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October 4, 1796 Request concerning a soldier's arrears William Simmons Constant Freeman Request for information about the arrears of pay due to the estate of a deceased soldier.
March 5, 1794 Arrears of Pay Levi McClean Joseph Howell Ensign McLean discusses arrears of pay for himself and several of his men.
November 15, 1798 Arrears Due the Troops John Jacob Rivardi William Simmons Capt. Thompson just received the arrears due the troops through the last day of August 1798. Transmitted are the muster and payrolls for the month of October.
September 15, 1790 Certificates for Invalids, Widows, and Orphans Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Money to be paid out to invalids, widows, and orphans. Request for information on arrears already paid by states to the above mentioned groups, War Department to reimburse states.
November 1, 1799 Arrears of Pay for Officers of the Old Regiment Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan "When I was at Trenton I considered it as perfectly understood between you and me that those officers of the old regiments to whom arrears of pay are due should receive the sums to which they are entitled immediately from your hands. I have been since informed that you decline this and refer the officers to their regimental paymasters. They are, of course, left without the means of joining their...
February 17, 1784 Certificates for arrears John Pierce Jonathan Delafield Certificates are to be used for meeting arrears of pay
June 3, 1796 A sergeant's claim for arrears of pay William Simmons John McCleary Requests that Lieutenant John McCleary send in his accounts and vouchers from the 2nd Sub Legion to facilitate the payment of a discharged sergeant's claim for arrears of pay.
December 24, 1791 Payment for arrears in clothing R.J. Vandenbrock Joseph Howell Vanden Broeck discusses with Howell regarding payment for arrears in clothing that Howell refuses to accept. Vanden Broeck says that Secretary of War has directed that what has been certified by Ensign Britt is to be paid.
October 6, 1800 Pay in arrears of William Dugan William Simmons David Henley Simmons informs David Henley that documentation seems to be in order for William Dugan to receive the back-pay due him while an Indian captive, captured 4 November 1791. Arrears of pay 4 November 1791 to 26 June 1794. The balance of the pay is currently held by Capt. Guthrie, to whom application must be made and to whom appropriate receipts must be provided.
September 15, 1790 Letter from the War Department to the Governor of Rhode Island Henry Knox William Greene Letter, discusses military pensions due invalids, widows and orphans; discusses arrears due pensioners.
February 14, 1798 Ten Months In Arrears of Pay Richard Chandler William Simmons The regiment is now ten months in arrears of pay and Col. Henley has informed Chandler that he will soon have enough cash for all of 1797. He awaits only Simmons' instructions as to how to proceed.
April 11, 1795 [Extract] Pay for Recruits Timothy Pickering Thomas Butler Advised payment of recruits enlisted from Gen. Morgan's army and sending an officer to collect arrears of their pay.
May 31, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Reverend Wm. A. Boyd Pierce informs Boyd that his claim for arrears is already settled. Pierce says he does not want to establish a precedent of settling the current certificates issued to the Army for arrears at market prices.
December 30, 1796 Army pay matters William Simmons Caleb Swan Discusses pay of officers doing duty as adjutants, paymasters, and quartermasters; delivery of accounts and vouchers from officers with the Army; documentation required for officers to receive arrears of pay; Swan's difficulty of disposing of bank bills; arrears of pay due to the Army. Cited in Swan to Simmons, 03/22/1797.
November 30, 1788 Writ against Nicolas [Nicola] for arrears of pay Colonel Lewis Nicola Joseph Howell Discusses writ against Nicolas [Nicola] for arrears of pay. Asks for copy of records.
December 15, 1794 Arrears of Clothing for William White John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon should deliver to William White the arrears of clothing due him as a discharged sergeant late of the 2nd Sub Legion of the United States.
September 15, 1790 Payment of Arrears by State of Virginia to Invalids, Widows, and Orphans Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Request for information on arrears paid by state of Virginia to invalids, widows, and orphans.
October 24, 1799 At present a relaxation is indispensable. Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan Hamilton emphasizes the necessity of not requiring regular rolls before sending forward the money for arrears. In the future a strict adherence to instructions may be necessary but it is not appropriate at the present time.
September 28, 1790 Funds to discharge arrears due Virginia line in hands of pay master general Alexander Hamilton Beverley Randolph Funds to discharge arrears due Virginia line in hands of pay master general, with instructions to remit to John Hopkins, esquire, Commissioner of Loans for Virginia.
October 31, 1794 Arrears of Clothing for John Tibbets John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Stagg notes that John Tibbets, a discharged soldier, is entitled to the following arrears of clothing: hat, vest, coat, linen overalls, woolen overalls, shirts, stock and clasp, socks, blanket, and pairs of shoes.
March 31, 1794 Money to Discharge the Arrears of the Kentucky Militia Joseph Howell Peter January Because certain arrears of the Militia of Kentucky have been refused discharge payment by William Morton, an advertisement has been transmitted to be published in Mr. Bradford's paper.
September 1790 Cook requests the assistance of Knox in obtaining commutation David Cook Henry Knox Letter, asks for aid obtaining arrears in pay.
May 28, 1793 Request for Assistance with Officer's Pay Joseph Howell Jonathan Dayton Captain Rucastle has not responded to request of Howell to settle arrears owed men under his command, now requests Dayton's assistance in the payment of Rucas' men, who are seeking payment.
March 3, 1786 Letter Citation John White John Pierce Cited in Pierce to White, 03/13/1786. May have requested Pierce's instructions on the priority of completing accounts of arrears due noncommissioned officers and privates and accounts of officers' arrears; may have also discussed an officer's promotion and entitlement to emoluments of the rank; may have mentioned pay certificates sent to Pierce.
February 6, 1796 Regarding pay in arrears, the costliness of recruiting, discrepencies in pay estimates Caleb Swan William Simmons Happy new year. Soldiers in arrears of pay are few, comparatively speaking. Business of recruiting requires more money. Addresses the difference in calculations of pay between Simmons and Swan.