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August 23, 1785 Regarding apportionment of quotas for military officers Henry Knox President John Dickinson Henry Knox, Secretary at War, explains to John Dickinson, President of Pennsylvania, the federal justification behind the apportionment of quotas for military officers. Knox asks Dickinson to consider the 1st American Regiment as a federal regiment.
1794 Aggregate of Compensation for Clerks in 1794. James McHenry [not available] Shows the apportionment of the compensation for eight clerks by name.
July 22, 1799 Agents have no system for apportioning supplies... Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Apparently the agents of the War Department have no system for apportioning supplies. As a result, some regiments have a shortage of some articles while others have an abundance of the same articles. In some instances, orders to resolve shortages have been sent but in others that is not the case. Despite the pressures of business, McHenry should be aware of these problems.
January 31, 1791 Petition of John Fitch John Fitch Edmund Randolph Details of Fitch's character described. Went poor in public service, traveled to Kentucky at the personal request of the commissioners, no longer has the assistance of the Army or his private creditors. Requests discharge, happy to hear there is a committee appointed by Congress to hear requests.
February 25, 1790 Dollar Amount of Certificates Joseph Howell William Duer Commissioner of Army Accounts lists ten states and the appropriate dollar amount of certificates for each.