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September 1, 1796 Contract for construction of 36 gun frigate by James Hackett James McHenry Josiah Fox McHenry informs Fox that contract for construction of 36 gun frigate will be assigned to James Hackett, who should begin making preparations. Expectation is ten months to completion. Has communicated with Secretary of Treasury. Discusses terms of contract. Timbers will come from existing public inventory. Discusses means of assessing value of timbers through disinterested agents. Asks to inform...
February 7, 1800 Certification of payment; Israel Chapin, Deputy Agent for the Six Nations of Indians William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $5185.43 to Israel Chapin, Deputy Agent for the Six Nations of Indians, for salary, articles purchased, tinsmiths, blacksmiths, annuities, building a house at Canandaigua New York, goods received from John Harris military storekeeper.
June 9, 1794 Additional Funds Required for Fortifications, Advice on Frigate Henry Knox Henry Lee Maj. Rivardi stated additional funds required to properly fortify Norfolk. Request for personal opinion on practicality of building a frigate at Norfolk.
January 12, 1801 List of Cash Vouchers for the Expenses of Brigadier Wilkinson, His Family, and Suite [not available] [not available] List of cash vouchers for the expenses of Brigadier General Wilkinson, his family, his suite, and a party of Dragoons traveling from Washington City to Pittsburgh in December 1800. As managed by Captain Campbell Smith.
January 20, 1797 Sundries Received by the Builder of the Frigate for the Mediterranean Service Edmund H. Quincy Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed return of sundries received from the contractor, James Hackett, for the construction of a frigate built for Mediterranean service. Notification that Hackett gave a receipt to Jacob Sheafe, naval agent, for the timber; plank, and bearings.
June 20, 1792 Outlines Quartermaster Responsibilities and Western Activity James O'Hara Henry Knox Outlines responsibilities of Quartermaster General staff and the high quality of articles furnished by their department. Discusses arrangements at western posts and the state of the garrisons. Plans to retain Major Craig as quartermaster general of the post. Requests instructions on blacksmiths, carpenters, and wheelwrights. Awaits instructions on state of frontier. Refers to Campbell's contract.
October 4, 1796 Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, Chapin informs McHenry of division of Six Nations annuity; informs re goods for Six Nations.
July 19, 1794 Letter from Henry Knox to William Pennock regarding duties as Naval Agent Henry Knox William Pennock Knox provides Pennock with general instructions as Naval Agent. Secretary of Treasury will furnish instructions on purchase of certain articles. Will work with master builder Mr Morgan, who is currently overseeing the cutting of timber in South Carolina and Georgia. Once this is finished, repair to Portsmouth New Hampshire. Asks for the price at which journeymen, shipwrights and blacksmiths may...
February 5, 1799 Certification of payments; Israel Chapin, Agent for Six Nations of Indians for laborers, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, medical assistance William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; Israel Chapin, Agent for Six Nations of Indians for laborers, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, medical assistance for 1798, including construction of a church, and a grist mill for the Oneida Indians
June 9, 1791 Supplies and Defense of the Frontier Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Arrival and location of materials and supplies for campaign west to establish posts. Noted status of regular troops called up to defend frontier.
February 2, 1797 Estimate for cost of developing a navy yard and purchase of land in Georgia for live oak and red cedar cultivation [not available] Josiah Parker Estimate includes the cost of land within 15 or 20 miles of large city; wharf; mould; stores; blacksmith shop; sheds; annual supply of live oak and red cedar. Estimate of land to provide timber supply. Purchase of an island is suggested on the St. Mary's River at coastal Georgia.
[not available] Speech to the Senecas at Buffalo Creek Israel Chapin Jr Seneca Chiefs Chapin has been in Philadelphia attending the Seneca's business. Phelps will make his payment within a month and a half. Phelps and others plan to settle near Presque Isle, but Chapin told them they must meet with the Indians first. There are goods for the Indians ready to be taken. The Quakers in Philadelphia want to come to the Seneca and teach the children to read and write, teach agriculture,...
April 13, 1796 Estimate of expenditures in Quartermaster's department, Pittsburg for second quarter of 1796 Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Estimate for expenditure in the Quarter Master's Department at the Port of Pittsburgh and its dependencies during the second quarter of the year 1796.
April 5, 1799 Rules and Regulations Respecting the Recruting Service James McHenry [not available] These are the thirty seven rules and regulations for the recruiting service including the prohibition of recruiting individuals who are intoxicated or who are Negroes, Mulattoes, or Indians. Included is a sample of an enlistment document.
December 20, 1794 Naval armament Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue discusses in detail the preparation for provisions, materials, supplies, and labor in the naval armament, and the construction of frigates.
December 22, 1794 Letter from the Revenue Office concerning naval armament Tench Coxe Henry Knox This letter notifies the Secretary at War that public advertisements have been issued for the procurement of naval armaments. The letter also outlines the contractual relationships for the construction of frigates in six port cities.
March 10, 1795 Israel Chapin Jr. discusses Indian affairs since the death of General Chapin Israel Chapin Jr Timothy Pickering Letter, informs Pickering of General Israel Chapin's death; alludes to Treaty of Greenville; discusses Indian life; asks for advice handling Indian applications; discusses Treaty enforcement.
February 21, 1799 Answering the Charges Brought Against Me John Jacob Rivardi Tobias Lear Rivardi responds in detail to Capt. Bruff's charges against him.
June 8, 1796 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, describes goods for Six Nations annuity; alludes to Treaty of 1794; discusses Indians and Indian life; informs re Britsh preparations to leave Niagara garrison; mentions free passage of boats.
October 31, 1797 Description of Progress on Frigates United States & Constitution, And Their Equipment & Manning Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, describes progress on Frigates United States and Constitution; mentions disease; discusses equipping & manning Frigate; mentions Congress.
December 6, 1791 A Plan to Civilize the Indians Reverend Samuel Kirkland Henry Knox Kirkland described the plan to civilize the Indians. Details of the duties of the Indian Superintendent and school masters, and discussed the means to support the school house. He also mentioned the education of Indian boys and recommended a school for Indian girls. Specifically noted the success of the villages will depend upon the exclusion of liquor from the trading posts.
May 20, 1798 Letter to the Secretary at War on expeditures of Naval appropriations Captain Thomas Truxtun James McHenry Truxtun discusses frigate construction with McHenry. He anticipated that the costs of the three frigates would be immense. Notes that he advised against building of naval armament to the southward of Philadelphia. Secretary Knox indicated that he believed that ships built to the southward would cost 25 percent more, but President Washington was willing to experiment in order to ascertain where...
May 12, 1786 Report from West Point on Quartermaster Affairs, Garrison Affairs, Equipment Upkeep, & Artificers' Work William Price Henry Knox Report on Quartermaster affairs and business at the West Point Army garrison; discusses repair of muskets; hiring of a carpenter; manufacture of nails; oiling of arms; reports forwarding inventories of ordnance and military stores; list of equipment forwarded.
February 20, 1798 Reply of the President of the United States as issued by the Secretary of War James McHenry [not available] Document, Reply of President Adams to Little Turtle. President thanks the Great Spirit and has seriously deliberated on what Little Turtle has said. Is satisfied with sentiments expressed respecting treaty with General Anthony Wayne. Discusses difficulty of altering boundaries. Mentions Treaty of Greeneville. President will write to Governor of Territory, General St. Clair, to put a stop to the...
September 4, 1796 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, discusses Indian murdered at Venango; discusses legal precedent for murdered Indian; discusses preemption rights of State of New York; discusses state rights and the Federal government; discusses Indian welfare; describes increase in Indian murder rate; describes dependance on annuities; describes account of murder.