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June 26, 1800 Sorting Through the Numerous Applications & Recommendations Samuel Dexter Jonathan Dayton Dexter assures Senator Dayton that he is diligently compiling a list of applications and recommendations to be submitted to the President for his approval.
January 1789 Settlements with Colonel Carrington Jonathan Burrall Joseph Howell Mentions that [certificates] are directed to Colonel Edward Carrington. Appears that settlement has been made. Carrington has desired that no claims be settled without his approbation.
June 22, 1792 Appointment of Wiliam Preston Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox advises William Preston on the conditions of his appointment as captain, pending the approbation of the Senate at their next session. Also offers the names of his subalterns.
March 4, 1796 Request to Samuel Hodgdon from S. Beates for assistance for self & family Sarah Beates Samuel Hodgdon Beates apologizes for troubling Hodgdon. Would have waited on him, but she is unacquainted with Hodgdon. Needs to obtain substance for self and family; does not want to take any measures without his approbation. Refers to taking advice from Mr Davis. Notes in postscript that she has not heard of the author of her difficulties since she had the pleasure of seeing Hodgdon.
September 19, 1792 Certificate of Service for Robert Coakly Stephen Moylan R.J. Vandenbrock Certified service record of Robert Coakly, who served as private and corporal in 6th Regiment of Light dragoons and earned the approbation of his officers.
September 19, 1798 A Lieutenancy in the Artillery George Shepherd Alexander Hamilton Shepherd seeks Hamilton's recommedation for a lieutenancy in the Artillery and, if none exists, for a similar position in the Infantry.
December 2, 1785 $400 to Tench Tilghman & Receipt of Swords Henry Knox Tench Tilghman The sum of four hundred dollars will be remitted to Colonel Tilghman by the agent in Maryland of the Board of Treasury and Tilgman is to acknowledge receipt of that sum. All the swords voted on by Congress should be received within the course of a month or two.
January 4, 1788 Arms in want of repairs William Price Henry Knox Agreeable to the Secretary at War's directions, Price has selected out five hundred arms in want of repairs. Also informs Knox that he has forwarded the returns of ordnance and quartermaster stores for the month of December to James Duncan.
February 26, 1800 Notification of Appointment Alexander Hamilton John Wilkins, Jr. Notified Wilkins that Lt. Col. Ogden was provisionally appointed as Deputy Quartermaster, hopes for Wilkins formal sanction of the appointment which was already approved by the Secretary of War.
January 8, 1790 Moses Hazen's Ongoing Dispute Regarding Disbursements Joseph Howell Nicholas Eveleigh General Moses Hazen demands payment for the enlistment of men into the Army.
October 6, 1795 A New Treaty of Commerce Timothy Pickering Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Mr. Randolph has agreed to meet with Mr. Adet to "digest" a new treaty of commerce between the United States and France with the understanding that the articles of a new agreement must meet the approbation of their respective governments before anything is concluded.
March 12, 1790 Lyman solicits an appointment from Knox Daniel Lyman Henry Knox Letter, discusses application for federal appointment.
April 15, 1786 General's account and Jackson's reimbursement John Pierce Ebenezer Jackson Discusses the settlement of a general's account and Jackson's reimbursement for expenses
January 17, 1800 Approbation for Clothing James McHenry William Simmons Discussed providing clothing for cadets and non-commissioned officers as specified by law. Because of this law, McHenry did not believe that a special sanction was required to provide for J. Wilson and L. Landais.
August 31, 1793 Appointment as agent in Southwest Territory Henry Knox David Henley Secretary Knox notes that the objects of expense, having been considerably multiplied by recent occurrences in the Southwest Territory, has been deemed advisable with approbation of President of United States to appoint Henley as agent of War Department. Appointment to be temporary until more regular measures ordained by Congress of United States.
August 27, 1793 Inability to Remedy the Lawless Violence on the Frontiers Henry Knox Daniel Smith Knox regrets the failure to establish peace on the frontiers but assures Smith that he is not to blame since, despite his good intentions, he did not have the means to remedy the severe situation which he faced.
October 16, 1796 Regarding Frigate Construction Josiah Fox Timothy Pickering Letter, discusses construction of Frigate.
February 15, 1794 [PRIVATE] Meeting with King and Jay George Washington Henry Knox Discusses offensive correspondence and possibility of meeting with King and Jay to discuss its contents.
March 1, 1793 Act to Regulate Trade & Intercourse with Indian Tribes Congress of the United States [not available] This is an extract of an Act of Congress that declares that no purchase of Indian lands shall be valid unless pursuant to the Constitution. Therefore, it is illegal for anyone but lawful agents to negotiate treaties for land.
November 15, 1794 Chapin informs Knox of annuity provided to the Seneca Chief Little Billy [not available] Henry Knox Letter, Chapin advises Knox of lifetime annuity to Seneca Chief, Little Billy.
November 15, 1793 Concern about Kentucky Troops Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Extract from General Anthony Wayne to Secretary Knox. Discusses late arrival and concern about General Scott's Kentucky troops.
January 16, 1786 Brigadier General Smallwood's Account John Pierce Board of Commissioners Discusses a recommendation concerning certain charges to the account of Brigadier General Smallwood arising during service in the Revolutionary War
March 15, 1790 Pike requests an appointment from Knox William Pike Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation to Excise appointment.
August 16, 1784 Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar acceptance of appointment as Commandant for the protection of the Northwest Frontier Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar's acceptance of his appointment by the Executive Council of Pennsylvania as Commandant for the protection of the Northwest Frontier. [Lt. Col. Josiah Harmar to Pres. Dickinson] Philadelphia, August 16th, 1784 The respectable appointment, which your honorable body has been pleased to confer upon me, and the very polite manner in which it was done, lay me under particular obligations,...
April 2, 1800 Notification of Payment William Simmons Edmund Winchester Simmons received vouchers and receipts from Winchester for repairs made to barracks at Castle Williams Island, Boston. Originally rejected because materials were purchased without approbation of the Sec. of War, but now admitted on orders of General Hamilton and sanctioned by Sec. of War.