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November 22, 1799 Engaging Additional Stores James Miller Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Harris engaged the additional stores from Mr. West and will inform Hodgdon how much he is charging for rent. Miller engaged one from Thomas Allison to store the goods for six months at a rate of $700 per annum.
March 13, 1798 Additional Stores for the Treaty Commissioners, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Letter, discusses stores for the Treaty Commissioners
July 11, 1796 Regarding Additional Transport for Quartermaster Stores & Indian Goods John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Wilkins has been directed to request additional transport for quartermaster stores and Indian goods, including corn. Mentions raising money in Kentucky.
April 17, 1799 Need for Additional Assistants James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry observes that additional assistants to the Purveyor and Superintendent of Military Stores would facilitate the provision and issuance of military supplies. He recommends the model established during the Revolutionary War.
November 13, 1791 Additional Houses John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon The present buildings, independent ot those holding public stores, will not contain more than twenty men. Four or five additional houses therefore must be built. Armstrong has directed the logs to be cut so if Hodgdon can furnish a [?] for two or three days the houses can be completed. Two or more carpenters might be necessary.
January 26, 1793 Accountability for Legion Stores & Pay, Recruitment Issues Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox requests that all articles and stores sent to the Legion be strictly accounted for. This should not take time from training the marksmen but strict accountability of public property is very important. Recruiters should know that adding new men to the Legion is solely their responsibility because no additional pay is forthcoming.
December 31, 1796 I Need Additional Pay to Support Myself, Etc. Michael G. Houdin Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of a number of supply matters, Houdin entreats Hodgdon to make his case before Congress for additional pay without which he will find it difficult to support himself. He also wants Hodgdon to forward his salary for the previoius three monthd of the current year.
August 4, 1791 Additional Necessary Supplies & Inadequacy of Furnace; Order for Advance down the Ohio Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Informs Hodgdon that the bills he had drawn will be paid. Expresses dismay at a reported need for additional supplies, particularly for shells, which cannot be obtained; casts aspersion on Turnbull & Marmie's Furnace, which has proved inadequate. Strongly suggests that the force now assembling at Pittsburgh descend the Ohio as soon as possible.
August 23, 1793 Money, Invoice of Clothing, Arrival of Valentine Pancake, Condition of Wagons, Additional Transportation Charges Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Received $5000 and invoice of clothing for 2d Sub Legion. Valentine Pancake arrived with cavalry clothing and suits. Mentions broken shafts and gumbrels, Mr. Culbertson's wagons. Because stores are forwarded late in season, will be additional charges. Boats cannot carry half loads. Need an assortment of files.
May 27, 1800 Money Added to Amount Paid for Invoice of Goods John Harris Edward Wright Notification that additional money was added to the return for the invoice of goods submitted by the factory.
April 11, 1793 Additional supplies to be furnished at Pittsburgh Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of additional supplies to be furnished at Pittsburg (presumably for 1793).
October 12, 1798 Order for Stores to be Forwared to Natchez Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Received notification that Gen. Wilkinson ordered a significant quantity of stores, Craig will abstain from making any additional orders until quantity is received.
August 3, 1791 Aid in Protecting the Frontier Major General Richard Butler Arthur St. Clair General Butler reports on the additional forces and stores that are enhancing his ability to protect the frontier.
August 27, 1784 Request for additional information Timothy Pickering Joseph Carleton Pickering asks Carleton for additional information about the movement of troops to the frontier posts.
April 26, 1784 Springfield depot Samuel Hodgdon Captain John Briant Discusses the need to "overhaul" the powder at the Springfield depot. Lists the rate of additional pay the enlisted men were to receive for doing the extra duty. The men were also to oil the new muskets. Buildings used to store weapons were to be "clapboarded." Some stores must be sold to provide money to preserve the remaing stores. Hodgdon authorizes Briant to use a "reasonable part" of the...
February 16, 1799 Distribution of Additional Regiments & Troops of Horse Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton stresses the importance of distributing the additional regiments and cavalry among the States according to the orders contained in the report from the Commander in Chief.
August 4, 1791 Knox discusses maps and militia with Duer Henry Knox William Duer Letter, discusses money for additional militia; mention maps of Eastern Massachusetts.
July 10, 1799 Return of Clothing forwarded the 12th additional Regiments up to the 10th July 1799 John Harris [not available] Return of uniforms provided to twelve additional regiments.
January 15, 1799 Information about Clothing Contract and Additional Orders Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Encloses statement showing what clothing is on contract with an order for the additional regiment.
March 6, 1793 Ordnance & Military Stores John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to examine the enclosed additional requisition for Ordnance and Military Stores and make a return for such articles that are on hand and make an estimate of the expense of those that are deficient.
August 11, 1795 Additional Bounty Paid Joseph Howell Frederick Dalcho Act of Congress allowed additional bounty to be paid to soldiers. Money paid to those who reinlisted.
January 27, 1794 Pay for Additional Scouts Joseph Howell Charles Campbell Enclosed is the duplicate of an abstract of pay, in the amount of $459.10, due to four additional Scouts employed in Westmoreland County for five months in 1792.
April 11, 1798 Views on Protection of Commerce and Defense of Territory, with Cost Estimates James McHenry Committee of the Whole House of Representatives McHenry advises Congress on measures necessary to assert and defend U.S. rights against the encroachments of European powers. Lists these measures, including expansion of Navy and Army, increased fortification of ports, and additional revenues and military stores; then goes into more detail about the specific requirements of each. Appended are itemized cost estimates for building additional...
July 22, 1799 Supplementing the Abstract of Returns Alexander Hamilton James McHenry The enclosed abstract shows that the returns are not complete due to imperfections in the forms (which will soon be remedied). The additional sources of pertinent information available in the War Department should therefore be forwarded to the Superintendant of Military Stores so that he can transmit the required amounts of clothing and other supplies.
March 9, 1799 Twelve Additional Regiments of Infantry James McHenry George Washington A discussion of the twelve additional regiments of infantry for the Provisional/Eventual Army.