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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 10, 1784 Accounts and vouchers John Pierce Captain Stockley Request that accounts and vouchers concerning the Virginia Line be sent to the Commissary of Army Accounts office.
April 26, 1799 The Accountant's Office of the Department of War audits Major Craig Peter Hagner Isaac Craig Peter Hagner notifies Major Craig of an impending audit.
November 2, 1791 Purchase of 200 Horses, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr has noted the time the agent agreed to purchase 200 horses. After six days Barr is certain that no more than twenty horses have been purchased and that it will be from twenty to thirty days before they are delivered to the headquarters at Fort Washington.
July 15, 1784 Claim of Lieutenant Colonel Antill G. J. Henon John Pierce Discusses the claim of Lieutenant Colonel Antill against officers of Hazen's Regiment. Henon appears to have been an officer of the regiment.