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September 18, 1797 Request for heavy anchor to keep frigate Constitution from accidents during heavy squalls [not available] Tench Francis Request for anchor to keep frigate Constitution from accidents during heavy seas. Author reports he is getting better.
November 18, 1794 Street Sand for the Fireplaces of the War Dept. John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon There is a need for street sand from the public stores to lay before the fireplaces of four rooms in the War Office in order to prevent accidents from fires.
December 1792 Contingencies of the War Department for the Year 1793. Henry Knox [not available] Knox emphasizes that the expenses of an army during peacetime may be reasonably forecast but during wartime, contingencies must be accommodated with adequate appropriations or military efficacy will be harmed.
December 19, 1796 Frigate Patent Pumps [not available] James McHenry Letter, recommends Burke's patent for Frigates.
October 3, 1800 Check the Payment of Notes at the Bank Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Because of the anxiety attached to the disappointment of not receiving two thousand dollars in post notes in the mail, Williams recommends checking the payment of these notes at the bank to guard against accidents.
September 18, 1797 Request for Anchor for Frigate Constellation James McHenry Tench Francis Frigate Constellation required a heavy anchor to "keep her from accidents during heavy squalls or spurts of wind,". McHenry requested an update on the one he requested had been transferred from Portsmouth to Baltimore.
January 12, 1792 Powder & Ball John Stagg William Knox Knox should provide every assistance to Mr. Manning in having the powder and ball sent to the river.
July 29, 1796 Employing More Hands, Etc. David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Ames has located a vessel on which he will send the musket pattern. He asks permission to employ four more hands which will enable him to keep the work going and make the business more systematic. A gentleman has asked him if the United States will contract for eight to ten stands of arms of the French Charlesville model.
September 11, 1792 Arrangements for Paying the Army Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox discusses the arrangements for the pay of General Wayne's army
November 13, 1795 Adequate Provisions for the Troops Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering wants to know how many days provisions would ensure a supply against common incidents. He believes that a further provison of a month's rations for the troops should be made after their arrival in case the Contractor does not at first provide an adequate supply.
June 5, 1800 My Debits and Credits, Etc. Caleb Swan Alexander Hamilton Paymaster Swan alerts Hamilton that the comparative state of Swan's debits and credits on the books of the accountant is alarming. He has the appropriate vouchers but is concerned that accidents by fire, water, or vermin has damaged them, this is a source of continual anxiety to his mind.
March 28, 1791 Friendly Indians Killed at Beaver Creek Henry Knox Seneca Chiefs Knox assures the Seneca Chiefs that the President had nothing to do with the recent murder of friendly Indians. He will ensure that Samuel Brady and the others responsible for this reprehensible deed will be brought to justice and punished. Compensation for lost horses and other property will be provided to the friends and relations of the deceased.
June 18, 1794 Proceedings of the Six Nations at Buffalo creek Chiefs Six Nations Unknown Recipient Proceedings of a Council holden at Buffalo creek, by the Six Nations of Indians. The principal attendees included sachems, chiefs, and warriors of the Six Nations, along with General Israel Chapin and some interpreters. The Indians lodge a complaint against the injustice of some of the actions of militant Americans upon their people and lands. "We are in distress," one of them said, "A number of...
September 11, 1792 Pay of the Army Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox is sending $45,637[&]33/100 dollars by special messenger to pay the troops for the period up to August 1st. It is hoped that the paymaster will be present so as to proceed according to the Comptroller's instructions but if not, the Quartermaster should act in his stead.
December 1, 1792 Contingencies of the War Department for 1793. Henry Knox [not available] While stipulating the difficulty of accounting for military contingencies due to the uncertainties of active warfare, Knox attempts to do so for the year 1793.
September 16, 1796 Discussion of Different Woods for Different Ship Components, & Placing of Guard at Shipyard Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, directs yellow pine for quarter deck forecastle; discusses timber for Frigates; discusses guard hired to prevent theft & fire.
November 26, 1795 Instructions for the Trading House on the St. Marys River Timothy Pickering Edward Price This is a list of eighteen instructions for Price, the appointed factor of the trading house located on the St. Marys River in Georgia, as to how to deal fairly and magnanimously with the Creek Indians who trade with him.
October 10, 1793 No Further Claims are to be Admitted Joseph Brandt Six Nations of Indians Mohawk leader Joseph Brandt addresses the Council at Buffalo Creek and observes that the council at Niagara seemed to be headed toward peace until messengers from the Creek Nation arrived with charges that white people were encroaching on the land of the Confederacy. Brandt recommends that the lands already settled by whites be surrendered with the understanding that no further claims are to be...
August 30, 1791 Disposition of Travelers Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Passage by boat was without incident. Craig was intoxicated, John complained loudly, horses to be transported shortly.
November 26, 1795 Directions for the Factor of the Southern Trading Posts Timothy Pickering James Byers Pickering provides detailed instructions for James Byers, the new factor of the southern trading posts, and emphasizes the General Government's policy of treating the Indians with fairness and benevolence.
November 5, 1788 William Knox relays details of Pratt to Secretary at War William Knox Henry Knox Letter, discusses Pratt's march; mentions shipping uniforms; discusses absence of Henry Knox.
[not available] Account of Captain James Bruff, Artillerists and Engineers James Bruff Caleb Swan Bruff produces abstract of letter from Major General Hamilton ordering him to repair to Niagara on the affair of charges against Major Rivardi.
June 14, 1793 Travel Safety Isaac Craig Henry Knox Remarks on traveling by river or by road to Wheeling. Safety of each mode of transportation discussed.
January 25, 1798 Suggested Changes to Regulations John Francis Hamtramck James McHenry Hamtramck's changes to the regulations sent by McHenry. The regulations relate to command structure, the sick and medicine, arms, goods, appearance, ammunition exercises, absentees, garrison books, returns, fortifications,
October 1792 An Abstract of Indian Affairs Shaw [not available] Shaw discusses affairs with the southern Indians and the machinations of the Spaniards to turn the Indians against the United States.