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August 1, 1798 List of Books and Articles for James Wilkinson. Unknown Author [not available] This is a list of books for James Wilkinson that includes "Adams's Lectures on Natural Philosophy" and a list of articles that includes mustard, cough drops, and rose water.
October 6, 1789 Account of Goods for treating with the Southern Indians. John Meals [not available] Account of goods for treating with the Indians.
August 27, 1793 Advertisement of the Ration Contract for 1794 Treasury Department [not available] Notice is given that proposals will be received by David Henley at Knoxville in the territory southwest of the Ohio for the supply of all rations which may be required for the use of the United States during the year 1794 at the places or within the districts herein mentioned. The rations are to be furnished in such quantities sufficient for the consumption of the troops at such forts or other...
March 30, 1797 Contract between Oliver Wolcott, Jr. and James O'Hara for supplies James O'Hara Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Articles of agreement between Oliver Wolcott, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury, and James O'Hara of Pittsburgh. They have agreed to a covenant in which O'Hara has pledged to deposit supplies and issue rations at designated posts at the specified prices.
January 21, 1800 Advise on Marching Troops Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Alexander Hamilton It was decided b/w Wilkinson and Pinckney that troops should be marched to Harper's Ferry. Some discrepancies over which regiments were under Pinckney's command. Requests directions. Discussed pay and rations and allocation for various ranking officers. Enraged certain officers receive disparate quantities.
December 5, 1795 Regarding Legality of Colonel Reed Selling Liquor to Captain Bissell's troops William Rawle Timothy Pickering Rawle outlines what legal proceedings may be taken against Colonel Reed for selling liquor to Captain Bissell's troops at Presque Isle. The action does not seem to be covered by Section 13, Article 23, of the Articles of War. However, Reed is liable on a number of points: violating an act of the Pennsylvania assembly regarding the sale of rum and spirits; he violating an Act of Congress...
May 15, 1794 Invoice of Military and Quarter Master's Stores Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg Invoice of military and quarter master's stores forwarded to Pittsburgh for the Western Army.
1798 Indian Department to the United States Factory Benjamin Hawkins [not available] A ledger or account of goods and services exchanged between the Indian Department and the United States Factory.
April 29, 1797 Should the U.S. Send another Minister to France after the treatment M. Pickney received [?] James McHenry [not available] Document, discusses whether or not the United States should send another minister to France, after the ill treatment Mr. Pinckney received from the Directorate.
May 13, 1796 Act to Ascertain and Fix the Military Establishment of the United States Congress of the United States [not available] Created standing army of artillerists and engineers. Outlines number and type of officers in each unit. Pay, clothing, food, supplies,
June 24, 1786 Account of General Clark Thomas Clark War Department Account of Colonel Clark's expenditures as commander of the North Carolina Brigade in the Revolutionary War
January 21, 1788 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell discusses the settlements of Colonel Stephen Bayard and Hugh Bradley with John Nicholson.
May 21, 1792 Alliance of the Southern Indians with the Hostile Western Tribes James Seagrove Alexander McGillivray Seagrove informs McGillivray of the positive nature of the negotiations between the United States and the southern tribes. Many of the Creek headmen agree that the activities of William Bowles are subversive in nature and endanger the peace. Seagrove warns particularly of the danger of the southern Indians allying themselves with the hostile western tribes against the US.
July 12, 1798 Sundries for the Frigate "United States" John Harris Captain John Barry A ten-page list of sundries for the Frigate "United States," commanded by Captain John Barry.
September 4, 1800 Articles of Agreement for contracted rations Samuel Dexter Edward Thomson Procurement, contract for rations; describes rations.
May 30, 1798 Order to Arm and Stock Ship for Defense of Cape Henry James McHenry Captain Thomas Truxtun The Secretary of War wants to have as much naval force at sea as soon as possible due to the number of French privateers on the US coast. He hopes that Truxtun is ready to sail, but any articles wanting should be purchased at his present location or at Norfolk. Enclosed are letters to Lt.s Triplett and Dyson with orders. McHenry also encloses instructions for Truxtun from Congress. His cruising...
1794 Account of Articles returned by the Militia on the late Expedition against the Insurgents. Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Stores, list of articles returned by the Militia after the expedition against the Whiskey Rebellion Insurgents.
September 20, 1796 Affairs at Fort Niagara James Bruff William Simmons Report from Fort Niagara on pay and other affairs of the garrison, including the need for improving a road through Indian (Six Nations) lands, an expected dinner with Indian chiefs, state and costs of provisions for the garrison, relations with the nearby British garrison, his need for an allowance for entertainment of British officers, and his need for money to keep buildings in repair. Cited in...