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January 30, 1792 Getting to the Battleground Robert Benham Samuel Hodgdon Benham announces that he arrived at Fort Jefferson in the rain. The supplies are still about fifteen miles behind with a small escort. He believes that his route will be difficult until he gets to the battleground and hopes that the heavy rain will not prevent crossing the creeks in order to get to that place. He will set out in the morning.Other than that he has nothing strange to relate.
March 16, 1794 Regarding the Affairs of the U.S. Government & of Europe, with Expectation of War with England or France John Stagg Henry Burbeck Reports on the status and health of friends and family in the East, and on the status of Burbeck's ticket in the Washington Lottery. Mentions a meeting with an officer who gave Stagg an account of Burbeck's unit's march to "the battleground" [site of St. Clair's Defeat] of November 1791 [in which Burbeck buried bodies, recovered cannon, and established Fort Recovery]. Comments on numerous army...
September 21, 1792 Measures Necessary to Protect the Frontier Henry Knox Anthony Wayne It appears that Wayne's force will not be over 3500 men and stores, forage, and shelter will be provided accordingly. Wayne should take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the frontiers are protected. The trial of Ensign Morgan should proceed forthwith. Eleven deserters have been punished. Etc.