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May 27, 1791 Request for Boats Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reiterates request for boats to transport men and supplies down Ohio River.
April 25, 1791 Transportation and Costs Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Need for boats to transport men and supplies down the Ohio river. Expenditures for various missions discussed.
October 28, 1796 Transportation Isaac Craig James McHenry Money to be applied to pay for troops on upper posts of the Ohio river. McClary's detachment furnished with one year's worth of clothing and traveled with Ellicott down the Ohio river. Due to insufficient nature of transportation previously offered to Ellicott he received additional boats from public stores. Mentioned that charges should go on Spanish treaty account. Noted that horses are...
June 11, 1793 Request for Men to Defend Packet Boats Henry Knox Lieutenant Col. Clarke Request for military escorts for three boats to navigate the Ohio river granted by President on the condition that they transport goods, letters, and packets for the military from Fort Washington to Pittsburgh.
December 9, 1796 Travel on Ohio River Isaac Craig James McHenry Enclosed general return of ordnance, Quartermaster, and Hospital stores and clothing . Weather conditions on the Ohio river have prevented over 100 boats at various locations from descending the river.
May 3, 1793 Report on troops under Major General Wayne Isaac Craig Henry Knox Troops under Major General Anthony Wayne embarked in good order for Fort Washington, in high spirits, with boats well fitted for transportation. Should reach Fort Washington in six days.
September 8, 1791 Transportation to Head Quarters, Indian Activity Isaac Craig Henry Knox Troops to descend Ohio River for Headquarters shortly. Indians are quiet, some are confirmed to "be in the neighborhood."
September 13, 1791 Transportation of Troops, Stores Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Description of what companies arrived and when. Boats unloaded, stores present did not match invoice. Mentioned arrival of Kickapoo chiefs, visiting their wives who are held prisoner. Troops to advance tomorrow.
May 10, 1790 Indian Depredations Samuel Eddins Henry Knox Orders received. Updates on supplies. Latest intelligence stated Indians came up Ohio river and took nine boats.
May 26, 1792 Ledger of contractors obligated to provide river boats Isaac Craig [not available] This document is a ledger consisting of builders that have been contracted to provide river boats. See document notes
July 27, 1789 Cost of Transportation Between Posts Captain Joseph Brant Gilles Fondie A list of payments for transportation of articles between posts.
December 2, 1794 Boats for Transport Henry Knox Isaac Craig Directs readiness of boats for detachment going down Ohio. Mentioned Commissary's post.
June 17, 1791 Safe Transport of Materials Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Speedy transport of building materials, workmen, horses, and men across river now safe for campaign on frontier.
December 9, 1787 Account of People Emigrating to Kentucky Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Lists numbers of people, boats, horses, wagons, cattle, sheep, and hogs passing along the river bound for Kentucky.
May 31, 1791 Information on Kentucky Boats Isaac Craig [not available] A list of 64 Kentucky boats including the suppliers, dimensions, and purpose of the boats.
October 16, 1796 Transportation and Forwarded Materials Isaac Craig James McHenry Packet of letters sent forward to War Office under care of W. Christy. Notification of Quartermaster General's resignation.
August 18, 1797 Transportation of Provisions Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Letter with invoices for stores at Fort Massac received. Powder sent to Fort Washington and have boats ready to transport stores to Massac. Box containing duck tone and steelyards not yet found.
October 13, 1797 Transportation to Fort Massac Isaac Craig James McHenry Will forward letter under confidential express along with order to boatmen transporting medicine to Fort Massac to continue on under the direction of the commanding officer of Fort Massac. Boats ready to transport detachment and their baggage to Fort Massac.
February 3, 1797 Transportation on River Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon River becoming navigable will ship off stores shortly. Mentioned death of Red Pole.
May 10, 1793 Outfitting of Boats; the Work of Pilot Denis Ferris Isaac Craig James O'Hara Reports on fitting of boats at Legion Ville. Mentions Major McCully and taking charge of the boats at Wheeling. Directed Major Finley to give Denis Ferris charge of the boats and send them forward. Praises the work of the diminutive Ferris as a boatman and pilot.
May 27, 1796 Enclosed Returns and Advice on Storage Isaac Craig James McHenry Enclosed return of stores at the Quartermaster's and Ordnance Department. Other financial documents enclosed. Advised sale of Kentucky boats and construction of store house at Le Boeuf.
November 30, 1798 Weather Conditions and River Transportation Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Water conditions, completing construction of vessel, and movement of troops.
July 7, 1787 Reports Activities of Indians, Contractors, Settlers on Kentucky Shore Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Refers to fear of Indian attack on the Miami. Will save public money by conducting operations on water rather than land. Describes different types of boats in use. Will overtake Captain Zeigler. Transportation of goods along the rivers requires guards. Reports arrival of Captain Ferguson with supplies for the troops. Expresses concern about necessary provisions and their contractors, and hopes...
April 21, 1792 Discusses Expense of Horses and Transportation in Kentucky James O'Hara Henry Knox Discusses number of horses required for the western counties of Kentucky and the expense of transportation.
March 15, 1792 Hodgdon discusses military stores with Major Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon discusses the procurement of suitable river boats and clothing to be sent to Major Craig at Fort Pitt. Hodgdon also discusses the resignation of Major Zeigler.