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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
October 29, 1794 Authorization for Mr. Hodgdon's Account Joseph Howell Henry Knox The enclosed acount of Mr. Hodgdon, the Comptroller, will require authorization by Knox.
December 24, 1797 Authorization to Employ a Blacksmith for Rochefontaine James McHenry George Fleming Copy of letter from Sec. of War authorizing the employment of a blacksmith for Col. Rochefontaine. Hughes account required authorization for reimbursement.
November 22, 1797 Authorization for Payment of Hughes George Fleming William Simmons Fleming replied to Simmons request for authorization of employment and pay of Hughes for work on iron carriages. Fleming was authorized by Secretary of War, copy of letter included.
February 9, 1797 Authorization for Storage William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Requests that Hodgdon provide documentation of his authorization to store material in rented space of a wharf.
December 24, 1799 Authorization Samuel Hodgdon Martin Van Buren Authorized Isaac Craig, of the Department of the Quartermaster General to receive money and give orders regarding the agent James Miller.
March 19, 1784 Authorization to transfer Hutchings' balance Amos Hutchings John Pierce Authorization to pay another officer the balance due on Hutchings account.
May 13, 1800 Issuance of Clothing, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice The strong probability of a disbandment of additional regiments by Congress does not permit an authorization of an issue of clothing before the year has expired without the sanction of the Secretary of War.
May 21, 1800 Inadmissible Charges William Simmons Staats Morris Notification that extra pay given to soldiers for labor on fortifications at Fort McHenry was inadmissible without proper authorization from the Secretary of War. Simmons requests the authorization issued to Morris for the soldier's payment.
June 17, 1800 Authorization for Robert Fisher to receive money due James Baker James Baker William Simmons James Baker writes that the bearer to the letter Robert Fisher is fully authorized to to receipt with Simmons' office any money due to Baker
June 15, 1800 Authorization to Draw Up Contracts Thaddius Sherman Samuel Dexter Sherman authorized Peter B. Porter to make contracts for the supply of troops.
September 2, 1796 Paperwork and Authorization Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Packet of vouchers received which were sent to Hodgdon through the War Office. In explaining how he classifies articles listed in returns Hodgdon noted that he does not permit more than 30 articles to one classification. Authorized drawing money from Col. Nevill.
December 30, 1794 Authorization to Appoint Recruiting Officers Henry Knox David Henley Recruiting officers for the Mera district needed. Advice on performing duties with gentleness. Notification that Knox leaves his post the next day.
August 31, 1793 Copy: Appointment of David Henley as an Agent of the War Department. Henry Knox David Henley Temporary appointment as agent of the War Department to the area south of the Ohio river.
May 5, 1800 Authorization for Preparations to be Made for National Cannon Foundry John Adams James McHenry Authorization for purchase of land and other operations to be undertaken for the purpose of building a national cannon foundry.
March 9, 1792 Authorization of President for Expedition to Frontier Henry Knox Charles Scott Request for adequate assistance to those on the frontier for protection against hostile Indians laid before Congress. AUTHORIZATION OF PRESIDENT for expedition to ascertain environment and possibility of capturing Indians from settlements on the Wabash River. Conditions for expedition laid out in detail.
July 23, 1792 Authorization to Call Up Militia Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent In the absence of the governor, acting governor Sargent authorized to call up militia. Discussed pending nature of peaceful overtures of Indians. Offensive operations authorized.
January 1, 1795 Employment of Militia, Spies, and Scouts Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Extended occupation of militia in Washington County for the protection of the settlers. Letter regarding the employment of scouts and spies via order by Col. Sproat was received, it was the first evidence St. Clair received of Sproat's authority on that issue. St. Clair assumed that authorization go directly through the executive authority of the Territory.
April 13, 1790 Protection of Frontier, Orders Enclosed Henry Knox Harry Innes Letter authorizes and instructs Harry Innes on the procedure for calling up scouts to protect frontiers against possible Indian hostilities if Innes deems it necessary. Contains authorization for Brig. Gen. Harmar to command said troops. Fearing some type of delay, the President requested this letter be sent to expedite the delivery of orders to protect frontier settlements. Discussed regular...
May 31, 1799 Authorization to Pay Accounts James McHenry Tench Francis Francis is authorized to pay all accounts for making, mending, or altering articles to be contracted for or otherwise procured for the service, including all accounts for inspecting articles intended for the use of the public.
December 5, 1796 Complying with Preston's Request Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Captain Preston has requested cartridges and flints but Holt requires Hodgdon's authorization before he can comply with the request.
November 14, 1800 Pay and subsistence for Captain Ball Samuel Dexter Caleb Swan The War Office issues authorization to settle pay and subsistence for Captain Ball.
October 3, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons William S. Smith Simmons notes the impropriety of LtCol. Smith's authorization of advance rations for officers as well as his excessive reliance on contracted articles (instead of public stores).
July 10, 1798 Vouchers Drawn Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins inquires about vouchers drawn on the Secretary of War, and a misunderstanding between the military and Mr. Price.
June 24, 1797 An Act authorizing a detachment from the Militia of the United States. Congress of the United States [not available] Authorization of Congress for President to raise militia through orders directed to heads of state governments. Number of troops, type, and duration of service specified.
May 18, 1795 Authorization of Payment Colonel Silas Dinsmoor Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Orders to pay Warrant No. 647 to Mr. William Richards of South Carolina.