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July 13, 1791 List of Articles to be Forwarded Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Itemized list of articles to be forwarded to the boats under Major Gaither's command. Special attention is to be paid to the horse boats.
June 8, 1797 Estimate of the Cost of Articles for the Frigate Constellation [not available] [not available] An estimate of the cost of goods for the Frigate Constellation, primarily arms and ammunition.
May 25, 1792 Updates on Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox List of supplies forwarded under the care of the Quartermaster General. Major Smith in pursuit of Indians that crossed Allegheny River. Turnbull and Marnie notified Craig that shot is ready, it must be inspected and paid for at furnace.
December 26, 1791 An Estimate of the Expenses of an Army Organized to the Following Arrangements Henry Knox [not available] Knox's detailed accounting of the expenses required to pay the officers and men for an army of five thousand one hundred and sixty-eight. Lists number of men per rank in each division and their pay per month and per annum.
May 1795 General Return of Quartermaster's Stores George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Return of all the Public Property belonging to the Quarter Master's Department at West Point taken for May 1795.