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February 22, 1799 Mentions Accoutrement Needs James McHenry Thomas Butler Encloses [illegible] document. Mentions accoutrement needs.
April 25, 1794 Request for infantry clothing, accoutrement, and a wagon to convey baggage for detachment John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Requests that Hodgdon issue a suit of infantry clothing, stand of arms, accoutrement to a recruit enlisted by Ensign McClean. Also two drum carriages, and a wagon to convey baggage of detachment ordered to Pittsburg.
July 28, 1791 Return of arms, accoutrement and clothing wanting by Captain Samuel Newman. Samuel Newman Henry Knox Inventory for return of arms, accoutrement, ammunition and camp equipage from Captain Newman's Company in the 2d United States Regiment, sent to Secretary of War Henry Knox.
September 8, 1794 Fifteen Hundred Stand of Arms John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to have fifteen hundred stand of arms transported to Winchester Virginia.
August 15, 1796 Invoice of clothing, arms, accoutrements, camp equipage, ammunition from Philadelphia Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Invoice of clothing, arms, accoutrement, camp equipage, and ammunition from Philadelphia forwarded for the use of the Militia Army form 11 Sept to 31 Oct 1794
September 6, 1792 Supplies for Captain Eaton John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Recruits require supplies, list included.
November 3, 1799 Submission of Tumbrils and Traveling Forges belonging to the United States James House Samuel Hodgdon Sent by Frederick Rupp, tumbrils and traveling forges. Tumbrils contain ammunition and artillery accoutrement.
March 16, 1798 Orders for Lieutenant of Marines on frigate Constellation War Office Lieutenant of Marines Orders for the Lieutenant of Marines on board the frigate Constellation. Includes instructions for recruiting.
June 2, 1791 Exchange and Disbursement of Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox Cartouch boxes and belts exchanged with Armstrong. Enclosed returns and distribution information.
July 30, 1792 Shipment Invoice Matthias Williamson Henry Knox Invoice of shipment of light dragoon saddles and accoutrement to be shipped on the New York to Philadelphia Packet. Money paid upon delivery $85.50 to David Jackson.
November 3, 1794 Return of arms and accoutrements wanted to complete a detachment of infantry at Spring Gardent Pennsylvania William Kersey [not available] Inventory of arms and accoutrement compiled and signed by Major William Kersey of the US Legion wanted to complete a detachment of infantry at Spring Garden.
April 23, 1798 Request for Issue of Cannon & Muskets, With Supplies, and Clothing for Wilmington Troops James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of cannon and associated materials (powder, shot, portfires, etc), also arms, ammunition and clothing, for troops at Wilmington, NC.
September 4, 1798 Forwarding of Correspondence Concerning Officer Appointments for Provisional Army James McHenry John Adams Forwards certain letters, which variously concern a sale of land by Indians, the acceptance of the position of Adjutant General by Major North, varied correspondence concerning the recommendation of men for, and the acceptance of positions as generals and officers in the provisional army, more issues of relative rank concerning a Major Brooks, and the acceptance into federal service and equipage...
May 26, 1796 Clothing has Saved the Lives of Many Soldiers Henry Gaither Samuel Hodgdon Lt. Col. Henry Gaither informs the Commissary of Military Stores that the shipment of clothing, arms, and accoutrement was timely in its arrival since it probably saved the lives of many soldiers. The soldiers of Virginia were crowded into the hold of a single schooner and many arrived without shirts or blankets and suffering from bad colds. Captain Eaton's company endured a long passage and many...
March 31, 1792 Secretary of War provides recruiting instructions to Benjamin Biggs Henry Knox Benjamin Biggs Knox sends a signed copy of the War Department policy on recruitment to Benjamin Biggs. Biggs has been tasked to raise a company of riflemen. Blank enlistment paperwork enclosed. Personal note from Knox that the pay for non-commissioned officers was high and therefore only those men of impeccable character should receive the position of corporal or serjeant.
January 4, 1792 Return of Clothing Wanting for Recruits of Captain Thomas Hughes. Thomas Hughes [not available] Return of clothing, arms and accoutrement used by Capt Hughes' troops of the Second [2nd] US Regiment. Includes woolen overalls, shirts, shoes, blankets, hats, knapsacks, bayonets, belts, cartridge boxes, buckles.
December 29, 1794 Arms and public property lately with militias of Maryland and Virginia are deposited at Winchester, Williamsport or Hagerstown under direction of General Langham Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Knox tells Hodgdon that the arms and public property lately with militia of Maryland and Virginia are deposited in either Winchester Virginia, Williamsport Pennsylvania, or Hagers Town Maryland under direction of Major Langham. Asks that Hodgdon direct that arms and accoutrement be cleaned and repaired. Mentions arms deposited at Carlisle, Lancaster, Reading and Trenton.
July 19, 1793 Requesting continued restraint, status of arms shipments, and orders to Captain Constant Freeman Henry Knox Governor Edward Telfair Knox confirms that Telfair's letters have been submitted to President of United States General George Washington. Knox asks for restraint; hopes that those can committed crimes at Traders Hill can be brought to justice. Swords and equipment requested have not been completed by manufacturer. No horsemen swords in store. When obtained will forward to Georgia. Letter delivered by Captain Constant...
January 29, 1796 Request for Prices of Clothing, Arms and Accoutrements Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Lieutenant Freeman requests the prices of articles of clothing, arms and accoutrement in order to make pay stoppages of deserters. Asks for a list of prices to be sent to Freeman at West Point.
June 24, 1792 Letter from Captain Henry Carberry Frederick Town Maryland listing equipment for his Company Lieutenant Colonel Henry Carberry William Knox Captain Carberry lists items of equipment received, presumably in preparation for operations in support of General Wayne expedition against Indians in summer of 1792. Items include canteens with straps, sundry clothing; common tents; camp kettles; for the use of his company. At the bottom of the document, Carberry comments about a particular item short of the number mentioned.
February 7, 1789 Regarding the Status of the Quota of Recruits from New Hampshire Henry Knox John Sullivan Knox laments that because Congress has not been in session, commencement of recruiting service has been retarded. Hopes that Congress opinion and result will be known in fifteen days. Discusses how matters may affect contracts and supplies. Will not give Major Cass any orders until contract matters resolved. Major Cass's arms and accoutrement are in Boston.