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July 25, 1787 Proceedings against Barns, the acquittal, and offers of assistance Thomas Barns John Pierce References Barn's trial and a Grand Jury proceeding. Makes mention of proceedings and the termination of the malicious and vile prosecution, and the acquittal. Contends that the real offenders go at large with impunity. Offers his assistance in bringing those who are guilty to justice.
July 12, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Simmons informs Freeman that pay to a soldier awaiting court martial is not admissible prior to acquittal.
October 29, 1796 Retention of Officer After Court Martial Anthony Wayne James McHenry Lieutenant Gregg never resigned, Wayne requested he be placed in a sub-legion with current vacancies after the Lieut. returns from Head Quarters.
March 25, 1800 General Orders William North [not available] Described the events and conduct that lead to the court martial hearing of Lieut. Leybourne of the 2nd Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers. Hamilton disapproved of Leybourne's sentence of "not guilty" and lodged a complaint that the justice system suppressed the truth. Regardless, Leybourne was acquitted
February 11, 1784 Murders in the Cumberland Gap Alexander Martin Joseph Martin Governor Martin (of North Carolina) directs an investigation into murders committed in the Cumberland Gap. He states that if Cherokee or Chickamauga Indians are responsible a military expedition will be sent into their nation to obtain "satisfaction" unless they surrender the murderers. Directs that squatters be ordered off Indian Lands. Discusses an agreement between Spain and the Delaware...
April 25, 1783 Payment of Soldiers General William Irvine [not available] Extract of orders, noting that privates in the infantry of the Continental service receive on account of their pay one half dollar specie per week and the non-commissioned officers and privates of these corps in the same proportion. Mr. Rose will pay the troops of the garrison until a properly authorized person is appointed. Irvine requests that a commissioned officer from each company attend the...