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January 13, 1796 Commissioners' allowance for treaties Timothy Pickering John Jay Letter from the Secretary of War to the Governor of New York. Secretary Knox discusses the allowance paid commissioners for holding treaties with the Indians.
January 14, 1800 Allowance of Double Rations Caleb Swan Alexander Hamilton Swan wants a clarification of the regulations that explain what description of command is authorized an allowance of double rations.
August 31, 1798 Mrs. Death's Monthly Allowance Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Though possibly mistaken, Hodgdon has provided Mrs. Death with her usual monthly allowance.
May 13, 1799 Conflict with a contractor over allowances James McHenry Jonathan Rhea Addresses the issue of a contractor named John Bray who is refusing to furnish quarters for troops at his current allowance at two-and-a-half percent, holding out for his former allowance at five percent. McHenry states that if he continues to refuse to work at that allowance, a replacement be sought after.
October 25, 1797 Questions Regarding Allowance of Inspector William Simmons James McHenry Simmons noted that law of Congress provided an inspector and authorized the Brigadier to chose him from the Captains and Subalterns. Maj. Cushing was appointed to position of inspector and claimed his allowance was stipulated by Act. Simmons requested info on allowance or emoluments since pay was suspended.
February 7, 1800 Allowance for Clerk James McHenry William Simmons McHenry gave his approval for the employment of a clerk to assist E. Stevens. Authorized allowance to pay said clerk equal to salary given in New York.
August 15, 1799 Regarding Allowance Certificate of Hugh McAlister. William Simmons [not available] Simmons notes that McAlister's certificate for allowance could not be paid.
August 11, 1799 Subsistance and Allowance for Recruiting Officers Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton "...Some of my officers are so distressed for money that I have been obliged to procure a loan to enable them to go on with the recfruiting service. Their expenses in continually removing from post to post has entirely exhausted their resources and I trust it will be convenient at all events to send on at least their subsistance and allowance for recruiting."
January 27, 1800 General Orders William North Alexander Hamilton Notification that the rules for enlistment were changed. Instead of recruits being placed with a specific corps or regiment, they are simply to be enlisted for service to be determined. Allowance for the cadets at West Point and "upon the sea board" approved by the Secretary of War.
June 9, 1784 Allowance for children John Pierce Aaron Bull Discusses the allowance for the children of a late officer.
January 9, 1797 Certification of Allowance for Wounded Veteran Andrew Lewis James McHenry [not available] Refers to pursuance of Indians and wounds received. Dr. Robert Brownfield certifies that Andrew Lewis's loss of his right arm prevents him from labor or earning a living. Refers to congressional act to provide for wounded soldiers with an annual allowance.
January 27, 1800 Fuel Allowance for Cadets Alexander Hamilton [not available] As directed by the Secretary of War in his instructions of January 25, 1800, Cadets in the fortifications upon the seaboard and at West Point shall receive the same allowance of fuel per month as that granted to lieutenants.
March 16, 1798 Mrs. Taylor's Application to Receive Her Husband's Monthly Allowance, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter, discusses payments made to ship carpenters; mentions Mrs. Taylor's application for her husband's allowance.
August 30, 1794 Allowance to the Supervisors Joseph Howell George Gale An allowance to the supervisors for disbursing monies not connected with their office is currently not permitted, but they should receive some compensation that must be approved by the Secretary of War upon his return from the eastward.
August 21, 1794 Pay and Allowance for Lt. Shackleford's Detachment Joseph Howell Thomas Todd $152 have been advanced for one month's pay and allowance in lieu of rations to a detachment of militia commanded by Lt. Edward Shackleford in October 1792.
July 21, 1800 Allowance of Wood for Cadets William Simmons John Henry Simmons was unaware of the extension of allowance of wood for cadets and therefore the account that was suspended due to these charges was done in error. John Dexter to repay Henry for charges made against him for the wood that was allowed.
October 25, 1797 Extract of Letter, William Simmons to James McHenry William Simmons James McHenry Letter, describes law; mentions Congress; discusses pay & allowances.
June 14, 1784 Letter Citation Thomas Condy John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Condy 06/30/1784. Discusses the pay and clothing allowance due to the American Regiment and detachments of artillery. Discusses Condy's allowance.
February 16, 1795 A Liberal Allowance for the Militia Joseph Howell David Henley The militia have been advanced their pay and forage, having been given a very liberal allowance considering that they were not constantly employed. It will be proper for Henley to pay Colonel Hay whatever is allowed for his services.
October 27, 1794 A Liberal Allowance for Carrying Dispatches Samuel Hodgdon Stephen Page Hodgdon offers Page a liberal allowance to be the express rider for Army dispatches to start on Wednesday at 10am.
January 28, 1800 Allowance for Chief Clerk Timothy Pickering James McHenry Salary of chief clerk due to his experience, fidelity, and abilities as a translator.
August 2, 1799 Settlement of Accounts and Health of City Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discussed allowance for settlement. Fever has disappeared and city is healthy again. Expressed happiness.
July 15, 1794 Hodgdon's Compensation Samuel Hodgdon Henry Knox From 1787-1790 Hodgdon was paid at the rate of $500 per year and yet his request for a greater allowance has been protested. As it now stands, that amount will not cover his expenses so Knox and Hamilton are asked to make the necessary settlement.
August 29, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons William Cox Simmons refers Cox to the regulations governing the designated allowance of wood to be consumed as fuel.
April 1, 1798 Additional Allowance for John Van Bibber James Wood [not available] Wood certifies that John Van Bibber will receive an additional allowance of two and a half cents of ration for the services furnished by him to the volunteer militia. Enclosed is a copy of Van Bibber's Power of Attorney.