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September 15, 1800 Account Suspended William Simmons Elias B. Dayton Accounts for supplies examined and suspended. Simmons requested further vouchers to settle account and pass amount to credit of Dayton.
August 6, 1800 Account Suspended William Simmons John G. McWhorter Account suspended due to the lack of general ruling on the subject of cannon and slaughter. Simmons also suspended account with intention of settlement upon receipt of all accounts of the regiment and creation of a general settlement.
February 24, 1800 Closed Examination of Account, Account Suspended, with details William Simmons Godlove Heiskell Closed examination of account for the supplies to troops at Fredericksburg, VA during 1799. Simmons suspended and deducted $1,236.22 1/2 from Heiskell's account due to differences in cost/balance. Account to stand suspended until reply received by Simmons.
March 7, 1800 Enlistments Suspended due to Activity in France James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Congressional act has suspended further enlistments unless war shall break out between the US and the French Republic or there is imminent danger of invasion of their territory by the said Republic.
August 28, 1798 Your Opinion Respecting the Proposed Arrangements James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry requests Hamilton's opinion regarding the proposed arrangements and swears him to secrecy regarding the contents of his recent letter.
February 27, 1796 Account Suspended William Simmons George Ingersoll Simmons applied to Mr. Butt, late Paymaster, but he had no record of Ingersoll's accounts. Therefore Simmons suspended the accounts. If Ingersoll needed money, he was to apply to Nathaniel Gorham.
January 29, 1799 Settlement of suspended vouchers belonging to the accounts of John Wilkins John Steele William Simmons Steele has been told that Simmons declined acting on Quarter Master general expenditures. As it would be highly inconvenient after having closed account on books of Treasury, has directed Register to collect from accounts all vouchers suspended and transmit to Simmons' office.
February 2, 1799 List of vouchers belonging to the account of John Wilkins Joseph Nourse William Simmons In addition to suspended vouchers to General Wilkins' account, sends other suspended accounts, according to annexed schedule.
June 12, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Simmons informs Rochefontaine that the examination of his account is suspended.
July 2, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Lewis Tousard Simmons informs Tousard that settlement of recruiting vouchers is suspended until the qualifications of the men enlisted is documented by proper authority.
February 2, 1799 Letter regarding suspended vouchers John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons Wilkins writes regarding suspended vouchers at the comptroller's office; asks that they be taken up without delay. Asks for an examination of them.
August 27, 1800 Vouchers Suspended in the Accounts of John Wilkins Jr by the Comptroller for Further Explanation John Wilkins, Jr. [not available] Vouchers suspended in the accounts of John Wilkins Jr. by comptroller for further explanation. Gives the numbers of the abstracts suspended with description and reason why suspended.
April 12, 1798 Accounts Suspended William Simmons William Dayton Notification that accounts are suspended until receipts and vouchers are sent to Accountant's Office for payments made to New Jersey militia during the suppression of the insurrection in Western Pennsylvania.
July 27, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Isaac Craig Simmons informs Craig that his account is suspended pending a decision by the Secretary at War.
October 14, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James Little Simmons notifies Little that his account was suspended pending receipt of original returns from Capt. Bishop.
April 28, 1800 Received Vouchers, Account Suspended William Simmons William Heth Simmons received vouchers from Heth, noted that more would follow and until all vouchers were in hand, Simmons suspended examination of account.
January 16, 1799 Outlines Arrangements and Procedures for Draft Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Reports on requested draft. Outlines fundamental arrangements and provisions. Mentions proper procedures for the Commander-in-Chief.
November 30, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Charles Watrous William Simmons Charles Watrous William Simmons informs Charles Watrous that his payment has been suspended.
April 9, 1800 Recruiting Accounts for Settlement Suspended William Simmons William Deveaux Recruiting accounts suspended due to insufficient muster roll. Deveaux must transmit account information if he desires reimbursement.
November 30, 1798 New Army Arrangements Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Among sundry supplty and transportation concerns, Hodgdon comments on the arrangement of the new Army and wonders how many men will be affected by it.
October 20, 1800 Simmons Writing Dayton on Suspended Charges in Dayton's Account William Simmons Elias B. Dayton Simmons received Dayton's letter of the 8th which has a sheet of explanations regarding suspended charges in his account, and is replying to deal with objections Dayton has. Simmons' response contains the accounts of B Yard[?] for the rent of a house to Captain Freeman's Company, wood and transportation, and to Aaron Settle for keeping the houses and oxen. The sum total of these specific...
February 18, 1797 No money in the Treasury to pay the Corps William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Acknowledges receipt of pay roll for the Corps at West Point. Payment suspended due to lack of funds in the Treasury.
1799 Recruiting Arrangements Unknown Author [not available] A discussion of the arrangements made for recruiting,.
July 18, 1797 Arrangements for Treaty Negotiations Robert Morris James McHenry Morris notifies McHenry that arrangements must be made immediately for the treaty negotiations with the Indians on August 20.
August 24, 1791 Horses and Transport of Supplies Arthur St. Clair Wilkes No one arrived to make arrangements for transportation of contractor's supplies, so the letter writer did it himself. Mr. Ernest appears to have duplicated his arrangements.