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December 20, 1798 Inspectorship of Artillery, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton provides an enthusiastic recommendation of Lewis Tousard for the position of Inspector of Artillery.
February 3, 1790 Receipt of clothing for Corps of Artillery Henry Knox [not available] Reciept of clothing for Corps of Artillery.
1800 Regulations Pertaining to the Artillery Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Discusses the progress of the work as it pertains to the regulations for the artillery. No Image.
January 15, 1799 Articles wanted to complete the contract and the order for additional Regiment of Artillery [not available] [not available] Articles listed include overalls and shirts for infantry and artillery privates and sergeants. Items are articles wanted to complete contract and order for additional regiment of artillery.
December 18, 1795 Muskets for the Artillery, Etc. Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon has requested a sample of muskets for the artillery that might be assembled from the materials on hand. Pickering desires the Purveyor to to see whether he can substitute the 800 stand needed for the artillery for the 500 contracted for which would require an addition to the contract.The muskets are satisfactory without gunslings which are not absolutely necessary especially when public...
November 20, 1800 Purchase of Coat Buttons for Artillery Uniforms Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, directs purchase of coat buttons for Artillery uniforms.
March 26, 1799 Transportation of Artillery Equipment James McHenry [not available] Directs that arrangements be made by the Army's Quartermaster General for the transportation of the cannon and equipment of a detachment of artillery.
July 25, 1798 Recommendation of Mr. Whitney for the Corps of Artillery Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Whitney has a great desire to enter the Corps of Artillery and Freeman recommends him to Hodgdon as an honest man who has faithfully discharged his duty to his country and possesses a heart filled with sentiments of honor and integrity .
November 4, 1795 Money Paid to Director of Artillery Artificers Daniel Stevens William Simmons Stevens has received $362 from the Treasury and paid it to the Director of Artillery Artificers.
March 13, 1800 Proposed Inspector of Artillery Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton proposes that there should be an Inspector of Artillery for the two districts under his command with the same duties as the Inspector of Infantry.
September 19, 1798 A Lieutenancy in the Artillery George Shepherd Alexander Hamilton Shepherd seeks Hamilton's recommedation for a lieutenancy in the Artillery and, if none exists, for a similar position in the Infantry.
May 12, 1800 Applicant for the artillery James McHenry John Adams Encloses letters of recommendation for Mr. Chamberlain, in applicant for a position in the artillery.
December 10, 1798 Application for Command of an Artillery Regiment Adam Hoops Alexander Hamilton Hoops seeks command of an Artillery Regiment and includes a letter from General Washington.
July 24, 1798 Delivery of Clothing Pattern James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver pattern artillery coat and uninspected coat.
November 9, 1795 Armiing the Corps of Artillery Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon With the idea of arming the Corps of Artillery with guns of the French model, Pickering has decided to use the existing barrels and locks with bayonets adapted for the purpose. Mr. Nicholson should select the materials with five hundred being the number first attempted. Arms for frigates may be postponed.
November 12, 1788 Entitlements to land and request for list [not available] Joseph Howell Requests that Howell furnish names, time paid for and sums received in certificates of Mr. John White by the Maryland Artillery Companies.
July 6, 1795 Account of Thomas Carmouls William Simmons Timothy Pickering William Simmons certifies that $400 is due Thomas Carmouls for his time and expenses while making the essays, drafts and models of new mercantile and naval Artillery, a gun and carriage, and an exhibition of naval artillery.
July 17, 1793 Account of John Mason Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for John Mason, late mattross in the Virginia Artillery.
August 23, 1794 Requests Pattern for Artillery Coat Tench Coxe John Stagg Requests a pattern for an artillery coat, needed immediately to mail in a parcel with other articles to New York.
October 16, 1794 Questions Inspection of Artillery Clothing In New York, Philadelphia, and New England Tench Coxe Henry Knox Refers to letter about small parcel of artillery clothing and problems of inspection between New York and Philadelphia.
September 4, 1798 Colonel Tousard as Inspector of Artillery John Adams Alexander Hamilton Adams questions the wisdom of appointing Colonel Tousard as Inspector of Artillery. Tousard is a fine officer but he is of French origin and Adams is worried that in a war with the French, Tousard would be the object of suspicion.
July 22, 1798 A Plea for a Military Appointment Adam Hoops Alexander Hamilton Hoops makes the case for his appointment as a major of artillery.
December 30, 1788 Return of men of Maryland Artillery Joseph Howell C. Richmond Encloses a return of the non commissioned officers and privates of the Maryland Artillery.
May 9, 1799 Disposition of the First Regiment of Artillery Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Hamilton explains how the sundry battalions of the First Regiment of Artillery are to be deployed along the southeast seaboard.
November 7, 1799 Delivery of Clothing Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Orders to ship uniforms for Littlefield's Artillery company.