has drawn from the office pay and commutation.
September 8, 1800 Intercession for A Brother Convicted of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer William Simmons John Adams Simmons writes on behalf of his brother, a cavalry lieutenant who has been convicted by a court martial of some unspecified excess. Simmons believes that his brother has been unfairly targeted by enemies in the army, and further that the court martial was improperly conducted (being many months after the fact, and far from the scene of the alleged infraction), not allowing the defense time to...
January 9, 1799 Account of Peter Frothingham, Deceased Samuel Frothingham William Simmons Frothingham wants information relating to the account of his brother Peter Frothingham and whether there has been any account of his effects transmitted to Simmons since Peter's death. Frothingham is the administrator of his brother's estate and has been unable to get any information from any officer of the Army.
October 15, 1800 A Return of Arms, Accoutrements, Ammunition, Etc. Valentine Brother Samuel Dexter A return of arms, accoutrements, ammunition, camp equipage, and clothing in the possession of Valentine Brother, late a Captain of the 9th Regiment of Infantry at the time of the Army's being disbanded. Included are the arms delivered by Captain Brother to Lieutenants Strother and Johnson of the Marine Corps, and the arms remaining with Capt. Brother.
November 28, 1799 Can My Brother Isaac Fill the Vacancy? F. Waterman Timothy Banger Waterman apologizes for declining Banger's offer to fill the vacancy in the military stores but he recommends that his brother Isaac be considered for the same position.
September 1797 Farmer's Brother Speech possibly made at Treaty of Seneca or Big Tree treaty negotiations in September 1797. Farmer Brother the King [not available] Farmer's Brother wants all of the annuities at once. He expects that surveyors will survey the lands, and hopes the U.S. will send a surveyor they can confide in so they will not be cheated. He expects the interpreter Jaspar Parish to be appointed in order to have errors in surveying explained. He wants all the surveys to be done at no expense to his nation. He hopes the white people will not...
December 31, 1791 Regarding wounded soldier Henry Knox Richard Butler Letter, discusses wounded soldier.
August 14, 1799 Organizing a hospital establishment James McHenry Jacob Read On the subject of organizing a hospital establishment, requesting the service of Senator Read's brother, who is a doctor.
June 3, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Henry Baer Simmons informs Baer that his claim was settled and payment made to his brother, George Baer.
May 16, 1791 Obliging the Heir of a Faithful Soldier Michael Connolly Joseph Howell David Gregg, who served with Connolly during the late war under Captain Strong in the New Establishment , died before his three years expired. His brother is administering his estate and would like to apply for his wages (if any) and determine the amount of his brother's balance. Howell's attention to this matter will much oblige the heir of a faithful soldier.
September 23, 1799 Unfortunate Incident in My Brother's Family, Etc. William Miller Samuel Hodgdon Miller reports that an unfortunate incident in his brother James's family at Germantown has required his residence for the previous ten days. The enclosed warrant, with the Treasurer's endorsement, is being remitted and entitles Hodgdon to payment at the bank.