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June 8, 1798 Clothing for the Army Samuel Hodgdon Nathan Jones Hodgdon discusses the hogsheads and boxes of clothing packed for delivery to the Army. The clothing for the 1st regiment will go to Pittsburgh and the clothing for the 2nd regiment will go to Knoxville.
April 30, 1791 Boxes of Clothing Forwarded to Philadelphia William Hill Samuel Hodgdon Statement of boxes of clothing sent to Philadelphia, forwarded by the Amboy Stage.
November 23, 1794 Clothing Sent By Way of Amboy, Etc. Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon Sedam is happy that the the articles he requested are due. He has sent the clothing, including four boxes and one hogshead, by way of Amboy. If there are watch coats in store, he asks Hodgdon to send six for the use of the night guards.
January 8, 1790 Articles of Clothing Needed William Price Henry Knox Price has counted the clothing which was sent to Peekskill by Captain Conklin. The following items are missing and are needed to make up complete suits for the artillery clothing: 1 blanket, 2 pair shoes, 20 stocks, 20 clasps. There are also 3 stocks missing out of the 35 suits of infantry. Price says the boxes do not appear to have been opened on their way to West Point.
June 18, 1788 Provisions and Supplies William Price Henry Knox Discusses various provisions and supplies with the Secretary at War. Acknowledges that he has received his previous letter enclosing the invoice for 134 suits of clothes. Old carriages are being burnt and the iron stored. Mr. Morrow wishes to purchase some of the old cartridge boxes.
June 24, 1793 Shipments of Clothing to Commanders of Corps Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discusses contract for clothing. Gives recommendations on how to ship the clothing to its destinations, respective Corps, along with invoices. Wants to avoid packages shipping without knowledge of contents.
March 19, 1792 100 Suits of Clothing John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War requests that Knox furnish Capt. Ballard Smith with 100 suits of clothing complete having previously inspected same. They should be packed in boxes for transportation to Col. Edward Carrington in Richmond Virginia.
May 29, 1800 Discussion of a Contractor's Continued Manufacture of Cartridge Boxes James McHenry Israel Whelen Discusses the continued manufacture of leather cartouch boxes by a particular contractor.
July 26, 1793 Post Notes and Arms Forwarded Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Per request, post notes forwarded. Requests communication on receipt of money. Arms and armaments forwarded. Cartouch boxes forwarded with all speed.
January 4, 1790 Clothing Recieved, Returns Enclosed William Price Henry Knox Captain Conklin delivered the boxes and cask of clothing to Peekskill, it was brought the rest of the way by Mr. Garrison's sloop. Price forwards in the care of Doctor Hayward the returns of ordnance and quartermasters stores for December 1789. Price repeats his request from December 2, asking that the General send an order for the delivery of articles expended in the public service in the past...
May 15, 1799 Request for Issue of Blocks for Cartouch [Cartridge] Boxes James McHenry John Harris Delivery of 3,000 blocks for cartouch boxes to Hartford, CT.
January 4, 1792 Return of Clothing Wanting for Recruits of Captain Thomas Hughes. Thomas Hughes [not available] Return of clothing, arms and accoutrement used by Capt Hughes' troops of the Second [2nd] US Regiment. Includes woolen overalls, shirts, shoes, blankets, hats, knapsacks, bayonets, belts, cartridge boxes, buckles.
December 20, 1799 Clothing Received, Ammunition Needed Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Reports that the clothing issued to several companies has been successfully received. Mentions a request for ammunition by the 12th Regiment.
October 18, 1798 Only Four Boxes of Glass, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Tench Francis Hodgdon notes that Francis has only mentioned four boxes of glass even though Hodgdon had requisitioned six boxes.
August 27, 1795 Seventeen Boxes of Rifles John Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon Sends Hodgdon seventeen boxes of rifles.
January 10, 1793 Regarding Irregularities in Shipments of Clothing Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig details the shipment of clothing to recipients and addresses correspondence from Captain Henley and General Wilkinson on irregularities in packing up and shipping clothing from Pittsburg to Fort Washington. The boxes were packed in Philadelphia.
December 15, 1791 Clothing for the Troops William Hill Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War encloses two boxes containing articles of clothing for the troops in the service of the United States on board the stage boat Amboy. One box contains 160 pairs of woolen overalls and the other contains 133 pairs of woolen overalls and 499 pairs of woolen socks. A receipt for delivery should be transmitted by post.
January 15, 1799 Reports Cartouche Boxes Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports that there are 15,000 cartouch boxes at various posts. 35,000 are needed to supply 50,000 men. Many returned may not be suitable. Suggests awarding a contract for 40,000 to create a full supply.
May 15, 1794 Clothing & Equipage for Howe's Recruits John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to forward to Trenton, to be delivered to Capt. [Bezaleel] Howe's recruits, the necessary arms, equipage, and clothing. He also should engage the wagons for transporting the baggage of Howe's troops to Pittsburgh.
December 28, 1792 Complaints About Clothing & Pay Not Reaching Wayne's Legion Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox responds to a complaint regarding stores of clothing that never reached the Legion. He assures Wayne that every precaution was taken to ensure that the clothing was delivered appropriately. Complaints regarding the delay in pay for the troops are also addressed.
April 11, 1799 Regarding Manufacture & Inspection of New-Pattern Cartridge Boxes James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Discusses the manufacture and inspection of a large number of new-pattern cartouche boxes and belts.
March 19, 1794 Cartridge Boxes, Etc. Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holt discusses a number of concerns relative to irons, carriages, buildings, and cartridge boxes.
September 8, 1791 Invoice and Bill of Lading William Hill Samuel Hodgdon Statement describing shipment of boxes of artillery clothing and bill of lading describing shipment of casks of powder to be shipped on Sloop Wilmington, Noah Wyeth, Master.
January 23, 1801 Clothing Delivery to Fort Massac and Fort Adams Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig packing clothing for troops at Fort Pickering and Fort Adams which is proving "most troublesome" due to General's instructions. Craig must open and repack all boxes and irregularities still exist. General will not accept office of the Minister of War if it was offered to him.
May 29, 1799 Notification of Shipment of Cartridge Boxes James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Notifies Wadsworth of the shipment of 3000 cartouche block boxes