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September 13, 1794 Availability of Axes John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of the Treasury [Alexander Hamilton] inquires as to how Hodgdon is situated with respect to axes. Will it be necessary to purchase a further supply?
August 4, 1797 Ordnance Stores to be Sent Forward Isaac Craig James McHenry Transportation for Ordnance stores to forward posts along with falling axes, muskets cartridges, and powder. Requested howitzers cases be added to supplies sent forward.
June 2, 1797 Axes for Gibson May Be Purchased at Staunton John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War believes that the axes wanted by Captain Gibson may be purchased at Staunton. Orders will be given to the Contractor there to to furnish them as Quartermaster's supplies.
October 27, 1800 Delivery of Camp Kettles, Wooden Bowls, Axes, Water Buckets Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of camp kettles, wooden bowls, axes, water buckets.
June 30, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox on expected arrival of Colesworthy, Hodgdon's returns and his wagon, and the awaited arrival of axes for the upcoming St Clair expedition Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon has heard nothing of Coleworthy; expects that he will arrive next day. Nothing of Boyer and his wagon. Still awaiting arrival of axes. Expresses hope that posts will provide further news and answers.
February 24, 1792 Stores on Hand at Fort Hamilton. John Armstrong Michael G. Houdin A return of the Quartermaster Stores on hand at Fort Hamilton, Capt. John Armstrong commanding, February 24, 1792.
October 6, 1800 Request for Indian Annuities items [not available] Samuel Dexter Requests payment for shirts, axes, and hoes requested for Indian Annuities.
June 1, 1797 Tents & Axes for Captain Gibson at Staunton James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Two horseman's tents, twelve common tents, and ten axes should be forwarded to Captain Alexander Gibson in Staunton. Gibson believes that these articles can be found at Shepherds Town in Virginia. If that is the case, they should be forwarded from there. If they are not there or at any other place nearer than Philadelphia, arrangements should be made to have them purchased.
March 12, 1787 Information of Axe Delivery William Price Henry Knox Per Knox's instructions, Price contracted with Morrow for 128 new axes. Morrow has completed the work and is owed 61 pounds 5 shillings New York currency.
1799 List of Quarter Supplies Necessary for 1 Regiment Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton lists the articles necessary for housing and providing fuel for a regiment.
October 9, 1799 Carpenters Tools Needed Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Regiments in New Jersey need carpenter's tools and other supplies, pre the attached list.
August 31, 1792 Estimate for farming utensils for the Southern Indians Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate for farming utensils for the Southern Indians.
December 18, 1795 Shipment of Military Stores Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Orders arrived late due to weather conditions on the Ohio river. Recounts articles shipped to Fort Washington.
June 22, 1799 Request for Issue of Clothing, Tools & Writing Materials to 12th Regiment, New York James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of clothing, tools, and writing materials to the 12th Regiment in New York.
July 7, 1794 Authorization to hire woodcutters Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue informs Secretary Hamilton that he has authorized the agents of Georgia and South Carolina to hire for John Morgan any wood cutters he might want, and to provide them with axes and other implements and necessaries.
June 12, 1799 Necessary Supplies Should be Forwarded William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton "...we have neither tents nor the necessary camp utensils. I will however endeavor to help them over these inconveniences until, by your communications to the War Office, the necessary supplies may be forwarded--each Company will at present require 4 good axes and 4 spades and the earliest attention should be paid to the forwarding [of] the pelluses allowed--a further supply of clothing is...
1800 Returns and Receipts of David Offley [not available] [not available] Returns of stores and receipts signed off on by David Offley between March 1799 and January 1800. Includes a newspaper clipping about goods stolen from public stores.
March 31, 1792 Ammunition and Boats Henry Knox Isaac Craig Orders to furnish Lieut. Howe with ammunition immediately if it has not been done per Col. Sproat's request. Requested additional boats to be built. Contract with Dunning and Shaw for axes to be furnished at Pittsburgh.
July 1, 1799 Request for Purchase & Delivery of Mess Kits, Tools, & Writing Supplies for the 13th Regiment James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Requests that Wadsworth procure specified articles (mess kits, tools, and writing supplies) for equipping the 13th Regiment.
August 12, 1793 All Possible Pains Taken to Execute Orders Isaac Craig James O'Hara Writer has done his best to execute O'Hara's orders, despite O'Hara's apparent disappointment. New wagons and axes are on their way. Hodgdon has informed Craig that clothing and powder have been sent forward.
July 10, 1794 Materials for fortifications at Baltimore Samuel Dodge Henry Knox Transmits to the Secretary of War a statement of materials brought to the fortifications and barracks at Baltimore. Includes timber, plank, shingles, shovels, casks of powder, gun carriages, picks, axes, crowbars, wheelbarrows, nails, locks, and bolts.
May 31, 1800 Abstract from William Simmons of sundries purchased William Simmons [not available] Abstract from William Simmons of sundries purchased by Jeremiah Wadsworth and delivered to Lt. James Gordon, Quartermaster of 13th Regiment of Infantry
[not available] Estimate of Quartermaster's Stores to be Procured in Kentucky [not available] [not available] Estimate of quarter master's stores to be procured in Kentucky or in the vicinity of the Army.
April 25, 1794 Whiskey and Sundry Items Arrived; Pack Horse Drivers Gone Forward Isaac Craig Henry Knox Reports on shipment of whiskey, barr iron, falling axes, scythes and notes that pack horse drivers engaged to serve with army have gone forward to Fort Washington.
June 19, 1797 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury requesting articles for naval service [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Items to be procured for the naval service include boarding axes; blunderbusses; lanthorn; [lantern]; signal lanthorns; iron; grapeshot; pistol shot; 12 pounders; 24 pounders;