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June 18, 1800 Authorization for New Boat Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Issued a new boat for Fort Mifflin to be under Captain Meminger. Current boat used for transport deemed dangerous to people and provisions.
June 28, 1794 Appointment as Constructor and Master Builder Henry Knox Joshua Humphreys Knox appoints Humphreys Constructor and Master Builder of a forty-four gun ship to be built in Philadelphia, with a compensation of two thousand dollars annually. The compensation is backdated to May due to Humphreys' work on drafts and models for the ship.
February 20, 1800 [COPY] Enclosed AccountsKMC Alexander Hamilton Staats Morris Enclosed account of barge builder and the original order of Hamilton to build the barge. Requested Miller make a draft on the Branch Bank so Morris could pay the builder.
December 13, 1792 Request for Boat and Military Escorts for Judges Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Boat on loan now lost, request for new boat to be delivered to Cincinnati. Judicial circuits and discrepancy with Gen. Wilkinson discussed in detail.
August 4, 1791 A Minor Accident, Etc. Major General Richard Butler Henry Knox Amongst other matters, General Butler reports on an accident in which a boat struck a rock. The only injury is to the boat.
June 28, 1794 Appointment of Joshua Humphreys as Constructor or Master Builder at the Port of Philadelphia Henry Knox Joshua Humphreys Knox informs Joshua Humphreys of his appointment as Constructor or Master Builder of a 44 gun frigate at the port of Philadelphia at the rate of $2000 per year. Pay retroactive in consideration of Humphreys' work adjusting models and draughts. [Frigate would become the USS United States.]
February 20, 1800 Letter from Commander at Fort McHenry Staats Morris James Miller Captain Staats Morris transmits the accounts of the builder of the barge and the original order of Major General Alexander Hamilton authorize him to procure one. The new barge has the exact dimensions of the old barge.
April 29, 1799 Send My Company's Arms by the Burlington Stage Boat Joseph McIlvaine Samuel Hodgdon McIlvaine of the Burlington Volunteers asks that the arms to be provided to his company be sent by Capt. Myers' stage boat as quickly as possible.
December 24, 1800 Replacement for sunken boat Samuel Dexter Ebenezer Jackson Dexter directs Jackson to procure a small boat for use on the Savannah River by Captain Robeson. It is to replace a sunken boat.
January 18, 1799 Report on Weather, Transportation; Boat to Natchez is Safe Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reports that the boat destined for the Natchez is safe. The river is open although navigation is impeded by ice, which should soon clear. Reports that the Quartermaster General is making estimates.
May 14, 1795 Recommendation for Assistant Constructor Timothy Pickering William Pennock Recommendation for Josiah Fox, mentioned his work with Mr. Humphreys building frigates for the Navy Department. Fox will replace Mr. Morgan as Assistant Constructor in the construction of the frigate to be built in Norfolk.
July 19, 1794 Letter from Henry Knox to William Pennock regarding duties as Naval Agent Henry Knox William Pennock Knox provides Pennock with general instructions as Naval Agent. Secretary of Treasury will furnish instructions on purchase of certain articles. Will work with master builder Mr Morgan, who is currently overseeing the cutting of timber in South Carolina and Georgia. Once this is finished, repair to Portsmouth New Hampshire. Asks for the price at which journeymen, shipwrights and blacksmiths may...
November 22, 1793 Boat in Readiness; Dispatches to Major General Wayne; Pay Matters War Department Isaac Craig Have boat in constant readiness to receive dispatches for Major General Wayne. Captain Crawford to provide guard for boat. Discusses Joseph Howell and pay of troops.
August 25, 1794 Payment Isaac Craig Major John Belli Heffernon traveling by Kentucky boat loaded with oats to settle debts owed. Inclosed invoice for oats. Orders to pay R. Graham, hand of board boat.
July 12, 1797 Regarding request for extra boat for frigate Constitution Josiah Fox Captain Samuel Nicholson Request for extra boat is denied on grounds that such an indulgence would have to be granted to all the other Captains of the frigates.
May 23, 1798 Request for Boat & Crew to Attend USS Ganges James McHenry Captain John Barry Requests that Barry have a boat and crew prepared to take McHenry to the USS Ganges [about to set sail against the French].
January 25, 1799 Expresses Concern for Destroyed Boat with Salvaged Cargo Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Expresses concern for loss of boat, but happy to hear the cargo is safe. Hopes that Sargent's articles will arrive safely and speedily. Public concerns are in motion although no decisions have been made. Prepared to send supplies for the Quartermaster department.
June 28, 1794 Appointment of Joshua Humphreys as Naval Constructor or Master Builder Henry Knox Joshua Humphreys Letter signed by Henry Knox addressed to Joshua Humphreys. Humphreys is appointed naval constructor or master builder of a forty four gun ship [the USS United States] to be built at the port of Philadelphia. Rate of compensation $2000 per year, commencing 1 May 1794 for incessant application of public interest in adjusting the principles of the ships, drawing drafts and making models.
August 8, 1794 Frigate construction at Norfolk Henry Knox Captain Richard Dale Secretary Knox asks Captain Richard Dale of the U.S. Navy to depart for Norfolk immediately in order to commence the building of the frigates. John Morgan has been appointed constructor of the frigate, but he may be delayed. Captain Dale is therefore asked to work with agent William Pennock to find a builder.
July 16, 1794 Instructions for Naval Agent Jeremiah Yellot at Baltimore Henry Knox Jeremiah Yellot Knox forwards instructions to Naval Agent Jeremiah Yellot. Notes that Secretary of Treasury will forward instructions on purchase of articles. Asks if a master builder with sufficient skill can be obtained at Baltimore. Describes pay scale between $1400 and $2000 per year.
July 14, 1797 Status of Supplies Lost in Sunken Boat Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter and packages received, will be examined shortly. Deplores loss of supplies that were damaged or sunk with boat traveling up Allegheny.
January 27, 1797 Transportation of Provisions Isaac Craig James Lang Orders to deliver oakum to E. Kirk for boat building. Requested Lang send a Kentucky boat loaded with oats and corn as soon as ice permits. Requested Lang make an inquiry into the mill stone Craig agreed to purchase from N. Chalfant.
June 19, 1795 Invoice of Stores, Attack on Ohio Mail Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Enclosed invoice for sundry articles requested with prices list. Report of an attack on the mail boat by Indians, the commander of the boat was killed.
May 18, 1795 Improvements to Ship Design Timothy Pickering David Stodder Notification that Pickering has asked all builders to submit new ideas for improvements to frigate design. Noted Mr. Humphreys possible protests to the changes, Pickering mentioned that he would remind Humphreys of his place and that Stodder was the owner of the navy yard and master builder. Requested Stodder's ideas for improvements.
August 25, 1797 Delivery of Boat Supplies James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver oars, sail, mast and sprit for Commandant's boat at Fort Mifflin.