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August 17, 1799 Barracks Calculations Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Lists number of rooms, how many soldiers can be accommodated in each, as well as other buildings on the the premises which could be converted to barracks.
September 12, 1794 Barracks at Fort Fayette Isaac Craig Henry Knox Butler urged the building of additional barracks at Fort Fayette due to current and anticipated problems in the area surrounding the fort. Craig notified that building is in process and is being done with the "strictest economy."
August 17, 1799 Reports State of Barracks at Carlisle with Possibility of Converting More Buildings Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Finds barracks and other buildings erected for public stores at Carlisle can be fitted to house 3 regiments and their officers. Contiguous buildings could be fit into barracks for another regiment if necessary. If this happens, other buildings will have to be fit for public stores, unless the stores are removed.
May 25, 1799 New Barracks James McHenry Jonathan Jackson Jackson will obtain from General [Benjamin] Lincoln the necessary information regarding repairing barracks and building new ones so that he can proceed immediately in engaging workmen to make the necessary repairs or enter into a contracts for repairs and for building a new barracks.
September 6, 1794 [No. 33] Building Barracks at Fort Fayette John Stagg Isaac Craig No permanent arrangement for additional troops at Fort Fayette, advised best judgment in determining if building additional barracks is necessary. If council held at Redstone yields overtures of more violence, Craig is authorized to build more barracks after the approbation of Lieut. Col. Butler.
September 14, 1792 Expenses for Erecting the Magazine and Barracks Henry Knox Isaac Craig Expenses for erecting the magazine and barracks are to be paid by the Quarter Master General.
June 21, 1799 Temporary Hospital at Castle Island Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry General Lincoln has inspected the barracks at Castle Island as a possible location for a temporary hospital and reports that the barracks have been neglected and are in need of repair. Wolcott asks McHenry to make whatever arrangements are needed to make the necessary repairs to the barracks.
June 28, 1794 Charges for Barracks Hire Joseph Howell Lieutenant Daniel Bissell Funds have been remitted to John Chester to provide for the balance of Lt. Bissell's pay and recruiting but Howell is not authorized to allow a charge for barracks hire since the Contractor was directed to provide barracks for Bissell's recruits.
June 25, 1799 Building and Repairing Barracks James McHenry Jonathan Jackson McHenry has given orders to Jonathan Jackson to have repairs made to existing barracks and to build a new one. The new barracks will be used as a temporary hospital and should not be located anywhere where it would be an obstruction to the defense of the place.
March 23, 1795 DUPLICATE: Request for More Infomation on Repairs to be Completed Timothy Pickering David Henley More detailed information requested on the specific types of repairs to be completed to public stores, barracks, etc.
November 20, 1798 Removal of Troops, Barracks Adam Hoops Alexander Hamilton Barracks at West Point require a few repairs, Barrack on Governor's Island complete. Some troops housed at West Point and New York City must be moved to new barracks. Families joined troops stationed at West Point.
July 8, 1796 Alteration to Orders for Col. Butler on Construction of Storehouse/Barracks James McHenry Anthony Wayne McHenry approved contents of letters from Wayne except orders to Colonel Butler. McHenry stated the storehouse and barracks should be disconnected due to damage sustained to building if fire occurred in storehouse.
January 20, 1801 Barracks Unfit for Habitation General William Irvine William Simmons Both the attending physician and the barrack master, Mr. Barker, affirm that the barracks are not fit to be inhabited.
October 11, 1798 Transferring Troops from the Islands to West Point James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Because of the inconvenience of adding new barracks to Bedlows Island and Oyster Island, McHenry suggests re-locating the troops on these islands to West Point pending the construction of permanent barracks. The troops that can be comfortably garrisoned on Governors Island may remain there.
April 26, 1799 Certification of payment; Wilbeck and Mather, Contractors at Albany for use of a house as a barracks Peter Hagner James McHenry Certification of payment; $35.70 to Wilbeck and Mather, Contractors at Albany for use of a house as a barracks.
January 29, 1799 Expresses Opinion on Providing Rations, Fuel, and Barracks Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Having examined the records of David Ames and Robert Orr, discovers that they do not request an increase of rations, as intimated by the journal, but for an allowance of rations never before received. Discusses rations, barracks, and fuel provided for heads or overseers of mechanical branches or public assistants.
March 3, 1800 Copy of Regulations for Barracks or Quarters of Officers James McHenry William Simmons List of allowances for officers for housing and fuel.
February 9, 1975 Advance to Capt. Bruff for Building Barracks, Etc. Samuel Dodge Joseph Howell General Lincoln advised Dodge to forward his accounts through the Department of War. Dodge advanced money to Captain James Bruff to be used for the construction of barracks for his men.
August 3, 1799 Seeks Information about Barracks Samuel Hodgdon Richard Parker Has communicated with the Secretary of War about the paperwork for buildings on public land, all of which must be preserved in their entirety. Asks Parker to talk to Col. Postelthwaite, Major Alexander, and the proprietors' agent. Do not waste time using documents in possession. Requests number and dimension of rooms in barracks and the number of men they will accommodate.
November 23, 1798 Enclosed Law of New York State Regarding Fortifications Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Stevens to write "his Excellency" regarding money to pay off bills accrued building/repairs barracks and fortifications. Update on barracks on Governor's, Ellis, and Bedlows Islands. Stevens remarked on how troops must be supplied before the onset of winter, mostly likely to prevent desertion.
December 12, 1799 Repairs of the Barracks at Salem Daniel Jackson Alexander Hamilton Maj. Jackson asks Hamilton how the bill will be settled for the repairs of the barracks at Salem since he has been informed that his orders for payments will be not be accepted.
April 12, 1794 Tents for Captain Cornelius Sedam's Men Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon Sedam has built a temporary of barracks of boards until the tents he needs for 100 men are sent on. Hodgdon is asked to have a small marquee made for which Sedam will pay the balance if it costs more than a common horseman's tent.
April 10, 1788 Sale of Barracks on Constitution Island, Returns of Stores William Price Henry Knox Price received Knox's letter regarding the buildings on Constitution Island. Price inspected the barracks and agreed to sell four-fifths of it to Mr. Salman, but has not yet allowed him to remove the building because he had no money to pay down. Salman will write Knox regarding an extension of three month's credit. Mr Bunn currently resides in the barracks and owns the land, and he has asked to...
November 18, 1799 Discussion of Fortification and Barracks Construction James McHenry William Simmons Comments on progress of fortifications and barracks at Lofhes Heights. Requests a full account of supplies and materials for the Quartermaster General.
April 17, 1797 Barracks Provided Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Discourse between Spain and U.S. must occur before post is evacuated, Governor Gayoso provided housing for Pope while they waited decision of government.