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January 25, 1793 Case of General Wilkinson receiving money from Swan Caleb Swan Joseph Howell The case of General Wilkinson having received $550 from Swan is a case of some delicacy. He was at that time Swan's commanding officer and his warrant is a complete indemnification to Swan. Too much solicitation on the subject may have a tendency to wound his feelings.
February 21, 1791 Deductions from the account of the Secretary at War Joseph Nourse [not available] Account of deductions from Knox's account as Secretary at War.
August 6, 1798 Proper Deductions Samuel Dyson William Simmons If two month's pay is twelve dollars than the pay for twenty days must be $2.66. The deductions seem to have used the same principle in all cases so Dyson may have made an error in his payroll.
November 29, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Charles M. Thruston Simmons informs Thruston that the Paymaster General will address all issues pertaining to pay.
August 10, 1793 Deductions from the Estimates of the Pay of the Troops, Etc. Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell worries that public papers sent by Swan may have been lost or miscarried. He is transmitting the extract from the register of warrants in continuation and notes that Swan should observe the deductions made from the estimates of the pay of the troops and should retain each sgtoppage.
December 31, 1800 Advances on contract Samuel Dexter Robert R. Richardson Dexter declines to make advances on the contract.
March 8, 1800 Deductions Taken from Statement William Simmons Fuller and Barber Accounts and vouchers for supplies to recruits at Hebron examined, deductions taken. Quotation from Secretary of War regarding the allowance of fuel for officers.
October 8, 1796 Advances of pay William Simmons Thomas Holt Notifies Holt that the Secretary of War has authorized advances of his pay, which have been paid to Samuel Hodgdon, per Holt's order.
May 20, 1794 ENCLOSURE: List of Advances Caleb Swan [not available] Accompanying documents for pay due George M. Bedinger.
July 26, 1792 Instructions Regarding Duties of the Paymaster of the Troops John Steele Caleb Swan Swan had just been appointed Paymaster of the Troops of the United States. Steel sends him a lengthy letter with instructions regarding the forms for keeping and tending the accounts of the office.
July 26, 1792 Instructions to the Paymaster General Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Caleb Swan Wolcott provides detailed instructions to Swan who is the newly appointed Paymaster General to the Troops of the United States.
February 2, 1793 Advances to the Representatives of Soldiers Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell requests Swan's attention regarding the advances to the representatives of soldiers. For want of some arrangement in Swan's department, the thing was unavoidable but needs to be addressed.
October 24, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons forwards the balance of Capt. Ross Bird to the Paymaster General for the necessary deductions.
May 28, 1798 Advances to Wagoners Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon requests an additional warrant to pay the advances to the wagoners for the delivery of their loads.
May 5, 1790 Account of Colonel Ely Joseph Howell William McClay Agreeable to McClay's request, the Commissioner of Army Accounts reports on the accounts on Col. John Ely of the 2nd Connecticut Regiment
October 1, 1795 Settling with Those Who Received Advances Isaac Miller Samuel Hodgdon Miller has settled only with those who received advances and are shown on his return. Parker, Miller, Martin, and Davis have not settled. Parker and Miller have rendered an account of their advances but their accounts cannot be closed until they have settled with those to whom they have made payments. Miller has never seen Martin or Davis.
January 28, 1800 [Estimate of Expenses for the year 1800]. James McHenry [not available] Detailed list of estimated expenses for military pensions from which the following deductions should be made:pay, subsistence, and clothing for privates and non-commissioned officers.
April 24, 1798 Advances to the Ship-Wrights, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon requests a warrant to enable him to pay the bills drawn on him by the Quartermaster's department and the advances of the ship-wrights gone to Pittsburgh.
July 16, 1797 Advances of Bounty Andrew Marschalk William Simmons Enclosed are receipts for advances of bounty made for the week. Marschalk has requested permission from the Secretary of War to draw more money for clothes and for their service.
October 27, 1797 Receipt Rolls Deductions William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Two receipt rolls for pay of Blackburn and detachment for July and August received. Deductions made to pay of Benjamin Noter, Matthew Madden, William Hughes, Forman Berston, Isaac Smith, Fielding Harding, John Willroy, David Griffith, Thomas Reeder. David Patterson, Michael Shannon, Benjamin Wells, Cuthbert Shelton all overpaid. Sum of $647.98 passed to the credit of Blackburn's account. ...
May 12, 1784 Pettit's Bill and Advances of Money Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Protested bill payable to Col. Pettit, enclosed explanation to Mr. Ferguson carried by J. Lovell by ship to Charleston. Since he hasn't heard any information from "that quarter," Hodgdon must draw on B. Lincoln for advances. Lists items and types of advances. Remarked that the miller's stones were from England and of high quality and are the largest that could be procured.
February 12, 1799 Reports Accounts for Shipwrights Samuel Hodgdon Matthew Ernest Encloses receipts for advances to shipwrights. Will continue to make payments. Report to Quartermaster General.
May 25, 1798 No Further Advances to Mrs. Taylor Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig alerts Hodgdon that it would be improper to make further advances to the wife of Jonathan Taylor since he is no longer employed as superintendent of ship carpenters.
September 12, 1794 Advances to Capt. Snowden's Men Joseph Howell Jonathan Snowden Advances made to Thomas Young, John Colter, and Joshua Spencer, for a total of $69.87, must be procured by Charles Heath and returned to the Accountant's Office as early as possible.
September 16, 1794 Amount of Sundry Advances Richard Harrison Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon has been debited with the sum of $24,786.81 being the amount of sundry advances made to him.