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October 11, 1794 Contract for 1795 Provisions Tench Coxe Henry Knox Encloses contract for provisions for 1795 for Fort Washington and Pittsburgh. Requests feedback or orders and information about additional orders of flour and bread. Suggestions about money on treaty.
January 3, 1800 Inferior Quality of Supplies Alexander Hamilton Elias B. Dayton General Hamilton says he is pained by Col. Smith's report on the inferior quality of the supplies and attributes the ill health of some of the men to the badness of the bread and thinness of the beef.
April 28, 1795 Transportation of Provisions B Strother John Mills If the boats are not back in time to transport provisions, Strother asks that the goods be sent by pack horse.
August 13, 1799 Confidence should be placed in agents of the government... Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains five points he considers essential in dealing with contractors. He stresses that the choices that affect the health and happiness of the army should be made by government agents and not by contractors.
April 19, 1796 Issue of Bread and Whiskey to Miami Indians [not available] [not available] Wilkinson requests bread and whiskey for the Miami Indians.
March 16, 1799 General Orders Regarding the Issuance of Stores to Military Units Philip Church Philip Lightfoot This is Hamilton's General Order regarding the specific amounts of stores to be issued (bread, flour, meal, beef, etc.) including the amounts of ardent spirits which shall be so limited unless commanding officers specify special purposes for increases.
November 14, 1798 Extracts from contract of James O’Hara commencing 1 October 1798 and ending 30 September 1799 [not available] [not available] Contract of James O'Hara for the supply of rations.
August 15, 1800 Contract for Alexander Dalrymple Orr to Provide Rations [not available] [not available] Articles of Agreement between Samuel Dexter, Secretary of War, and Alexander Dalrymple Orr of Mason County Kentucky to provide rations east of Mississippi River, below mouth of Ohio, to southern boundary of Kentucky, in Tennessee, and within the Cherokee boundary.
November 28, 1796 Letter from Henry Knox Henry Knox Rufus Davenport In this letter Henry Knox orders provisions from Boston to be shipped to Thomaston, Maine for his workmen.
March 4, 1795 She Has Neither Wood Nor Bread Jacob Sorber Samuel Hodgdon Sorber requests a small trifle of money for a woman who has neither bread nor wood. He had previously given her nine dollars from the twenty he had been given.
October 10, 1794 Articles of Agreement Tench Coxe Unknown Recipient Official agreement between the United States and contractors regarding the provision of rations at Fort Washington.
May 12, 1799 Allotment of Provisions for the Troops Alexander Hamilton James O'Hara Hamilton cites Article 19 of a recent Act of Congress in which the allotment of provisions is prescribed in some detail.
June 21, 1794 Flour sent to Fort Washington Elie Williams Henry Knox Assurances that an ample supply of flour will be sent to Fort Washington for the Kentucky Volunteers, now stationed there to assist Major General Wayne in campaign. Mr. Elliot will provide future supplies.
November 10, 1788 Lt Pratt issues certificate for mistaken delivery John Pratt [not available] Certificate, mistaken delivery of rye flour.
February 13, 1784 General Benjamin Lincoln's Affairs Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon Requests to know whether a bill will be honored. Requests that barrels of flour be sent to him.
April 16, 1798 Contract Price for Rations at the Natchez Accountant's Office Mr. Jones Notification that the Accountant of the War Department (Simmons) would like to know the contractor price of rations at "the Natchez" between April and October 1797.
December 1800 Receipt for Brandy, Bread, and Oats [not available] [not available] Receipt for brandy, bread, and oats provided by John Magaud to Brigadier General Wilkinson's suite.
September 9, 1796 Approved Receipt of Flour Isaac Craig James McHenry Ongoing problem with receiving instructions from War Department for the lawful acceptance of flour provided by the late contractors. Noted that a deposition to support contractors claim that the U.S. ordered flour had to be obtained by someone in McHenry's office.
December 12, 1792 Inadequate Rations for the Soldiery Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne complains that the rations provided his troops are not adequate to their needs and are much less than the rations provided by the British to their soldiers.
March 8, 1784 Bill and Transportation of Flour Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Discusses an (unspecified) bill and arrangements to send flour by vessel as soon as river opens. Water is currently unnavigable. Inquired about "Little Josiah" and Gen. Lincoln.
August 29, 1798 Articles of Agreement James McHenry [not available] Articles of agreement outlining agreed prices on rations and other articles, outlining expectations for both parties. Contractor to deliver articles to several posts,
August 29, 1798 Articles of agreement regarding supplies between James McHenry and James O'Hara [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement for the provision of supplies between Secretary of War James McHenry and James O'Hara.
August 11, 1792 Request to Publish in the "Maryland Journal & Baltimore Advertizer" Alexander Hamilton Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Enclosed advertisement to contractors seeking to supply rations to U.S. army with specified amounts of rations, payment method, and prices.
February 10, 1798 Contract price of rations for 1797 and 1798 R. J. Heath William Simmons Contract prices of rations Fort Fayette, Fort Massac, Fort Knox, Michilamackanac, Fort Wayne.
September 17, 1796 Suffering for a Want of Flour Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott discusses the measures taken to relieve the want of flour in General Wayne's Army, confusion over shipments.