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April 15, 1791 The Pivot Upon Which All Things Turn Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox reminds General Butler that the public is depending upon him to raise the two new battalions in Maryland and Virginia. Colonel Hall has declined, so Colonel Darke must be appointed
August 15, 1800 Colors for Regiments and Battalions Christian Gallagher John Harris The bearer will deliver two regiments' and one battalion's colors. The three remaining battalions' colors will be delivered soon not being sufficiently dry to bear rolling. Colonel Hodgdon should be informed of these matters.
July 1, 1795 Muster and Pay Roll for Battalions of Artillerists and Engineers Nehemiah Freeman Joseph Howell Officers of the Second, Third, and Fourth Battalions of Artillerists and Engineers requested Freeman represent their grievances regarding lack of pay due them on former muster rolls previously transmitted. Freeman requested order and regularity of payments.
April 5, 1791 Two Battalions of Levies from Maryland & Virginia Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox provides detailed instructions for raising two battalions of levies from Maryland and Virginia.
June 3, 1800 Uniting Two Battalions of Artillery Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton Regarding Hamilton's suggestion that two battalions of artillery be united, Stoddert says that he has just assumed the duties of the office of Secretary of War and is still too ignorant to make a determination. He asks for a postponement of the decision.
June 21, 1799 Form them into a Corps even if they are never collected. William MacPherson Alexander Hamilton McPherson recommends that the volunteers be organized into sundry military units (battalions, regiments, etc.) and assigned to military districts under the command of someone to whom their officers will be responsible.
April 7, 1791 St. Clair Detained by the Gout, Etc. Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair The recruiting of regular troops and levies appears to be successful. The friendly Indians should be conciliated following the murder by whites of several members of their tribe. St. Clair is currently hobbled by the gout. General Butler is going to Maryland and Virginia to supervise the raising of two battalions.
May 5, 1791 Great Expense Incurred by the Militia Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox stresses the importance of marching regular troops and levies to the western frontier so as to relieve the militia whose service is purchased at great expense to the United States.
November 15, 1799 Repairing Fort Niagara & Friendly Relations with the British John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton Describes his plans for repairing [Fort Niagara] and discusses the friendly relations between British and American forces stationed on the Niagara River. States: "Two regiments have arrived at Quebec and the British force which will remain in Canada this winter amounts to upwards of eight thousand regulars exclusive of two provincial battalions." [Refers to the arrival of the Sixth Regiment of...
May 3, 1799 Opinion that the President Cannot Appoint Officers Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Expresses opinion that the President has no power to appoint officers to battalions. Distinguishes between filling a vacancy and appointment of a new office.
November 14, 1800 Organization of Burbeck's Regiment James Wilkinson [not available] Shows the arrangement of the Subalterns in Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Burbeck's Regiment into four battalions. The names of officers assigned to each battalion are shown along with the names of the Adjutant, the Quartermaster, and the Paymaster.
July 29, 1791 Update on Troops at Fort Washington Arthur St. Clair [not available] Arrival of several battalions and companies of troops to Fort Washington.
October 7, 1800 Disposition of Officers in the Corps of Artillerists & Engineers Alexander Hamilton [not available] This General Order assigns 28 Captains to specific battalions within the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers and designates their stations and Commanding Officers. However, no change from their present positions will made except by special order.
May 18, 1791 Receipt for the Pay of Major Clark's Battalion William Ferguson Joseph Howell Enclosed is Major Clark's receipt for the pay of his Battalion which is the balance of the monies paid to Ferguson for two battalions of the 2nd Regiment of Levies.
May 3, 1799 Discusses Appointments, Power to Appoint by the President Alexander Hamilton James McHenry States belief that the President has no authority to appoint officers to the battalions.
April 18, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Lynn Simmons provides Lynn an affidavit to be used in the absence of original receipts.
January 13, 1784 Entitlement Claims Jed Baldwin John Pierce Jed Baldwin sends to John Pierce a letter stating his claim to entitlements.
June 22, 1791 Report on State of Readiness Major General Richard Butler Arthur St. Clair General Butler reports on the state of readiness of his men, horses, and supplies.
April 24, 1800 Returns of Arms & Accoutrements and Camp Equipage & Utensils William North [not available] This General Order states that all returns should be made to the Deputy Quartermaster General that are related to arms and accoutrements and camp equipage and utensils required by the twelve additional regiments of infantry and battalions of artillery commanded by Majors Tousard and Hoops to take the field.
October 19, 1785 Half pay claimed by artificers John Pierce President of Congress John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts, reports to Congress on the commutation claimed by officers of the corps of artificers.
September 20, 1796 Additional Compensation for Kentucky Paymasters Daniel Barbee Charles Scott Barbee and five other paymasters of the Kentucky mounted Volunteers ask General Scott to assist them in gaining additional pay following October 26th of the year 1794. They feel they are entitled to compensation for the entire period of their service.
May 9, 1799 Disposition of the First Regiment of Artillery Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Hamilton explains how the sundry battalions of the First Regiment of Artillery are to be deployed along the southeast seaboard.
1791 Estimate of the modes of augmentation of the troops Henry Knox Unknown Recipient A detailed estimate by Knox of the cost, according to rank, of augmenting the army, including pay and provisioning.
October 31, 1794 Report from the Camp Near Cherry's Mill Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports on the progress of the expedition to confront the insurgency in western Pennsylvania. Delegates from the four western counties have been appointed to confer with President Washington.
April 5, 1800 Plan for the Formation of a Regiment William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith submits his recommendations for altering the plan for the formation of a regiment for exercise or battle that should rely on well organized battalions. The brilliant dashes and light touches of advanced light infantry will not answer the Army's purposes. Offers suggestions for organization of military.