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December 11, 1794 Payment for artillery hats Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue requests that a duplicate warrant be issued in favor of Joel Gibbs for the sum of $208 in payment for artillery hats delivered by him agreeably to contract.
March 4, 1794 Account of Robert Roach Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Robert Roach, late private in the Virginia Artillery.
December 5, 1800 Request for Issue of Artillerists' Clothing to New York Recruiter Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of artillery privates' clothing to a recruiting officer in New York City.
September 7, 1797 Offer to Pay Remaining Balance from Expenses on Mounting Artillery and Cost of Fortifications at Port of Salem Joseph Hiller William Simmons Received money from Mr. Gorham for the "purpose of mounting artillery", which was purchased. Hiller will now submit vouchers to Simmons. Hiller has balance in hand that he will happily give to anyone authorized to receive it as there are no purchases or building projects currently underway at the his post.
September 18, 1794 General return of military stores Clement Biddle Samuel Hodgdon A general return of military stores and apparatus for the artillery. Artillery destined to march next day. Requests attention to enclosed return and provision of supplies deemed necessary.
June 12, 1800 Discussion of Recruiting Officers, & Several Officer Recommendations Charles Cotesworth Pinckney [not available] Discusses some officers continuing to serve as recruiting officers even as they wait for recommended commissions in the artillery or the "old regiments." Also recommends another officer for cavalry or artillery duty.
April 4, 1794 Knox directs Hodgdon to deliver artillery to Pennsylvania Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Knox asks that Hodgdon fill the Governor of Pennsylvania's request for artillery.
June 3, 1800 Uniting Two Battalions of Artillery Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton Regarding Hamilton's suggestion that two battalions of artillery be united, Stoddert says that he has just assumed the duties of the office of Secretary of War and is still too ignorant to make a determination. He asks for a postponement of the decision.
March 4, 1790 Settling of accounts with Corps of Artillery in 1784 Joseph Howell Henry Knox Mr. Bliss is attending to settlement of accounts of Corps of Artillery [under] Major Bauman 1784.
February 1, 1799 Certification of payments; Jean Foncin, employed for drawing plates on a book on artillery William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $60 to Jean Foncin, employed for drawing plates on a book on artillery, conformably to letter from Secretary of War.
January 9, 1800 Request for Translation & Printing of French Military Text on Horse Artillery John Adams James McHenry Directs McHenry to have translated and printed portions of a French military engineering text which concern horse artillery. Adams requests that copies be distributed both to public militia companies and to the executive office.
February 25, 1800 Proposed Code of Regulations & Instructions for the Artillery Lewis Tousard Alexander Hamilton Tousard encloses the chapter headings and sections for the "Code of Regulations, Instruction, Etc. for the Artillery of the United States" that he had prepared for Hamilton's approval. Previously hoped for collaboration and cooperation from Maj. Hoops, but believed the advanced nature of the product, no further assistance was needed.
July 29, 1794 Responds to Request for Artillery Engineers in Fredericksburg; Info about Contracts Tench Coxe Henry Knox Received letter about artillery engineer recruits at Fredericksburg, and seeks to make immediate action. Reports arrangement with contractors to furnish artillery and rifle coats. Mr. Sterret is to move to Philadelphia, and his brother will provide secure assistance in his place in Baltimore.
March 1, 1799 Certification of payments; John Foncin for services drawing plates for a book on the artillery William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $56 to John Foncin for services drawing plates for a book on the artillery.
April 30, 1795 Tents for the Corps of Artillery Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Since the barracks at West Point are not suitable for the reception of the 400 men of the Corps of Artillery, Pickering directs Hodgdon to provide a sufficient number of tents including horseman's tents for the officers.
July 15, 1794 Funds for Mounting the Artillery Joseph Howell Daniel DeSaussure The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of two thousand dollars to Mr. DeSaussure for the purpose of mounting the artillery.
February 15, 1796 Jerome Mirthie, Director of Artillery Artificiers, Paid Daniel Stevens William Simmons Per instructions, Stevens has paid Jerome Mirthie his salary.
March 17, 1790 Backpay for Corps of Artillery men 1784 Joseph Howell Henry Knox Howell reports completion of accounts of pay for corps of artillery commanded by Major [Bauman], and reports the amount due for those discharged and not settled on 1 July 1794.
May 18, 1796 Account for mounting artillery William Simmons Charles Brown Requests that Brown submit his account and vouchers to the War department so that an open charge against him for the cost of mounting artillery at Georgetown, South Carolina can be cleared.
September 25, 1800 Delivery of Artillery Hats Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of Artillery hats to John Wilkins, Quarter Master General, to be delivered to Colonel Ebenezer Stevens.
May 2, 1787 Pay Order from the Widow of John Jones Elizabeth Jones Unknown Recipient Order from the widow of John Jones - formerly belonging to the Artillery unit - for his pay due. Empowers Joseph Howell to receive the pay.
February 26, 1793 Payment to Richard Doyle Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Payment of $167.49 to Richard Doyle, late private in the 3rd Virginia Regiment Artillery.
March 4, 1796 Request for Artillery and Ammunition for Fort Defiance James McHenry Anthony Wayne McHenry needed directions to be given to an officer for the transport of artillery and ammunition from Fort Washington to Fort Defiance.
June 28, 1793 Indian Accounts; Shipments of Clothing Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Will advise on what will be done with Indian accounts. Encloses invoice of clothing. Mentions shipment of cavalry and infantry clothing.
July 16, 1794 Funds for Mounting the Artillery at New London Joseph Howell John Chester The Treasurer will remit to Chester $250 to be transmitted to Nathaniel Richards at New London for the purpose of mounting the artillery.