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January 16, 1799 Draft of a Bill for a Provisional Army Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton sends his draft of a bill providing for a provisional army. Such a bill should explain a fundamental arrangement so that subsequent bills need only specify the number to be raised, the duration of service, and the mode of raising.
July 14, 1787 Payment of Bill Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Letter, directs payment of bill.
April 23, 1800 Bill for the regulation of public arsenals and magazines James McHenry Uriah Tracy Writes that he has examined the bill "An Act for the Regulation of Public Arsenals and Magazines," approving of the bill and concluding that it will likely be passed.
January 29, 1798 The Bill Cannot be Taken Up at Present Samuel Hodgdon Baker & Commegys Letter, informs re status of bill; discusses Major Langham's accounts.
January 21, 1799 Encloses Bill for Medical Establishment Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Encloses draft of a bill for the medical establishment, including detail regulations. Comments on another bill of military appropriations.
August 17, 1796 Location of Mr. Harragan's Bill No. 4 Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon Lewis recalls that the bill drawn by Mr. Harragan was No. 4 but he cannot remember the date or the set. He believes that the bill is filed somewhere in the office along with other papers that were lying about.
December 28, 1799 Receipt of Bill of Exchange. David Henley [not available] Henley acknowledges receipt of a Bill of Exchange for $429.10 from John Ashton for the use of the District of Tennessee.
April 20, 1798 Bill on Me from the Quartermaster Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon informs McHenry that he has received a bill from the Quartermaster for $2400 which he is expected to pay.
March 28, 1796 Bill of Exchange Caleb Swan James McHenry Bill of exchange for $1,250 to be paid to Robert Barr.
July 7, 1788 Request for receipt and bill Joseph Howell John Hopkins Requests that Howell send receipt and send a bill, both relating to Mr. Pierce.
January 31, 1799 Request to Settle Accounts with Jacob Sperry Samuel Hodgdon John Wilkins, Jr. Enclosed bill from Jacob Sperry with a translation of the bill. Requests collection of amount due, payable through Hodgdon.
December 23, 1796 Regarding Recent Bill Drawn for $400 John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Informs of a recent bill drawn upon McHenry for $400.
December 3, 1798 Stevens' Return & Geddes' Bill on the Secretary of State Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Hodgdon acknowledges receipt of Stevens' letter covering his return and Geddes' bill on the Secretary of State. The amount of the bill will be remitted soon.
November 6, 1790 McKnight forwards bill for medical care to Knox Charles McKnight Henry Knox Letter, discusses medical services provided and cost.
November 23, 1789 Delivery of Powder Edward Jones Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed bill for powder and delivery information of several orders for powder.
August 17, 1796 Mislaid Payment to Taylor and Newbold from Samuel Hodgdon Multiple Authors [not available] Taylor and Newbold noted that they received from Samuel Hodgdon eight hundred and fifty five dollars. This bill had been mislaid at the Department of War and a new bill will be produced with the utmost diligence.
July 12, 1798 Bill of Exchange for Samuel Wilson Isaac Guion [not available] Bill of exchange for $500 due Samuel Wilson for value received of him.
June 14, 1787 Request for bill of exchange Caleb Swan John Pierce Discusses Colonel William Blount's request for a bill of exchange he believed to have been deposited in the pay office
December 9, 1796 Regarding Recent Bill Drawn for $400 John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Discusses recent bill drawn in favor of John Levine for $400.
July 20, 1798 Bill of Sale for the Public Horse Samuel Hodgdon Francis Preston Enclosed is the bill of sale for the public horse in the keeping of Preston's brother.
March 8, 1800 Organizations of regiments of artillery and engineers Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Discusses the organization of regiments of artillery and engineers, enclosed a draft of a Bill that will support the proposed changes.
December 13, 1800 Bill for Food and Lodging at White Horse [not available] [not available] Bill for food and lodging for General Wilkinson, his suite, and their horses at White Horse. Reverse of bill has some notes.
September 3, 1798 Invoice & Bill of Lading Came Safe to Hand Samuel Eddins Samuel Hodgdon The invoice and bill of lading have come safe to hand and the articles listed in the invoice are in good order. The Captain was given a receipt on the back of his bill of lading.
September 4, 1799 Presents Concern over Bill to Thomas Butler David Henley John Wilkins, Jr. Received bill for Thomas Butler. Claims misunderstanding due to delay of payment. Requests direction.
January 27, 1800 Bill from John Wilkins Jr. for the Secretary of War David Henley James Miller Encloses bill as requested by John Wilkins, Jr. for the Secretary of War.