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June 23, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to the Auditors of the States John Pierce [not available] Pierce sends a circular letter to the Auditors of each state. Enclosed Pierce provides a list of individuals within each state that received sums as part of earlier pension settlements for invalids.
June 23, 1786 Pension of the Invalids John Pierce Auditor Letter to the auditors appointed to settle the pensions of the Invalids of the United States. Pierce is writing in light of Congress placing the whole of the Invalids entitled to a pension on the same footing.
April 13, 1790 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Oliver Bowen Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts; mentions a resolution of Congress pertaining to the auditors of the United States
May 10, 1790 Letter to the Auditors Office Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. The Commissioner of Army Accounts responds to the Auditors Office at the Treasury Department, concerning an act of Congress and regimental surgeons.
March 16, 1786 Certificates Due for Army Service William Feltman Joseph Howell The author feels confident that he is still due payment for his service as an Officer in the service of his country. He asks that the bearer of this letter be given any Certificates that the recipient feels are due him. The Auditors sent him the amount he deserved but the Certificates were kept from him.
February 4, 1795 List of invalid pensioners for Massachusetts Timothy Pickering Nathaniel Appleton List of invalid pensioners for Massachusetts.
June 1, 1787 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Joseph Howell Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts and Paymaster General; mentions auditors papers and Doctor Middleton. Pierce has written a favorable letter to the Board of Treasury on Howell's behalf.
September 9, 1784 Honoring of certified settlement note Richard Platt John Pierce Richard Platt sends to John Pierce a letter requesting assistance because New York has refused to honor his certified settlement note.
November 30, 1785 Examination of Books of Pay Office Joseph Howell Richard Humpton Has examined the Books of the Pay Office; no charges found against Captain Robert Patton. Appears by books of auditors of Army that he settled his accounts for recruiting. Edward Evans of 6th Regiment is returned in rolls as deserter; John Smith, 10th Regiment as prisoner. No James Smith. Requests that Humpton be particular in names of soldiers.
March 16, 1798 Mrs. Taylor's Application to Receive Her Husband's Monthly Allowance, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter, discusses payments made to ship carpenters; mentions Mrs. Taylor's application for her husband's allowance.
July 14, 1786 Regarding unsettled accounts and the whereabouts of certificates Michael Kimmell Joseph Howell His accounts remain unsettled due to a charge against him by Colonel Johnston for $1200 part of which was used to pay officers and soldiers and the remainder returned to Johnston. Most of the relevant vouchers were left with the recipient's office and their auditors. Since his account cannot be settled without these documents he inquires as their whereabouts.
March 28, 1787 Request for settlement of account Joseph Howell Stephen Bayard Bayard is asked by Howell to settle his account because, as it now stands, he owes the US a considerable sum of money.
February 9, 1785 Payment of Continental troops and New York militia Peter Curtenius John Pierce Information on continental troops may be obtained by Joseph Gasherie. Mentions auditors and the liquidation of pay of Continental Troops. Discusses pay of New York militia officers while in captivity. Cannot designate who were continental and who were militia officers. Mentions settlements with Colonel Lee's legion. closes by discussing the falling of securities in New York.
September 29, 1792 Regarding Balances Due Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Provides instructions on how to reconcile balances due.
February 21, 1785 Militia and Levies of New York; accounts of Doctor Henry Brewster Joseph Howell Peter Curtenius Refers to accounts of Militia and Levies of New York. Mentions accounts of Doctor Henry Brewster, who was held in captivity. Encloses list of men of New York quota in Colonel Lee's Legion.
September 3, 1792 Letter from Knox enclosing list of invalid pensioners for Pennsylvania Henry Knox Thomas Smith Letter, encloses Invalid Pensioner list.
October 14, 1786 Enclosed returns John Pierce James Milligan Encloses copies of returns transmitted to the several auditors appointed by the states to settle pensions.
June 9, 1794 Adjustments to Accounts Richard Harrison Joseph Howell Adjustments made to the account of Arthur St.Clair, Superintendent of Indian Affairs. St. Clair received advance from Secretary of War for incidental and contingent expenses of the Indian Department.
June 25, 1784 Account settlements for New York Richard Lloyd John Pierce Discusses the settlement of the army accounts for New York for 1781.
September 30, 1791 Account of Henry Knox Edward Nixon Henry Knox States the salaries of Knox and his employees for the third quarter of 1791.
June 1, 1787 Board of Treasury John Pierce Joseph Howell The Commissioner of Army Accounts informs Joseph Howell, Accountant at the Pay Office, that he has written the Board of Treasury in favor of him.
August 22, 1791 Account of Gabriel Peterson Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account with Gabriel Peterson, late lieutenant in the 8th and 2nd Regiments of Pennsylvania.
November 15, 1791 Account of Frederick J. Whiting Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account with Frederick J. Whiting, late Lieutenant of the 2nd Regiment of Dragoons.
June 3, 1784 Certificates regarding personal account P. Taubman John Pierce Requests certificates regarding his personal account needed for the general settlement of accounts for New York.
August 11, 1791 Certification of Samuel Bryson's Account Joseph Howell William Simmons The United States in account of Samuel Bryson, late Lieutenant in the 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment.