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February 11, 1790 Knox Sends Washington Birthday Wishes Henry Knox George Washington Elaborate birthday wishes to President.
February 17, 1792 Affection for the Chickasaw Nation Henry Knox Chickasaw Nation of Indians Knox assures the Chickasaws of the affection of President Washington for the Chickasaw Nation and enlists their aid as allies in the campaign against the northern Indians.
February 17, 1792 Affection and Friendship for the Choctaw Nation Henry Knox Choctaw Nation of Indians Knox assures the Choctaws of the affection and friendship of General Washington for the Choctaw nation and enlists their aid in the campaign against the hostile Indians north of the Ohio.
September 15, 1797 Concerns about Blount's Influence in Tennessee Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott expresses concern about the continued influence of William Blount in Tennessee and how it could provoke a potential Indian crisis. It is important to disconnect the Georgia speculations from Blount's project or else a war with the Indians may result. He has been ill but reports that the sickness decreases in Philadelphia but increases in Balitmore.
May 20, 1800 Dues of the Troops to be Disbanded Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hamilton asserts his sense of urgency respecting the necessity of ensuring that the disbanded troops are paid what they are owed by the Deputy Paymaster Generals within Pinckney's district.
December 24, 1793 Good Warm Clothing for the Six Nations Henry Knox Sachems, Chiefs, & Warriors of the Six Nations To demonstrate his gratitude and sincere friendship for the Six Nations, the President has ordered a supply of warm clothing to be sent to them.
January 26, 1786 Pay for an Officer's Widow Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell The author affirms the date of James Wilson's death and pleads ignorance as to the length of Wilson's desertion. He probably returned to the Army in January 1781 and therefore his widow deserves his pay from that time until he was killed in May of the same year. Captain Ross's claims are also enclosed along with Col. Cunningham's adjusted claims. Lt.(?) Ramsay also needs to be given a Certificate...
July 28, 1789 Hickborn asks Knox to recommend him to the President Benjamin Hickborn Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation to President.
August 19, 1800 Soliciting for the Surgeoncy of New York W. W. Buchanan Samuel Hodgdon In discussing his solicitation for the surgeoncy of New York, Dr. Bunchanan argues that for medical officers the place of seniority should never apply and would indeed be a despicable scale for the assessment of abilities. He notes that he is a son of New York and has an unequivical affection for his country.
March 24, 1797 Rejection of Our Minister to France, Etc. James McHenry George Washington Letters from Pinckney in Paris have arrived. Delacroix has informed Mr. Monroe that the Directory will not receive a minister plenipotentiary until their grievances have been resolved. Pinckney will remain, however, until he receives a direct order to leave France. Congress probably should be called into session and Pinckney directed to make another effort. If he fails again, he should be sent to...
April 1792 Colonel Pickering address to the Senekas and their Chief mourning the death of Farmer's Brother's Son Timothy Pickering [not available] In this speech, Pickering expresses grief over the death of Farmer's Brother's Son. He says he knew the charming boy and Farmer's Brother took him everywhere. Pickering turns to Farmer's Brother and says that he mourns his loss of an only son. Pickering goes on to describe the power of the great spirit. Closes by asking to let these considerations comfort his heart and assuage his grief; and that...
June 7, 1800 Approbation of the Service of the Troops W. North [not available] General Orders: Maj. Gen. Hamilton assures the troops who are about to retire from the field that they carry with them his sense that they deserve the highest merits. They have exemplified how speedily American soldiers can be prepared to meet the enemies of their country.
July 15, 1790 Hickborn asks Knox to recommend Glover to the President Benjamin Hickborn Henry Knox Letter, recommends General Glover for Collector.
January 22, 1800 Dinner With the Schuylers Alexander Hamilton Angelica Church Hamilton expresses his pleasure at dining with Mrs. Church's parents, Philip and Catharine Schuyler, and his delight at being able to admire her portrait which he faced while at the dinner table.
December 10, 1799 Reply to the Address of the House of Representatives John Adams House of Representatives President Adams' reply to the House of Representatives' address, which was in reply to Adams' speech the of the 9th. Adams expresses confidence that the legislative and executive branches of the government will work well together during the coming legislative session.
March 6, 1789 Knox writes to Biddle about health Henry Knox Clement Biddle Knox relays information to Biddle regarding the health of himself and his family.
December 10, 1796 Contemporary Copy of Letter, James McHenry to Chief Little Turtle James McHenry Chief Little Turtle Letter, discusses treaty terms; discusses frontiers and pioneer life; discusses Indian aggression.
July 31, 1787 Discussion of Military Stores in Rhode Island & the Use of Public Powder Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Discusses return of military stores; discusses use of public powder.
June 21, 1784 Reasons for seizure of public funds William Hull John Pierce Cover letter for signed statement of officers of the garrison at West Point as to their reasons for an authorized seizure of public funds. (See "content notes")
July 6, 1798 Request to Attend to Returns for Rations Owed Hyde Charles Hyde William Simmons Hyde believes he may have left a return for provisions and a ration order on Simmons' table and asks that Simmons complete the work for him if possible. He discusses popular opinion of Adams and Gallatin and mentions the Independence Day celebrations in Pittsburgh.
February 28, 1798 Oath of Office of Benjamin Scott Samuel Hodgdon Nathan Jones Letter, encloses oath for hat inspector Benjamin Scott; discusses contract to provide hats to United States.
August 31, 1787 Various Private Inquiries Henry Knox Col. Wadsworth Mentions writing Mrs. Greene, and encloses letter. States "the affairs of Holland...will probably be accommodated by the friendly interposition of New Jersey." Inquires after Wadsworth's family.
January 3, 1784 Knox's Terms for Appointment as Secretary of War Henry Knox George Washington From West Point, New York, Henry Knox sends to George Washington a letter indicating the terms under which he'd be willing to accept a future appointment. Asks that pay be equivalent to that of Major General. If Congress is willing to make an offer, Knox will accept, on the above terms. Will soon depart for Boston. Expresses affection and gratitude to Washington.
March 19, 1799 Doctors Kill More Than They Save, Etc. John Murray Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a rambling discussion of sundry topics, General Murray observes that if a practicing physician told the truth, he would admit that doctors in general kill more than they save.
February 26, 1798 Inspecting Shoes Presented by Case & Baldwin Samuel Hodgdon John Rupp Letter, discusses contract for shoes; advises re appointment to inspect shoes.