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May 9, 1800 Rejection of Officer Application Due to Age Requirement & Lack of Vacancies Benjamin Stoddert Jonathan Trumbull Acknowledges receipt of Trumbull's recommendation for William Roberts to be appointed to the U.S. Navy; admits that Roberts seems to be a fine candidate, but that he cannot be appointed to either of the positions he applied for. There is no vacancy in the Marines, and Roberts is too old to be appointed a midshipman, a rank whose starting age is 12-18.
June 4, 1794 Pitkin's Appointment as a Captain Henry Knox Timothy Pitkin Knox notifies Pitkin of his appointment as a Captain in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers. To assist him in deciding whether to accept the appointment, he is informed of the amount of pay and emoluments he will receive as well as the names of the other officers being so appointed. It should be understood that previously appointed officers have precedence in their respective grades to the...
July 17, 1799 I have appointed as permanent secretary Thomas Y. Howe... Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton announces that he has appointed Thomas Howe as his permanent secretary and requests that he be made a second lieutenant so that he will be adequately compensated for his duties..
March 31, 1800 Request for List of Officers Appointed During Congressional Recess John Adams James McHenry Adams requests that McHenry send him a list of all army officers appointed during the Congressional recess, that he may present their names to Congress.
March 16, 1793 News of Cornplanter, Recruiters, New Ensigns, Pay, and Commissions Henry Knox Anthony Wayne The Cornplanter may be on his way to Legionville. Those recruiting officers who can be spared will be ordered to join the Legion. Newly appointed ensigns are not ready to join the Legion but may be able to do so in two months. One month's pay is being forwarded as well as the commissions for the officers.
May 3, 1792 Knox Informs Williams of Promotion Henry Knox Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Letter, advises regarding appointment as Brigadier General.
August 1, 1793 Notification of Appointment Henry Knox David Henley Henley temporarily appointed Agent for Dept of War in territory south of the Ohio. Information on pay.
November 16, 1792 King Requests Information from Knox Regarding Chapin Rufus King Henry Knox Asks for information regarding General Chapin appointment, since he was employed by Knox in some transactions with Six Nations of Indians and has not been appointed with advice and consent of Senate.
March 2, 1793 Commissioners Appointed to Deal With Indians; Howitzers to Be Sent Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Upon approval of the President, the howitzers requested by Wayne will be provided. The President has appointed three Commissioners to negotiate with the Indians.
July 11, 1798 Burr Will Not be Appointed Quartermaster General Timothy Pickering Oliver Wolcott, Jr. General Washington can not confide in Aaron Burr and therefore he will not be appointed Quartermaster General.
June 20, 1794 Commissary of Stores appointed Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox The Secretary of War informs the Treasury Secretary that a Commissary of Stores has been appointed. A very regular system of accountability must now be established. Asks Hamilton whether it would not be advisable to instruct Samuel Hodgdon to concert with the Comptroller of the Treasury a plan for regulating that accountability.
May 4, 1798 Appointment of James McDonough as Midshipman of Frigate Constitution James McHenry James McDonough Orders McDonough to report immediately to the Constitution, on which ship he has been appointed midshipman.
July 26, 1792 Instructions Regarding Duties of the Paymaster of the Troops John Steele Caleb Swan Swan had just been appointed Paymaster of the Troops of the United States. Steel sends him a lengthy letter with instructions regarding the forms for keeping and tending the accounts of the office.
June 4, 1796 John Willkins Appointed Quarter Master General to Legion of United States. James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. Appointment as Quarter Master General to Legion of United States. Upon acceptance join Army as an officer.
March 21, 1800 Question Regarding Double Pay William Simmons James McHenry Simmons cited the Act of 3rd March 1799 meant to better organize the troops with an allowance for a Captain as secretary appointed by the Inspector General Hamilton. Hamilton appointed Thomas Howe and Simmons requested advice on how to pay Howe who held two titles.
1796 Officers appointed to build and equip frigates War Department [not available] List of officers appointed by the War Department to build and equip frigates at New York, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.
[not available] Appointment of the Quartermaster General, Etc. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Among a number of supply matters, McHenry notes that no one can be appointed Deputy Quartermaster General until the Quartermaster General is appointed and the gentleman contemplated for that post has made his acceptance dependant upon the event that General Washington takes the field.
August 16, 1799 Commission Appointed to Meet with the Directory James McHenry George Washington McHenry sends to Washington a copy of a work by Governor Davie of North Carolina entitled "Instructions to be observed for the formation and movements of cavalry." Governor Davie is also a member of the commission appointed to meet with the Directory and the President has directed them to proceed with their mission. Whatever opinions that may have existed regarding its original propriety, the...
April 23, 1798 Request for Commissioner be Appointed to Treaty with Oneida Indians John Jay Timothy Pickering Legislature approved preliminary treaty proposed by Oneida's for sale of Indian land to the United States. Jay requested commission be appointed to finalize treaty with Indian nation.
April 15, 1800 Appointment of Lieutenant William Porter as assistant to the Deputy Quartermaster General Abraham R. Ellery [not available] Lieutenant Porter of 11th Regiment of Infantry having been appointed provisionally as assistant to the Deputy Quarter Master General under command of Major General Hamilton, is to be obeyed and respected accordingly.
March 2, 1793 Journal of the Commissioners of the United States, appointed to hold a Treaty at Sandusky for the purpose of making peace with the Western Indians Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] Cover page to the Journal of the Federal Commissioners of the United States appointed to hold a Treaty at Sandusky. Commissioners named as Benjamin Lincoln of Massachusetts, Beverley Randolph of Virginia, and Timothy Pickering of Pennsylvania. Commissioners' purpose is to negotiate a peace with the Nations of Indians northwest of the Ohio River, on principles of mutual justice and convenience. ...
November 16, 1798 Legal Appointment to Rank Charles Lee James McHenry Lee has reviewed congressional documents and is of the opinion that only a Captain or Subaltern of the line can be appointed a Brigade Major or Inspector. Those offices can, however, be held simultaneously.
January 8, 1796 Status of John Nicholson's Appointment William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons had been paying salary to John Nicholson, thinking he was properly appointed Superintendent of Armorers. It now appears that he may not have been, and Simmons asks for a copy of a letter from Henry Knox of July 12, 1794 for clarification. Should Nicholson not have been appointed, Simmons will no longer authorize payments to him.
October 30, 1796 Regarding Frigate Inspection Appointment Josiah Fox Captain George Turner Letter, discusses appointment to inspect Frigate.
February 14, 1788 Letter to the Secretary at War Samuel Huntington Henry Knox Letter, discusses list of officers appointed in Rhode Island; discuesses recruiting service.