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May 14, 1794 Building Blocks Houses and Maintaining Militia Henry Knox George Mathews Building of block houses by garrisons along border to commence for protection of U.S. lands. Requests documentation of muster and pay.
August 29, 1795 Block Houses & Garrisons at Franklin & Le Beouf Thomas Mifflin Timothy Pickering Pending approval by the Pennsylvania State Legislature of the cession of land, Governor Mifflin gives his support for the erection of block houses and garrisons at Fort Franklin and Fort Le Boeuf.
November 24, 1792 President's Opinion on Frontier Protection Henry Knox Henry Lee Discussed President's opinion for protecting frontier using Block Houses and how to staff them. Updates on General Wayne.
January 25, 1793 Returns of Ordnance and Military Stores; the Matter of Craig's Compensation Henry Knox Isaac Craig Received returns of ordnance and military stores. Asks for monthly returns. Addresses Craig's rate of compensation. Does not believe Craig entitled to separate compensation for erection of block houses at Pittsburg. Notes that a public officer should have a fixed and known compensation.
January 28, 1794 Two Houses For Sale Jonathan Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon Nicholson announces that the price for his two houses at the corner of Chestnut and Tenth Streets is eight thousand pounds cash. The lots are large and back up to George Street. The stables and coach houses are constructed so as to be easily converted to three dwelling houses.
January 27, 1792 Orders to Supply Block House Henry Knox Isaac Craig Discussed works being built at Fort Pitt; mentions delays in sending Cass's troops.
June 13, 1798 Defending the City and Harbor of New York James McHenry Military Committee of New York City McHenry discusses the details of the proposed defenses of the port of New York.
February 15, 1797 Enclosing a memorandum on British block house James McHenry Robert Liston Encloses a memorandum on the construction of a British block house in American territory.
January 15, 1792 Sketch of Block House Isaac Craig Henry Knox Enclosed sketch of newly completed block house and other buildings with full description of size, location, and plan for additional buildings.
August 10, 1796 Absolute Need of a Block of Timber for the Mint Elias Boudinot Samuel Hodgdon The Director of the Mint has indicated that public business is delayed because the Mint is in need of a block of timber with dimensions that are not readily available. However, a block of timber has been located in the War Department that would suit the Mint's need perfectly. Hodgdon is asked to look into this matter and, if possible, surrender same to the Mint.
September 14, 1792 Approved Roads for Travel William Blount Little Turkey the Glass, Bloody Fellow and John Watts have stopped the party of warriors from the five lower towns from waging war against the United States. Blount notified Little Turkey that he would erect block houses in "this district" and in Cumberland for the protection of the white settlers. Advised any Indians traveling to U.S. lands use Maj. Craig's public roads to prevent mistaken identity as...
January 27, 1792 Updates on Construction at Fort Pitt Henry Knox Isaac Craig Extract Letter, discusses works being built at Fort Pitt; mentions delays in sending troops.
November 13, 1791 Additional Houses John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon The present buildings, independent ot those holding public stores, will not contain more than twenty men. Four or five additional houses therefore must be built. Armstrong has directed the logs to be cut so if Hodgdon can furnish a [?] for two or three days the houses can be completed. Two or more carpenters might be necessary.
February 15, 1797 Memorandum on the construction of a British block house James McHenry [not available] Memorandum on the construction of a British block house in American territory.
March 10, 1797 On the houses and sheds hired for storage at Gosport [not available] William Pennock Houses and sheds hired by Mr. Morris for stores for frigate to be built at Gosport are of no service to public. Therefore, have the stores deposited to navy yard. Inform as to terms houses and shed were rented.
January 5, 1792 Updates on Building Block House Isaac Craig Henry Knox Explained problems that have postponed building block house.
October 10, 1792 Indian Attacks William Blount Henry Knox Received news on attack upon Buchanan's station, relayed details of attack and Indian movement since that time. Settlers of Cumberland in good spirits while erecting block houses and stockades to protect from Indian attacks.
December 24, 1791 Burnham resigns his commission to Knox John Burnham Henry Knox Letter, alludes to St. Clair's campaign defeat; advises Knox of resignation; alludes to Ohio land company, Scioto company. Burnham had been sent to Gallipolis to oversee construction of log houses and block houses for the French settlers known as the "French Five Hundred."
September 13, 1792 Misunderstanding of Talks William Blount Glass Glad to hear chiefs sent young warriors from the five lower towns back home after they had declared war on United States. Blount planned to keep some soldiers at block houses along the border to protect white settlers from hostile Creeks. Believed there was a misunderstanding of Gen. Robertson's speech given to Codeatoy, and the beating of White Man-Killer by white people.
November 11, 1796 Duties With Respect to the Indian Trading Houses James McHenry John Harris Instructions given by McHenry to John Harris that define Harris's duties as Keeper of Military Stores, particularly as they relate to the Indian Trading Houses.
February 15, 1797 [Memorndum] British Block House James McHenry [not available] British block house between Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.
November 4, 1796 Addressed to Tellico Block House James McHenry James Byers "Tellico Block House in the care of David Henley."
April 10, 1788 Sale of Barracks on Constitution Island, Returns of Stores William Price Henry Knox Price received Knox's letter regarding the buildings on Constitution Island. Price inspected the barracks and agreed to sell four-fifths of it to Mr. Salman, but has not yet allowed him to remove the building because he had no money to pay down. Salman will write Knox regarding an extension of three month's credit. Mr Bunn currently resides in the barracks and owns the land, and he has asked to...
May 29, 1799 Notification of Shipment of Cartridge Boxes James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Notifies Wadsworth of the shipment of 3000 cartouche block boxes
December 5, 1796 Accounts of the Trading Houses with the Indian Tribes James McHenry James Byers Enclosed are forms established by the Treasury Department for the governing of agents or factors in keeping their accounts, specifically those appointed under the Act of Congress entitled "An act for establishing trading-houses with the Indian tribes."