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January 27, 1796 Cease the Reduction of Copper Bolts Timothy Pickering Henry Jackson Pickering directs a halt in reducing copper bolts because this practice may result in spoiling the temper of the bolts.
August 10, 1796 Direction on the proper use and sizes of bolts for frigate construction [not available] George Claghorn Appears to be guidance on the appropriate sizes of bolts for frigate building. If no copper bolts of the proper size can be found, they may be made from the cuttings of the large bolts.
April 22, 1795 Regarding the Procurement of Bolts for Shipbuilding at Baltimore Timothy Pickering Joshua Humphreys Pickering states that Mr. Francis will be asking Humphreys about the quantity of bolts [presumably for the building of a frigate] that must be sent to Baltimore. Comments that the contracted smiths may not lower their price; if this occurs, it will be necessary to obtain the needed bolts directly from the stores in Philadelphia.
March 7, 1796 Reports Discrepancies in Bolts Ordered and Bolts Delivered Caleb Gibbs Samuel Hodgdon Reports discrepancies between butt bolts delivered and timber bolts requested. Cannot return timber bolts unless all cases, casks, and boxes are opened and assorted. If the cases of sheet copper are opened, it will be impossible to get them back into their boxes. The only statement he could obtain was from the Custom House with the ship's manifest. Refers to bunting received.
February 12, 1796 Circular Letter from the War Office to the Constructors of 44-gun Frigates on use of copper bolts [not available] [not available] Pickering informs the naval constructors of 44 gun frigates that lower fullocks to the floor timbers to be secured with copper bolts instead of iron; and lower bolts of the middle fullocks will also be of copper. Copper bolts to be nearest in size to those ordered of iron.
April 27, 1795 Inquiry Into Naval Ships' Floor Bolts Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, discusses floor bolts for ships; asks for info regarding Frigate floor bolts.
January 27, 1796 Letter fromTimothy Pickering demanding a stop to the reducing of copper bolts [not available] Henry Jackson Pickering orders naval agent Jackson to stop reducing the copper bolts. It is too expensive, is not necessary, and risks spoiling the temper of the bolts.
February 15, 1796 Circular Letter from the War Office to the Constructors of 44-gun Frigates [not available] [not available] Copper bolts used to secure lower fullocks to the floor timbers instead of iron because of the possibility of corrosion from bilge water.
March 1, 1796 On the manner of securing floor timbers to the frigate keel using copper bolts [not available] David Stodder Discusses methods of securing floor timbers to the keel with large copper bolts.
February 2, 1796 Circular Letter from the War Office to Naval Agents Ordering a Stop to the Reduction of Copper Bolts War Department Naval Agents for frigate construction Pickering orders that the reducing of copper bolts be stopped. He asks for an accounting of copper bolt reduction in the past from the respective naval agents.
March 22, 1798 Estimate of Copper Required for Sheathing Vessels By Ton Joshua Humphreys Tench Francis Letter, describes quantity of copper needed for vessels by tonnage.
July 26, 1798 Copper Bolts to Tench Francis James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon or Harris is directed to deliver the copper bolts that were left on the frigate and belong to the Navy to Tench Francis who will have them reduced to the proper size and delivered to the storekeeper of the Navy.
May 5, 1796 Regarding machine for driving bolts through deadwood and keel of frigate [not available] George Claghorn Discusses ship construction, and draught of a bolt-driving machine made use of byJoshua Humphreys for driving bolts through the deadwood and keel of the frigate. Machine will drive bolts of different diameters with great facility and certainty. Copy to be sent to each naval constructor.
October 18, 1796 Discussion of Ironwork & Bolts for Frigate, & Frigate for Dey of Algiers Tench Francis Josiah Fox Procurement, discusses terms of iron work for Frigate; discusses Frigate for Dey of Algiers; discusses charge for cutting bolts.
March 9, 1797 Request to deliver copper bolts to Joseph and Samuel Sterret, naval agents at Baltimore [not available] William Pennock Norfolk Naval Agent William Pennock is asked to deliver 1000 feet of copper bolts of 1 1/3 inch diameter to Baltimore naval agents Samuel and Joseph Sterret for the use of the frigate Constellation.
January 18, 1795 Weekly return of men working in the New York Navy Yard; men have been employed in other jobs Captain Silas Talbot Timothy Pickering Return of men employed the past week at the New York naval yard and materials received since the last letter; for want of proper bolts the keel is unfinished and some men have been employed at other duties.
March 15, 1796 Instructions on the manner of securing floor timbers [not available] George Claghorn Instructions provided on the manner of securing the floor timbers with copper bolts.
July 5, 1796 Fireplaces and Square Bolts [not available] George Claghorn Presumably from Joshua Humphreys. Enclosed is a draught of one of the small fireplaces used under the cistern for boiling the plank at the Philadelphia yard; a simple design. Iron bolts have square heads because cheapest to manufacture. Requests that unless already rounded, leave alone and conform to instructions.
May 18, 1795 Request for Information Regarding Dockyard Machine Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information re dock yard machine; discusses ship moulds.
April 22, 1795 Meeting with Mr King on the matter of reducing copper Timothy Pickering Tench Francis Mr King will reduce the large copper. Terms of payment discussed. Mr King can reduce the copper bolts at Baltimore. Discusses how much copper should be forwarded.
May 23, 1797 Request for canvas bolts and anchors for USS Constellation at Baltimore [not available] Henry Jackson Request that naval agent Henry Jackson send American made canvas bolts and small anchors to Samuel and Joseph Sterret, naval agents at Baltimore for the USS Constellation. Expresses desire that all sails for frigates be American made. Will order remainder of kentledge and copper for the pintles of braces, and fire engines for USS Constitution. Hemp will be delivered to replace that destroyed by...
May 6, 1797 Discussion of Frigate Construction Materials: Copper Sheathing & Live Oak Timber Josiah Fox [not available] Letter, discusses coppering Frigate; mentions live oak for Frigate.
April 27, 1795 Discussion of Frigate Bolting Timbers Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Letter, discusses bolting timbers in 44 gun Frigates.
July 10, 1794 Materials for fortifications at Baltimore Samuel Dodge Henry Knox Transmits to the Secretary of War a statement of materials brought to the fortifications and barracks at Baltimore. Includes timber, plank, shingles, shovels, casks of powder, gun carriages, picks, axes, crowbars, wheelbarrows, nails, locks, and bolts.
June 23, 1794 Information on military stores Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Treasury Secretary Hamilton transmits to Knox a list of articles which will be required for the equipment of each of the 44 gun ships. The heavy cannon and shot have already been requested; twelve pounders will hereafter be more specifically stated. The military stores will in due season be fully specified. The object of the transmission at present is to enable Knox to determine which of the...