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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
May 25, 1791 Certified Balance of Pay Joseph Howell Michael Connolly Certifies the balance of pay for Frederick Perkhoff
March 1, 1799 Draft and Balance of Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Holt Requested draft and balance have been paid. Has received balance due Holt from the accountants, which shall be sent next month. Noticed Holt's ability to act with caution.
December 13, 1798 Concerning the balance due to Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Mentions the balance due to Hamilton, along with other accounting matters.
November 15, 1798 Notification of Receipt of Letter, Balance Still Due Izard George Izard William Simmons Izard has received $200 due him from the Supervisor of South Carolina. His account carries a balance in his favor which he would like to have paid.
April 12, 1794 Balance Due Colonel Butler Butler Joseph Howell Colonel Willis to receive balance due Colonel Butler as his proxy.
February 28, 1801 Informing Taylor of the his Balance due the United States William Simmons William Taylor Balance on Taylor's Accounts for the Troops in South Carolina leave him with a balance of $1153.66 due the United States
June 17, 1786 Balance due heirs of Colonel Durkee John Pierce Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Refers to a balance due heirs of Colonel Durkee for advances made by him on recruiting services.
June 24, 1795 Request for Information on Balance of Account of Soldier to be Discharged Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson requests the balance of pay and clothing for two soldiers who are leaving the service.
January 25, 1796 Account and Balance of Yelverton Peyton William Simmons Yelverton Peyton War Accountant informs Peyton that his account with the United States has been stated to the time of his arrival at Pittsburgh with his recruits. There is a balance against Peyton of $91, exceeding the balance stated by Peyton himself.
November 25, 1796 Account and balance due William Simmons George Fleming Cover letter for a copy of Fleming's account current with statement of differences as settled at the War Department and notifies Fleming of the balance due to the United States
September 24, 1797 Account Balance and Request to Forward Letters Richard H. Greaton William Simmons Greaton clarifies the balance of his accounts. He has told his mother and sisters to send their letters via Simmons.
July 2, 1795 Balance Due on Account of Bills Jonathan Dayton Samuel Hodgdon Dayton thanks Hodgdon for covering the cost of a post note for the balance due Dayton on account of his bills upon Israel Ludlow. He is returning the requisite receipts which were signed by Hodgdon.
June 11, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Edwards Simmons provides Edwards a balance of his account.
March 5, 1794 Requests Statement with Balance from Treasury James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Requests statement with balance not drawn by the Treasury.
February 10, 1801 The Total Balance of the Houses' Account William Simmons Elijah and Simon House Total balance on the account of the Houses.
March 19, 1784 Authorization to transfer Hutchings' balance Amos Hutchings John Pierce Authorization to pay another officer the balance due on Hutchings account.
December 19, 1800 Directing Carlton Walker to Pay Griffith McRee an Outstanding Balance William Simmons Carlton Walker Simmons informs Walker of the balance of $1567.98 due the United States by him and directs him to pay Griffith McRee this sum.
January 13, 1801 Crediting Crocker Against a Larger Balance William Simmons Dodridge Crocker Simmons informs Crocker that $679.38 is being credited to his account against a balance of $3617.37, yielding a remaining balance of $2937.99 charged him on the books of Simmons' office.
January 25, 1796 Account and Balance of David Thompson William Simmons David Thompson War Accountant informs Thompson that his accounts have been received by the office, with a balance against him of $301, exceeding the balance Thompson originally claimed.
May 31, 1798 Assurance Statement is Correct, Enclosure to Support Correct Balance David Hale William Simmons Hale encloses a letter and receipts relating to his pay. He is uncertain why there is such a difference between his record of his balance and the record of the accountant's office, but he is certain that his is correct and therefore has not signed the receipts.
January 22, 1787 Assessing the Pay of Harmar's Regiment John Pierce Major Erkuries Beatty Tells Beatty that the best way to asses the pay Colonel Harmar's regiment is to settle the balance of the entire Corps thereby ascertaining the balance for each individual
August 15, 1797 Account for inspection to settle debts/balance William Simmons Caleb Swan Account from Major Rivardi for inspection to settle debts/balance.
March 26, 1792 Immediate Settlement of the Balance Due Me Josiah Harmar Henry Knox General Josiah Harmar requests that Knox arrange to send the money still owed Harmar by the United States.
October 3, 1789 John Crane seeks the assistance of Knox on a pay matter John Crane Henry Knox Letter, asks for balance of account.
October 30, 1788 Balance not stopped from Lieutenant Abel Morris Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Balance not stopped from Lieutenant Abel Morris and depreciation hath not been settled.