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September 3, 1798 Invoice & Bill of Lading Came Safe to Hand Samuel Eddins Samuel Hodgdon The invoice and bill of lading have come safe to hand and the articles listed in the invoice are in good order. The Captain was given a receipt on the back of his bill of lading.
April 23, 1799 Bill of lading for pieces of kentledge Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon Encloses a bill of lading of seventeen pieces of kentledge shipped on board Capt. Jackson's schooner "Weymouth" in the harbor of New York and bound for Philadelphia.
April 5, 1792 Bill of Lading from Melactin Smith [not available] [not available] Bill of lading from merchant Melancton Smith of New York to General Knox. Letter refers to a transaction of freight with Capt George Fleming.
August 14, 1793 Bill of Lading John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon Habersham acknowledges receipt of a bill of lading for packages shipped on board the schooner "Friendship", John Patton, Master.
September 26, 1795 Difference between the Amount Counted & the Bills of Lading John Harris Samuel Hodgdon The lead transported on board Captain Gardner's sloop "Pomona" and Captain Daggot's sloop "Heziah" is received. The pigs and bars have been weighed and counted and there appears to be a significant difference between the amount counted and the amount shown on the bill of lading. The bill of lading for each vessel is shown.
September 8, 1799 Bill of Lading of Two Brass Field Pieces Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War has directed Lewis to enclose the bill of lading of two brass field pieces, six-pounders (condemned) for Hodgdon to take the measure of upon their arrival.
October 4, 1798 Withholding Payment Until Bill of Lading is Produced William Douglass Samuel Hodgdon Nathan Jones has written respecting the freight of the goods sent in the sloop "Trimmer" to Wilmington. Hodgdon has stated that the money will not be paid until the Bill of Lading is produced. Douglass requests that payment be suspended until either the owner of the sloop, Joseph Cooper, or Douglass himself is consulted
June 4, 1800 Acknowledgement of State of Account, & Sending of Last Shipment of Military Stores Jeremiah Wadsworth William Simmons Acknowledges receipt of Simmons' recent letter concerning the amount he will be paid, and informs him that the final shipment of goods has been sent off, enclosing a bill of lading to prove it.
March 8, 1797 Bill of Lading Form for Coffee & Indigo Shipment George Morton Samuel Hodgdon Bill of lading form authorizing the purchase of coffee and indigo in France.
September 8, 1791 Invoice and Bill of Lading William Hill Samuel Hodgdon Statement describing shipment of boxes of artillery clothing and bill of lading describing shipment of casks of powder to be shipped on Sloop Wilmington, Noah Wyeth, Master.
July 21, 1798 Acknowledging Receipt of Articles Samuel Hodgdon Captain Amos Stoddert Stoddert is asked to acknowledge receipt of the articles in the enclosed invoice and bill of lading;
June 27, 1798 Entitling the Vessel to Her Freight Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Eddins Capt. Eddins is asked to confirm that the articles sent to him match what is listed on the invoice and bill of lading so that the vessel will be entited to her freight.
June 11, 1798 Stores for the Ship "Constitution" Samuel Hodgdon Henry Jackson Enclosed is an invoice and a bill of lading for stores to be delivered to the ship "Constitution."
September 4, 1796 Uncertainty Regarding the Number of Bars of Lead Ebenezer Breed Samuel Hodgdon This letter covers Hodgdon's invoice and bill of lading for the lead. The bill of lading specifies the number of bars but there is some uncertainty as to the exact number because of the indifference of the man who counted them. The Truckmen are sure that their number is correct but the Wright on board the Pomona will undoubtedly agree with the Captain and the invoice
June 24, 1800 Notification of the Sending of Final Shipment of Cartridge Boxes; Discussion of Account Jeremiah Wadsworth James McHenry Mentions that he has sent off the last shipment of cartridge boxes & belts he was employed to procure, as shown in an enclosed bill of lading [not included]. Discusses his account with the War Department.
March 28, 1793 Bill of Lading Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a bill of lading for 400 half-barrels of powder received from West Point and shipped on board the New York packet under Captain Dunn to Hodgdon under the direction of the Secretary of War.
December 5, 1798 Articles of Clothing & Military Stores Samuel Hodgdon Amos Stoddard Articles of clothing and military stores are being sent to Stoddard's address. The receipt should be on the bill of lading which will enable the captain [of the vessel] to receive payment of his freight.
July 17, 1798 Concerning an invoice for muskets and ammunition John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon Discusses invoice and bill of lading for muskets and ammunition delivered on the Schooner John.
April 5, 1796 Seeks to Acquaint Hodgdon with Col. Gaither; Bill of Lading John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon Did not receive Hodgdon's previous letter from December until just now because it was on a vessel carried into North Carolina where it sprung a leak and was detained. Refers to Col. Gaither in command at St. Marys, and Habersham hopes to acquaint him with Hodgdon. Refers to bill of lading.
June 18, 1798 Sundries to be Forwarded to the Troops at West Point Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Enclosed is a bill of lading for articles that are to be forwarded to the commanding officer of the troops at West Point.
November 23, 1789 Delivery of Powder Edward Jones Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed bill for powder and delivery information of several orders for powder.
June 18, 1798 Sundry Articles for the Six Nations of Indians Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Enclosed is a Bill of Lading for sundry articles to be shipped to Michael Houdin at Albany and by him transported to Israel Chapin for the use of the Six Nations of Indians as their annual annuity.
September 4, 1795 Bill of Lading for Lead on Board Two Vessels Ebenezer Breed Samuel Hodgdon Due to an error there is one load of lead more than Breed was charged. The fact that the lead was loaded on board two vessels instead of one affects the bills of lading but both vessels will still arrive together which means they can be unloaded at the same time.
November 10, 1792 Receipt of Box of Shoes and Invoice for Same John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon Letter from John Habersham (Agent for the supply of troops in Georgia) to Samuel Hodgdon acknowledging receipt of letter dated Sept 29th and enclosed invoice and bill of lading for one box of shoes for the troops of Georgia.
November 15, 1800 Bill of Lading for Military Stores Shipped from Richmond to Philadelphia Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Hodgdon certifies removal of public property done under his direction and instructions with approbation of Secretary of War